Dr.’s Try Aajonus’s Advice As Last Resort, For Their Own Mother

I don’t know if you remember me telling you about an elderly woman who was living on a canned drink like Ensure who was in a wheelchair and using only a feeding tube. Her son and daughter, both MDs, brought her to me after exhausting all other avenues. They left my office as if okay with my advice (to give her a raw egg through the feeding tube as often as she’s okay with), but then cancelled the next appointment and never answered any contact I tried to make. It’s been months.

Well, they just sent me the following:

“Hello: sorry I haven’t been in touch with you. But we have been following your advice of giving eggs to my mother via the G tube. Her nutrition number have gone up. We have yet to get a juicer, but we’re working on it.
Would like to see you soon with my mother if that’s ok with you. Let me know. Thank you. DERICK’”

“Thank you for your kind help and guidance.”
– Stanley B. , N.D., D.C., PhC.

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