What We Eat Has Such A Profound Effect On How We Feel

“I was first influenced to go on the raw food diet when my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the same time, I also broke up with my boyfriend, but still had to see him and deal with him. These two situations put an incredible amount of strain on my already stressful life. I was amazed at how this diet enabled me not only to still function, but to feel good as well. A friend of mine jokingly called it the “Zen diet,” due to its effect of eliminating emotional pain. I have always been an emotionally sensitive person, and this diet has been a real godsend to me. I didn’t realize that what we eat has such a profound effect on how we feel.
This diet is an incredibly fascinating and miraculous thing.
“I have experienced other benefits from eating raw foods as well. One of the most immediate results was the disappearance of the numerous sinus headaches I have suffered from over the years. Colds and flus have also
vanished from my life. I had gum problems, which healed after three months. My menstrual cramps have disappeared.
I am able to climb the many stairs to my apartment without feeling strain in my legs (and without working out). My entire body feels stronger.
“My take on a quote by J.D. Salinger: I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse, I suspect people of plotting to make
me happy, especially Aajonus.”
– Laura, Librarian

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