INSOMNIA is the inability to sleep soundly characterized by frequent waking and restlessness.

For those who had raw milk available, slowly drinking a blended mixture of 1 cup warm raw milk and 1-3 tablespoons unheated honey immediately before bedtime relaxed them for the night. For those who did not have fresh raw dairy, a smoothie made with 2-3 raw eggs, ½ to 1 whole unripe raw unripe banana and as much unheated honey as desired usually took them through the night. If bananas were not appealing, another fresh unripe raw fruit mixed with 3-4 tablespoons unheated honey worked. (Do not make a smoothie with berries or apple. Berries mixed with raw egg often causes drugs and toxic minerals to detoxify from glands, and apple excites adrenals. Either combination may interfere with sleep.)

For people who felt wired, eating raw fish a few hours before bedtime, and then drinking one of the suggestions in the paragraph above near bedtime got them through the night.

Another choice was a piece of toast with plenty of raw jam made of equal parts fresh raw berries and unheated honey. (Berries, especially raspberries, eaten with the Nut Formula made without egg, or eaten with unheated honey and toast supplies minerals that relax the body, and do not cause detoxification as berries do when eaten with egg or coconut cream.)

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