Diabetes: Natural Remedy

Fair Warning: ignore the information about raw milk and diabetes at your peril!

Are you tired of hearing all the talk about diabetes without something you can do about it, other than take medications?
Diabetes is reputed to have reached epidemic proportions. Why*? And What can we do about it?
The challenge: learn the science about diabetes and raw milk; if you then wish to do something with the information, change your diet.
Learn from someone who was a diabetic and on insulin from age 15 1/2 to age 22. After being advised to go on raw juice, raw milk and other raw foods, he got himself OFF insulin, and has remained free of diabetes for the last 40 years!
There is a report that was written called Petition, and Report In Favor Of Natural Milk, by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Nutritionist, with Dr. Douglass,M.D. Decide to do something about it and restore your lifestyle and your life. Get this report at no cost to you: click here.

Has the problem of diabetes already been resolved?

The problem has been noticed by medical science for decades, but the continuing rise of diabetes as a condition (quite correctly labeled as a degenerative disease) seems to have us in a grip of a kind of helplessness that no one wants to get used to.
On the one hand it would seem that diabetes would be the most easy of all the chronic illnesses to control with life-style changes. Diabetes is slow in progressing: it doesn't kill you instantly like a heart attack or stroke could, even though heart attack and stroke victims can also adopt life-style changes that could help them after the fact; much more than victims of such diseases as cancer, for example. Diabetes seems to be progressively debilitating, so that one should be able to reverse it over a period, however short or long. And yet diabetes (despite the abundance of diabetic diets and plans) still marches onward, slowly claiming the quality of diabetic people's lives, and eventually claiming those lives altogether.
Diabetes has such varied effects on our bodies, how do we get a grip on solving this at a basic level? No one wants to face such things as blindness or limbs that might need to be amputated or other effects of this misery on our glandular systems and our bodies as a whole. Anyone who has felt these effects, or observed people they know going through some of these horrors, would want to do anything it takes to handle the heck out of this situation.

Here's where we dovetail with the subject of raw milk:
This report, Petition, and Report In Favor Of Natural Milk (click here to get this report at no charge), was presented by Aajonus, and a few friends, in Washington D.C., to each senator and U.S. Representative during the summer and fall of 2006. I personally recall his requesting we phone and fax our approval of the production of raw milk and its transportation across state lines during that time, as a back up effort to what he was doing, and as a way of showing our elected representatives that there is indeed a grassroots effort to reduce and eradicate diabetes and other chronic conditions.
Aajonus was a known crusader over the years who has campaigned for better health choices in various fields, so it is not a surprise to see him on this  campaign for raw milk.  No one tells you what to eat, so review the facts and make up your own mind!
Here is an example of how diverse the effects of diabetes can be, and the simplicity with which this issue can be addressed. Sally Fallon (head of the Pottinger Foundation) writes (on page 55) that ...pasteurized milk puts an unnecessary strain on the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes, (which) may explain why milk consumption in civilized societies has been linked with diabetes.
The whole syndrome of pasteurization putting an unnecessary strain on the pancreas, is due to the fact that raw natural milk has those very digestive enzymes that get destroyed by the heat of pasteurization, so the pancreas is then called upon to replace them.

There are other references to diabetes in this report. 

 The example above is just one example; imagine what the rest of the report discloses. The report doesn't cost anything  and may change your life in a very favorable way; so click here to get your copy of the petition and report in favor of natural milk.
Pasteurizing milk was originally supposed to solve the presence of infectious disease. But even on that same page (55) Ms. Fallon gives the solution already instituted just in her 2nd sentence, that could have made and could still make pasteurization altogether unnecessary. In addition to a discussion of diabetes there is the interesting aspect of political motivations behind the attempted destruction of the right to choose raw natural milk, and it starts to read more like a mystery/thriller novel to the point that I felt--Alfred Hitchcock, either move over or eat your heart out, one or the other!
You can see that the subject of the availability of raw, natural milk so it is broadly available nation-wide is a heated subject indeed! Like many subjects that approach the boiling point (or even the lower heat level required for pasteurization), this one appears to have a political aspect to it. When I recently re-read and further digested this very informative report about raw natural versus pasteurized milk, my eyes were opened to a degree I didn't think was possible. Note that there are now 11 states where it is possible to purchase raw milk in stores; see this map.
The intricacy of long-term evidence supporting the benefits of the raw natural milk, and the supporting documentation in this report, were astounding to me.  I could see that even though diabetes is pervasive, yet so are the attempts to suppress our health choices in relation to diabetes and other chronic and degenerative health conditions that can occur to our bodies.

Here are some other things you may get from this report:

Health Risks From Drinking Pasteurized Milk ... 13
Case in Point ... 14
Bacterial Risks from Drinking Pasteurized Milk ...15
Infant Death Syndrome and Colic from Feeding Pasteurized Milk 17
Disease and Disease-Risks from Drinking Pasteurized Milk ... 19
Health Benefits and Risks from Drinking Natural Milk ...24
Bacterial, Viral & Parasitical Resistant and Nutritive Value of Raw Milk ...24
Medical Milk Therapy - Prevention and Reversal of Disease from Drinking Raw Milk ...27
Infant Safety and Health Benefits From Feeding Raw Milk...28
Raw Milk Safety and Health Benefits In General Including TB ... 30
Immune Natural Milk Therapy Benefits ...32
Raw Milk As a Preservative ... 33
Nutritive Value of Natural Milk vs. Pasteurized Milk (Chart) ... 33
History of Movement Against Natural Milk; The Creation of the Assumption That Pasteurized Milk Is Safer Than Natural Milk ...34
National Claims Against Natural Milk ...34
Chronology of Unsubstantiated Claims Against Raw Natural Produced in California ... 37
How Credible is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Regarding Raw Milk? ...39
Bacteriology ...41
Conclusions and Recommendations ...43
So what happens if we don't handle this "epidemic"???
For starters I would urge everyone to become informed at the very least. Please click here to get your copy of the petition and report in favor of natural milk, so we can take informed action to reverse this disease.

Report: Petition and report in favor of raw milk

Here is an excerpt from a talk given by Aajonus to the Cancer Control Society.
*All cooked foods create toxins in the body. Over a long period of time these toxins collect in mass. With cooked carbohydrates, no matter if it is fruit or grains, potatoes, or any kind of grain- and potato-product, Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) form in the body. AGEs are the byproduct of spent glycogen, similar to monoxides being the result of burned gasoline in cars. New York City Medical University researched AGEs and found that AGEs store in a healthy body at a rate of 70%. That means every time we eat a carbohydrate, whether it is raw or cooked fruit, grain, cookie, or whatever, we will store at least 70% of that toxin. In an unhealthy body AGEs store at a rate of 90%. Basically this is an argument against the human body being a grain, root or fruit eater, and why so much diabetes has developed.

Once you grasp the importance of this report, there is a recipe book that may become very important to you as you regain your lifestyle.: The Recipe for Living Without Disease

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