What To Expect at a Primal Diet Event

Here is what to expect at potlucks, free lectures, paid workshops and individual consultations.

A potluck

is a potluck party in someone's home, a chance to meet others on the diet, share recipes or just plain party. This is followed by a 2 hour question and answer period for those who wish to stay and pay $35 to participate. Potlucks only occur in southern California due to demands on the author's time. There may be up to six per year.

Free lecture

no hype or products; just the truth about pure, whole foods and what they can do for you, regardless of your current condition. These usually run about one hour.

Paid Workshop

Coverage of topics of importance to those attending. Aajonus's current agenda includes a 5-6 hour coverage (can be longer) of Aajonus speaking about the proper functions of the circulatory, digestive, lymphatic and neurological systems.
Other topics include: detoxification, vaccines, and "germs" like parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses. He will also speak about what happens to food when it is cooked; and give suggestions of how much and when to eat fat, protein and carbohydrates. Cost $95.

Individual Consult
includes iridology, glandular analyses and very detailed, personalized food recommendations. Aajonus has perfected the technique of iridology over the last 35 years to aid him in evaluating conditions in the deepest areas of the body. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue in the body by way of the nervous system. Iridology allows Aajonus to access information about the body non-invasively that would normally be very difficult to obtain. Reading Aajonus' book, We Want To Live: the Primal Diet is a pre-requisite for an Individual Consult.

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An Individual Consult lasts approximately 70 minutes and costs $385. Cash or checks accepted only.


in which Aajonus analyzes each person's glands and recommends particular foods s/he could eat to speed better health: additional $40, are done immediately after the Workshop for all present to see and learn from.

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  1. Hi, I am super curious about if there is going to be a potluck this coming Sunday, Feb. 5 2012. I actually have been trying to make it to one for over a year now and someone in the community just told me that they are usually on the first Sunday of the month so really hoping there is one this month, as I am still learning how to heal my numerous health issues with the huge help of the Primal Diet! Thank you so much for getting back to me at that email or even you can reach me at 310-774-1466

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