Detox and Build Health

How To Detox Naturally And Build Health With A Good Raw Food Diet.

Building Health and Detoxing on a raw food diet are two things that can occur together. Our bodies respond to raw food.

This way of eating which is called the Primal Diet, could even be called the "how to detox naturally" diet.

There is no question that these bodies of ours are trying to survive the onslaught of industrial, food, airborne, and other toxins (sometimes self-induced toxins if only in the form of excess food and drink). Our aim is to remain alive and healthy and functioning for a very long time! Just for example, our livers have built-in capacity to endure excesses of toxins, way beyond what they would normally have to process in one body in a single lifetime.

We all know however that our bodies can get overloaded with toxins.  These toxins impede our being able to keep our relationships with others, our jobs, our health and ultimately even our lives. When the time and energy we could be spending on positive things we want to achieve gets consumed with handling our bodies--something has to change!

But to FEEL the results of good health that are available by eating the raw food detox diet, is a wonder in itself, when we consider that a state of good health is really our birthright, and is at the foundation of everything we do every day!

So when our bodies just get too overwhelmed with toxins that affect our ability to function well and feel in the best of health, what do we do then?

Eat raw foods as described so well in both books by Aajonus Vonderplanitz: We Want To Live, and The Recipe For Living without Disease!

A simple detox example

But how does this detoxification process happen actually when we do eat raw foods? Here's at least a hint of it: On the one hand, our bodies are nourished by the raw, unadulterated fats carbohydrates and proteins we eat. On the other hand the raw fats naturally bind with toxins and escort them safely out of the body. For example Aajonus Vonderplanitz has said, that taking a sugar cubed size chunk of raw unheated and unsalted cheese, encourages the body to dump toxins in to the stomach, which the cheese then "mops up". Then of course we follow this up about 10 minutes later with other good quality raw food, which nourishes us. That could either be freshly juiced vegetables, or a meat meal, or a fruit smoothie, etc. Aajonus gives thorough recommendations that make use of this way in which our bodies can take advantage of detoxification and nutrition, simultaneously throughout the day.

One overlooked factor in all this is that detoxification happens so gently on a raw food diet--relatively speaking, compared with other historical methods (whether they were/are effective or not) like leaching, cupping, and more modern procedures like chemo-coctails and other highly toxic drug compounds, that there seems hardly a risk to it, since these foods can be so delicious to eat, and also easy to prepare.

There is also little to no risk when we consider that this type of raw food detox diet can be added to any ongoing health routine. In fact Aajonus Vonderplanitz has often said that we shouldn't attempt to force or speed up a detox, since it happens well and soon  enough anyway. (Evidently he has reserved speeding up a detox diet for a few  brave and healthy souls like himself and close compatriots, who have been on the raw food diet for some time, and who might not mind some of the escalated detoxification reactions that can sometimes occur!) He even gives ways of slowing down a detox to avoid those reactions in his books.

When we hear his story (as told in his books) of things he went through and guided others through, it's hard to envision any things he hasn't seen in the way of relieving health problems.

Please refer to The Recipe for Living Without Disease which offers a starting point for controlling your health. If the regimentation of a raw food diet for you is in the same category as some people's "New Year's Resolutions" - i.e. expires in 10 days - then ignore the above. Before you go, please realize that your body has its own natural detoxification systems which work without the extremes of water or juice flushes, fasts, colonics and so on. Give yourself a chance and orderThe Recipe for Living Without Disease now.

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