Improvements in 2.5 Weeks on the Primal Diet

“I have been eating mostly fat and meat now for 2.5 weeks and the slight
lightheadedness that I felt for the first two weeks has subsided and
been replaced by a warm fuzzy feeling in my whole body. I suspect this
is the result of my body having learned to use fat as fuel instead of
carbs as before.

I have also started to look a lot healthier. My stomach is not bloated
any more,and the blackaround my eyes is subsiding a bit. I am also leaner
and a little bit stronger than before, seeing as I work out on a gym since 2 years back
and am pretty aware of my body this is an effect that did not slip me
by. I would estimate that I have dropped from 15 to 12% of body fat in
these 2.5 weeks. I might add that I am only 25 years of age as well.

The diet seems to work well metabolically, but some days I have more than a
little loose stool. I consider it a cheap price to pay for health but I
hope it will sort it self out as I venture further down this road.”

Arvid E. 25 years old

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