Food addiction

FOOD ADDICTION is the frequent craving for a particular food or foods. Most people can’t digest, assimilate, and utilize what their bodies need from cooked foods, so they overeat.

It is almost impossible for a person to overeat when on a raw diet that includes meat. The body loses its appetite when its needs are satisfied. If someone deprives her or his body of what it needs, she will experience emotional deprivation (depression), or anxiety (anxiousness and irritability) and malnutrition. Eating the foods a person craves fresh and raw brings on a degree of physical and emotional satisfaction that would not have ill repercussions. For people who crave chocolate, I have included a recipe for a substitute (see Chocolate Substitutes, page 181).

Everyone should trust his or her cravings. Cravings are the body telling a person that it needs the nutrients in the food(s) craved. If a person craves ice cream and raw cream is not available, she or he could eat other raw fat with unheated honey, such as avocados and unheated honey, or fresh raw coconut cream with unheated honey.

Owanza, a nutritional colleague, has found a relationship between emotional needs and physical needs. She has found that people who are overaggressive - trying to sink their teeth into things - have a protein deficiency and need to eat more raw meat, especially white meat. People who crave sweets have a need for a sweet life. Finding and interacting with sweet people will be as emotionally nourishing as raw fresh fruits and unheated honey will be physically nourishing.

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