Kidney infection

KIDNEY INFECTION (a detoxification) is characterized by pain originating in the middle back that reaches around to the lower abdominal area, frequent urination, sometimes blood or pus in the urine, nausea, and vomit.

Throughout each day of infection, drinking a large glass of good mineral water with 3 tablespoons fresh raw lime juice and beet or ½ cup raw fresh vegetable juices (that includes 1 ounce beet juice) with 3 ounces of good mineral water ½ hour before eating has nurtured and soothed the kidneys. (The juice and water were mixed or drunk separately.)

Raw lime and beet juices and fresh raw corn on the cob regulate bacteria levels so that infection does not become excessive. If there is blood in the urine, it is best to stay off the feet and remain sedentary.

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