Infant problems

INFANT PROBLEMS: There is a terror among doctors about babies under 1 year old eating honey. One-point-one percent of all babies have been known to react badly to honey, causing a few deaths. However, I was unable to find one scientifically proved infant death that was attributed to honey. Those that claimed honey responsible were mere conclusions from surveys that noted the infant had been fed honey. The cause of death was probably medicinal but the doctors were not going to accept responsibility. I wish doctors would react that way with all of their medications and vaccines because the risks of side effects from pharmaceuticals are astronomical. See Vaccine Induce Diseases, page 319.

Since unheated honey is such an energizing and healing food in our fast polluted environments, we would be negligent to deprive our infants of completely unheated honey. If there were any ill reaction to honey in infants, it was probably from heated honeys. A rare infant may have a slight allergy to unheated honey but I have never seen any conclusive evidence of an ill reaction from unheated honey in over 120 infants. To test this without risk, I have put 1 drop of honey in 3 ounces of raw milk or good mineral water. In only one instance, a baby cried continuously for 15 minutes. I tried the 1-drop-of-honey test in a week and there was no ill reaction.

Colic: When an infant enters this world he or she does so as a rawfood eater. The mother’s blood has not been cooked or sterilized even though the mother may have been eating cooked foods. However, babies always developed better when drinking raw cow or raw goat milk because those animals ate only raw food. When a baby had colic and continuous diarrhea for 36 hours with raw cow or goat milk, blending 2 tablespoons unsalted raw butter and ½-1 teaspoon unheated honey into every cup of warm raw milk usually corrected colic.
Sometimes, blending ¼ teaspoon of raw ginger root juice (pressed with a garlic press) with every cup of raw milk helped. If colic persisted even after unsalted raw butter, or unheated honey or raw ginger juice was added, feeding the baby 1 raw fertile egg blended with 2 ounces of good mineral water nourished the baby. However, the immature protein from eggs does not supply much body-building material. Therefore, after a week of raw eggs and water, raw cow or raw goat milk was tried again.

Diaper Rash: Applying a little of the mixture of ½ cup good mineral water and 1 tablespoon unheated honey has usually promoted healing. When rashes had persisted, applying salves for rash usually relieved discomfort immediately (see Rash, page 306). Getting a little direct sunshine discourages the yeast involved in diaper rash. Letting baby’s skin breathe without a diaper as often as possible also discourages yeast.

Diarrhea: Feeding 2-3 tablespoons unripe banana blended with 2-3 ounces raw plain kefir or raw milk stops diarrhea and replaces nutrients lost as a result of diarrhea. If raw plain kefir or raw milk is not available, replace the kefir with good mineral water. Do not feed apples in any form to a baby suffering diarrhea because apples overstimulate adrenaline production, which often causes diarrhea in infants.

Fever: It has been my experience that fevers below 104.5° Fahrenheit are important to healing and do not result in brain damage when babies are eating a raw-food diet; that is, mother’s or raw cow or raw goat milk. Feeding a blend of 2 ounces fresh raw celery juice, 1 ounce fresh raw carrot juice, 1 ounce fresh raw tomato puree and 1 raw egg keeps fever at a comfortable temperature without danger. Feeding that drink slightly chilled or applying moist cool compresses (not cold) to the forehead reduces fever in the head if fever reaches 104-105° Fahrenheit.

Hiccups: See Hiccups, page 272.

Teething: Feeding ½ teaspoon of the butter/honey mixture every 20-30 minutes during obvious gum pain eliminates or reduces pain to bearable. Drinking a blended mixture of 1 cup raw milk and ½ teaspoon bee pollen, or ½ cup raw milk, ½ cup raw carrot juice and ½ teaspoon bee pollen has relieved teething pain. Gently rubbing unheated-above-96° Fahrenheit fermented coconut oil or peanut oil on the gums soothes them. See Pain page 297.

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