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Be prepared to respond to your body's real needs. Have a question about a specific health problem, disease or condition? You can find answers at your fingertips, just download We Want To Live pdf and The Recipe for Living Without Disease pdf e-books.  Refer to them any time you need to know. You will find yourself learning and using the details to bring wellness to yourself and those you care most about.

Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food. Aajonus' landmark works in pdf show you how to reverse diseases (including how to prevent heart disease and even reverse it) and how to live a healthy life. His research details show the oldest known form of 'medicine' to indeed be natural foods, just as Hippocrates stated centuries ago, and just as each U.S. doctor must recite as part of the Hippocratic oath before they can practice medicine.
Download "We Want To Live"
Download "The Recipe For Living Without Disease"
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