HALITOSIS is a foul odor emanating from the mouth. In hygienic people, only 1% of “bad breath” comes from decaying teeth. The other 99% of “bad breath” comes from a toxic intestine where foods have putrefied. Some putrid gases in the intestines pass into the blood and expel from the lungs.

Eating unheated honey often (and, when available, plain raw kefir) supplies enzymes necessary for better digestion. Eating fresh raw parsley, or other fresh raw aromatic herbs, or fresh raw vegetable juices or fresh raw pineapple or papaya aids digestion and sweetens breath. Very seldom does anyone on a raw diet have bad breath, and only during detoxification.

Some people are ill-effected by the putrid gases of bad breath that are emitted by other people. Those people get a headache when they are within two feet from someone who has bad breath. Many people who drink alcohol have a destructive chemical reaction that causes their breath to smell like airplane glue. Many people who do not drink alcohol have breath that smells like airplane glue. Some people get nauseous, claustrophobic and headachy when enclosed in an unventilated room with someone whom has breath that smells like airplane glue.
Following the same suggestions above alleviates the gaseous ill effects suffered from someone else’s bad breath.

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