Influenza (flu)

INFLUENZA (FLU): This is mainly a viral detoxification of the respiratory, intestinal and/or lymphatic systems, like cleaning the carbon from a car’s engine. Influenza flushes the body of many accessible stored toxins and allows for a fresher, cleaner-running body. Rejoice and see them through. Increased vitality follows if flu are not stopped with drugs and a healthful diet is eaten that helps the flu process.

Viruses are not living organisms. They are solvents manufactured within cells. They do not self-replicate as believed. Viruses are body soaps. They cleanse contaminated cells, or parts of cells, from the body. When damaged, decaying or dead cells are so polluted that microbes, such as bacteria, parasites and fungi, cannot eat and eliminate the contaminated damaged, decaying or dead tissue, cells manufacture viruses (solvents) to dissolve and dilute the chemically contaminated waste for elimination through mucous membranes, skin, tear ducts, ear wax, gums and tongue.

I reiterate, when damaged, decaying and dead cells are too toxic from chemical pollution (from shampoos, cosmetics, medication, preservatives and pesticides in food, processed foods, and pollution of water, air and land), bacteria and fungi cannot survive to eat and discard those contaminated damaged, decaying and dead cells. The body almost exclusively uses viruses (solvents) to dissolve, and hopefully neutralize and eliminate those contaminated damaged, decaying and dead cells. Science knows that viruses are NOT living organisms. They cannot reproduce so, the belief that they self-replicate is preposterous. Cells manufacture viruses. Viruses are solvents. Saying that viruses self-replicate is the same as saying soap self-replicates.

Eating plenty of smoothies all day long for as long as flu endures facilitates that detoxification process. See Smoothies, page 200.

Stomach flu: Drinking plenty of naturally carbonated water with plenty of unheated honey for a day or so allows the stomach and intestines to cleanse. Then drinking plenty of smoothies, such as eggs blended with unripe banana, facilitates the detoxification and elimination processes.

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