Insect bites

INSECT BITES: Applying raw fresh raw lime juice helps dissolve and neutralize insect’s saliva. Applying a mixture of ½ teaspoon powdered sun-dried clay, 1½ tablespoons of water and 1 drop of stone-pressed olive oil, attracts and absorbs poisons and soothes the area. Or, if fresh raw corn on the cob is available, simply chew some and apply it to the bitten area. If the bitten area continues to swell, make a poultice with 1 tablespoon corn starch, 2 teaspoons good mineral water, 1 pinch of powdered mustard, 2 drops stone-pressed olive oil and ½ pinch of fresh self-grated nutmeg.

If it is a poisonous bite, apply a poultice made of 1 teaspoon fresh shredded and minced beet, 1½ teaspoon fresh raw lime juice and ½ teaspoon powdered sun-dried clay.

Another poisonous bite poultice is: 1 teaspoon normally cooked moist coffee grounds, 1 teaspoon fresh raw lime juice and ¼ teaspoon powdered sun-dried clay. (I never suggest that anyone drink coffee of any sort, but topically it works for poisonous bites in an emergency.)

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