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Rawesome’s End - The back story

Aajonus posts about Rawesome's end - the back story

I have been deeply saddened and disappointed for many years with James’ behavior. When did he change? I will get to that at the end. Let’s look at some history. James had been a very sick individual as a long-term vegetarian for 32 years. He was 6’3″ weighed 142 lbs. He was suicidal and cynical about anyone and anything. He thought I was a quack but his good and only friend at the time convinced him to do my Primal Diet. It worked and James became very healthy.
Resultantly, James and I started a raw milk food club 1999 when the CA Department of Health Services working with the Los Angeles County Medical Milk Commissioners bankrupt
ed Steuve’s Dairy by making the laws for certification so stringent that raw milk passed inspection only 51% of the time. That is all that the food club under James made available for my patients who needed raw milk for their health, including Walker Kirene who was an asthmatic 8-year old, who became USA’s number one high school tennis champion in 2009. ...Comprehend that an asthmatic boy became a tennis champion while drinking raw milk!
Mainly, we used Claravale Dairy because it was the only source. Then Mark opened OPD [Organic Pastures Dairy]  with grassfed raw milk in glass bottles. The food club carried both OPD and Claravale. When we discovered that Claravale used a commercial feed, we stopped carrying it in about 2002. Outside of our food club, James started OPD distribution network in
southern California that put OPD on the map. In about 2005, Mark pulled the account from James without compensation and gave distribution to a company that would supply many more customers. That was understandable. The food club continued to supply OPD dairy products.
However, when OPD changed from glass to plastic, we sought sources of milk elsewhere. To this day, whenever I drink raw milk from a plastic container, I can taste it. I have done the taste test, not knowing which had come from plastic.
10 out of 10 times I was able to detect which had been bottled in plastic.
Food-grade plastic is simply food-manufacturers way of supply a substance in a cheap and polluting container. Although there may not be any PCB
[ polychlorinated biphenyls] released from the plastic, there are industrial chemicals used in manufacturing and polymers that are released into the food. There is truly no safe plastic. On occasion, when no other raw milk is available, I drink OPD but always add a little clay to it to absorb the plastic byproducts.
At that time, James named the food club Rawesome and I created and made contracts to own, via lease, herds of cows belonging to Right To Choose Healthy Food Trust and its members. I contracted mostly Amish farmers who
m I trusted and visited their farms without notice to insure farming practices suitable for our standards.
About 2006, James began consuming ocean water and had his blood clean
ed with ocean water in Brazil. The process changed him forever. He became superior acting and began carrying products that were not my standard, although he constantly claimed they were. After investigation on 4 occasions, I had documentation to prove the product were not to my specification. He became much more abusive to workers at the club and sometime to members. Finally, he became very abusive to me, mostly behind my back. Members told me about many incidences.
He postulated that ocean water was the same as blood and everyone should consume it but most of my patients who reported the results were negative. I told him that I did not appreciate his advising people to consume ocean water. He screamed that I did not know everything about nutrition and he would advise whomever he wanted.
The man that James became on my Primal Diet - prior to the sodium-salt-filled sea water - was a man of compassion, dedication and resolve.
[Now, with the sodium-salt-filled sea water, he reverted to] what he was as a vegetarian. I thought back to the time my father (the inventor of the first bearing computer while he was in college at Purdue), was working for GE to make sodium into a weapon for the military. Because isolated sodium is a more powerful explosive than nitroglycerin, it could be a formidable weapon but it was uncontrollable. It is my contention to this day that, the washing of James blood with ocean water caused the annihilation many brain cells that deal with discernment. I caught James in many lies. So many that I sought a detective firm to investigate. The results were devastating to me and members at The site is temporarily down because it was sabotaged. The man who originally erected it has failed to help me keep it active even though I have offered him money. I do not have the files for the website but I will get them and it will fly again.
Should we have sympathy for James?
Emphatically yes. However, every criminal’s behavior can be linked to psychotropic imbalances. ALL of the mass murders of late had recent-to-their-killing sprees been on psychotropic medication:
Experiments with animals who withdrew from those medical drugs began viciously killing other animals in the cages. That does not excuse their behavior but gives us a perspective of how we and others could harm others.
James had been on a downhill spiral since the blood-washings. His main assistant manager who
m he trusted implicitly, was robbing him of $1,500-2,300 weekly. He was fired right before the raid. James allowed a lot of unusual people to sell their goods on the property. I begged him not to do it because it was taking the club out of the realm of private into challenges of commerce. James was no longer rational although he could make you believe he was. He would say one thing to your face and do the very opposite once you were not there.
Like all of us, we must learn how to take care of ourselves so we do not make rash and irrational decisions.
The idea of sovereignty is that of our forefathers. It was the
ir decree that people were sovereign above government and that government was for the people and not sovereign to the people. So, when someone says they are a sovereign, those with knowledge know that they are quoting our Constitutional forefathers. Recently, the FBI and CIA have made people who call themselves sovereigns into ‘terrorists’.
Government does not like the backseat; they want to be sovereign and
the people be damned. Our government is run by a bunch of bureaucratic oligarchs who are run by industrial oligarchs.
Regarding my HONORARY Ph.D., there is not evidence that states my Ph.D is fraud. Just because you find a counterfeit $100 bill does not make every $100 bill counterfeit. There is not evidence that my honorary degree is fraudulent. It states clearly on the document that it is for original work in my field of nutrition, its states nothing about academic achievement. Several people on here are judging with any proof, like a lynch mob.
Does James deserve the treatment he receives from government?
Probably not but he stepped into their arena several times by conducting Rawesome too much like a common store. He was the manager and should answer to the members and me, not government. He should not be convicted of any government food violations. I was not an informer for any activity by James and Palmer except their food fraud. I met with Ventura authorities about egg and meat fraud, not about their goat’s milk and cheese fraud, that I discovered in May 2012.
Everyone has their journey; mine was through deadly diseases and James’ seems to be with out-of-control government that is supposed to protect our rights rather than restrict them. I will defend James as much as possible regarding Rawesome but his violations at Rawesome have jeopardized all of us. I will settle with James for his violations against me and members of Right To Choose Healthy Food Trust in my suit against James and Palmer. The government has a great case against Palmer and I will do everything possible in truth to see that she does not get away with her fraud of food and elders of their life savings.
David, I find it interesting that you did not know James but by acquaintance and you make the judgement that he is without t
he ability to lie and commit food-fraud, even in the face of all the evidence and many witnesses. I wonder if you have not made your allegiance solely for the purpose of food-club-freedom and right to choose. By taking James’ side and not questioning the witnesses directly, haven’t you called all of us liars? Do you really think that we would create fraudulence about James and Palmer? Why and for what purpose? A few of the writers have faced reality, hopefully it will hit everyone very soon.

Aajonus comments on August 11, 2012