HEMORRHAGE is profuse bleeding from a ruptured blood vessel, wound or discharge. To promote and speed clotting: drink 1 cup of raw white cabbage juice blended with 7 tablespoons unheated honey.

Consuming white cabbage will stop hemorrhage even without unheated honey, however, unheated honey speeds general healing. (If you are alone and unable to juice the cabbage, eat the whole cabbage. Eat the honey before, while or after you eat the cabbage.) Mixing 3 ounces of fresh raw carrot juice and 5 teaspoons lime juice to the cabbage juice and honey mixture improves taste for some people as well as speeds healing. Lime juice is the key to preventing excessive infection.

Drinking over a period of 16 hours, a blend of 18 raw eggs, 2 small tomatoes and 2-4 tablespoons of unheated honey usually prevents rehemorrhage.

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