Dog Doing Better On the Raw Food Diet

“As you probably remember, my 15-year old pug, Mr. D, was completely blind with cataracts, deaf and incontinent. I had to rub his hind-end just to get him to urinate or bm while I held him up. He had endured such nerve deterioration that he could not stand without severe wabbling and not for more than 2 minutes. He had not been able to climb even a 2 1/2 inch step for 6 months. The vet and I expected that he would be dead 6 months ago, at the time you put him on a diet. Mr. D’s cataracts have reversed by 50%, he hears me now, he urinates and defecates perfectly normally, and he is back to jumping on and off the couch again, and out the doggy door leaping down the stairs and plays like a puppy again in the yard. I cannot thank you enough.”
– Dore F. in Beverly Hills, California

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