Details of A Dancer Doing Well on the Primal Diet

Two years ago before the Primal Diet, I was having blood spotting most of the time. This is now gone and only comes back sometimes if I eat food that’s harsh for me to digest.

If I danced full out with full energy, I would get cramps and bleeding. Yesterday I did 2 fifteen minute sets and had no problems at all! I didn’t even get a detox headache, which getting used to make me get — as I increase my endurance this improves.

  • I feel like my muscles are capable of more strength now.
  • The lymph glands in my neck used to get swollen a lot.  Now it almost never happens.
  • Allergies to pollutants and seasonal are less severe.
  • Hypoglycemia is totally under control. If I can’t get to eat when I’m hungry, I feel weak and anxious like a person with a more normal pancreas, rather than nauseous and dizzy like I used to.
  • If I eat sugary foods I am much more aware of the spikes and drops. And much more aware of how my body reacts to different foods in general.
  • I have bouts of extreme well-being and connection with joy more often.
  • If I feel out of balance, I know what foods will help me.
  • I am much more aware now of how many physical issues which I am hard on myself about, are really genetic weaknesses, toxicity and degeneration.

- Melissa

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