FEVER is a body temperature above the body’s normal temperature.

Fever ends proliferation of bacteria and other detoxification microbes, stops cells from producing virus and initiates intense healing (cellular division/reproduction). Usually, fever is accompanied by necessary lethargy that transforms into tiredness. Rest, relaxation and sleep are important because most healing occurs during those states.

Getting plenty of sleep, fresh air, and eating red and orange live foods, such as raw fresh tuna, salmon, tomatoes, carrot juice, oranges, unripe watermelon and cantaloupe soothe tissues and prevent cellular destruction. If blood-sugar problems exist, add 4-6 tablespoons raw fat to any high-carbohydrate fruit. Eating fresh raw aloe vera gel also soothes tissues, especially mucous membranes, and prevents cellular destruction. Consuming raw cream or unsalted raw butter also helps. If there is not an appetite, drink the freshest raw juices mixed with unheated honey. Raw cream mixed in equal proportions with the freshest raw carrot juice, or cream mixed with orange or watermelon juice is often the most soothing. If a fever rises above 105° Fahrenheit, drink chilled fresh blended raw tomatoes, or fresh raw fruit purees of red and orange raw foods. Don’t panic; when eating a predominantly raw diet convulsion and irreversible brain damage has not happened from fever.

Night fevers - night sweats - are usually a combination of friction from mass cellular division (cellular reproduction) and cessation of intense detoxification. That is cause for joy. It is a time of intense rejuvenation when an individual becomes more alive with new cells.
Sleeping more, getting fresh air and sunshine, and eating plenty of raw meat during and after these cycles bring youth and strength. Eating 1/8 teaspoon of royal jelly with raw meat and with raw fat daily during those cycles increases the body’s ability to reproduce and strengthen cells.

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