HEPATITIS is an infection in the liver. This severe liver detoxification occurs in people who lack a particular fat processing enzyme, and is usually brought on by drinking alcohol, or taking legal or recreational drugs (including vaccines, eating cooked marijuana or smoking marijuana).

The missing enzyme can be replaced by eating raw fresh unripe pineapple often. Getting plenty of rest and sunshine, and eating no more than two foods in combination (like a smoothie made with 2-3 raw eggs and 3/4 cup pineapple), and no more than one cup of food at a time, make the liver strong again. Eating pineapple twice daily as often as possible supplies the liver with enzymes that make its work easier while it cleanses and rebuilds itself. Eating fresh raw fish at least three times weekly for the first three weeks, then at least twice weekly for another 6 weeks, helps regenerate nerves in the liver.

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