Defending healthy food and farms

Letter to attorney:


Mr. [attorney],
Please excuse my error regarding your name. In your response to my communication, you wrote with the authority of a judge yet you are a prosecutor. As a U.S. attorney, shouldn't you know more about law, especially the U.S. Constitution than you reveal. The decision by Judge Stengel in the Allgyer case does not set precedence in that case or any other case. I am simply waiting for the case to be resolved in Judge Stengel's court so that I can appeal the decision.

I and all members of Right To Choose Healthy Food club members contracted for ownership of the animals at those farms to produce the food we need for our health. We have the most righteous legal interest. Just because one judge made a bad ruling does not make it right or precedence. It is not over until all appeal processes have been exhausted, in at least 5 years from the date it is over in the lower court..

I do not purport to represent anyone as an attorney however, if you study the U.S. Constitution, anyone can assist anyone of his or her choosing. Since I have contractual legal interest in the activities you are trying to end, I have every right in the world to assist the innocent people and farmers you harass and try to prosecute to deprive them of life, liberty, well-being and livelihood. My email stands as your notification for Mr. Hebron and Hochstetler that the Grand Jury Hearing set for today was postponed by you in your conversation with Mr. Hebron, and that any other Grand Jury Hearing will have to begin from a new process.

You will hear from me anytime you try to harass or stop a farmer with whom I have a PRIVATE club contract to produce healthy food for me and members of our private clubs. You have no legal jurisdiction over private clubs. Your jurisdiction is with the public. Would it behoove you to study our U. S. Constitution more thoroughly?

"No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or other infamous crime , unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury..." Fifth Amendment of our U.S. Constitution.
Since when is farming healthy food a capital or infamous crime? Your skills would be utilized properly by spending tax-payer money investigating and prosecuting criminals such as the banksters, Wallstreet, congressional, CDC and FDA thugs who have robbed and harmed taxpayers. Who do you serve by prosecuting hard-working farmers and people who want to eat healthy food and be healthy?

Why are your priorities skewed? You are with the DOJ's Consumer Protection, which consumer are you protecting? We hope that you will wake to some of the U.S. governmental official's outrageous obsession with people who want to be healthy and protect us rather than try and hurt us with all of the diseases created by industrial-chemical contaminated, processed foods. If you properly took your oath of office to protect people's Constitutional rights, you are acting criminally, immorally and are not immune from prosecution.

We can be civil to each other or we can proceed in the tone you set by your actions.
healthfully and appreciatively,
aajonus vonderplanitz

Mr. Vonderplanitz:

... Although I do not anticipate the need for you to communicate any further with the United States on this matter (as explained more fully below), should you desire to communicate with the government about this investigation, please be sure to include me on any such communications.  My contact information is below.

As Judge Stengel explained in his order denying your motion for intervention in United States v. Allgyer, No. 11-02651 (E.D. Pa. Jul. 18, 2011), “Mr. Vonderplanitz is not an attorney and cannot represent others in federal court . . . .”  Although your email of this morning implies that you represent the legal interests of other individuals or entities, you may not lawfully do so.  Accordingly, the substance of your communication to Mr. Weier is of no moment and is being disregarded in toto.

Moreover, I can see no reason why you should have any need to further discuss this matter with the United States at this juncture.  That point notwithstanding, if you do communicate further with the government regarding the investigation, please be sure to include me on any such communication.

Very truly yours,

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