Happier on the Primal Diet with More Energy Naturally

Happier, Healthier, Lost 25 Pounds, Successful in Life

...Always tired, allergic, miserable before the raw food diet

When I first heard of the Primal Diet two years ago, I was 51, always tired, allergic to nearly every food I ate. I was miserable, and was having constant thoughts of not being able to continue living. I felt I was going to die soon. I wasn’t able to sleep well at night and if I didn’t take loads of vitamins I was unable to operate at all: I’d cry at nothing. After [the person who told me about this diet] was on the diet for a few months he started to look so different, so much better, his skin glowed, he lost tons of weight and he was always smiling. That got my attention. He told me to read the book, which he brought me. I was fired from my job soon after this. I read the book, then I visited Aajonus.

“When Aajonus evaluated my physical condition he was spot on. He had asked me to bring a write up of my medical history and list of complaints. When I arrived, he welcomed me, took the papers I handed him, put them on the table and proceeded with the exam. Using his method of examination, he uncovered every single ailment I had, past and present. He gave me a list of foods to eat, explaining which helped what problem.

I started to feel much happier, stronger...

“I started on the diet slowly, finding it hard to overcome my aversion to eating meat. Once I remedied that, I soon started to feel much happier, stronger, able to make it through the day without running out steam. I was soon able to stop taking vitamins altogether, I ate meat with no problem, and lost 25 pounds (which wouldn’t come off no matter what I did before) I soon was getting tons of compliments about how good I looked. Just like my friend had!

“Fast forward to 2 years later I went from being fired, unemployed and miserable to starting and building a 2 million dollar company in less than 2 years, going from 2 to 60 staff. I have more energy than most people half my age. My life has taken a complete turn around. I feel yound and strong,
and have the same outlook I had about life when I was in my 20′s: high interest and no barrier too great to overcome.

“I am forever grateful to Aajonus for having the perseverance and integrity to speak out about his discoveries, and to care enough to share them with anyone and everyone who wants to really be healthy."
All my love,
Celina P.
Altadena, California

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