Felt Worse on Chemo, now on Raw Food Diet

“We have read your book . We love it! After 5 sets of
chemotherapy, my Mom’s overall condition [was] much
worse. In last 5 months my Mom aged rapidly and looked
and felt worse than at the time following the operation. We
all encouraged my Mom to stick with [her doctor's]
treatment, but when her complaints grew louder and louder
we understood that she wanted and needed help. We
intensified our search for alternative non-toxic treatments.
Currently she is on all raw food diet as a result of your
“My Mom and we all understand that poisoning the
whole body with the chemotherapy can’t and won’t “cure”
cancer. [Her doctor] insists [she] continue chemotherapy.
My Mom refuses…! All our family switched to all raw diet
and we have numerous benefits as a result!!!”
– Leon
New York

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