Itchy skin

ITCHY SKIN: This is a condition usually caused by high adrenaline, drugs (medical or recreational), pesticides, preservatives and condiment salt including sea salt (Celtic or other). The excess adrenaline, salt and chemicals utilize all available fats, or fats are not available because they are not eaten, or fats are not digested, assimilated or utilized properly and leave the skin dry. As toxins leave through the skin, they cause excessive dryness that results in itchy skin and sometimes hives.

Eating plenty of raw fat gradually lubricates the skin. Topically, blend ¼ cup of good mineral water, 1 small tomato, or ¼ cup of melon with 1 tablespoon unsalted raw butter, unheated-above-96º Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil or 1 tablespoon stone-pressed olive oil. So that the oils are properly homogenized, blend until ingredients are warm to the touch. Pouring this mixture into a hot bath - no hotter than the body is comfortable in - and soaking for 15-30 minutes usually bring immediate relief.

If suffering with hives, pour into a not-too-hot bath the mixture of tomato or melon blended with butter, coconut or olive oil (recipe given above), then add ½ cup sun-dried clay or corn starch, and soak in the bath for 20 minutes. That will draw the toxicity from the skin as well as soothe it. The warmth of the bath increases circulation and hydrates the skin which is usually dehydrated from excess adrenaline or drugs, pesticides and preservatives. See Baths/Sauna/Steam, page 326.

Some people would be relieved of itchy skin simply by pouring 1/3 cup raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar into a hot bath and soaking for 15-30 minutes. To lubricate the skin, add 3-4 tablespoons of raw coconut cream to the bath water.

For people with overactive adrenals (hyperactivity), eating a Nut Formula (page 194) usually resolves itchy skin caused by excess adrenaline. Or a less healthy alternative that works is eating a combination 1-2 pieces of toast, a jam (made by blending 4 ounces raw fresh fruit with 2 tablespoons unheated honey and 2-4 nonsteamed dates) and a fat (½-1 avocado, or 4-8 tablespoons unsalted raw butter, or 4-6 tablespoons coconut cream).

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