Chronic Fatigue & Hypoglycemia Improves With Raw Diet

I felt food was making us sick. I spent 10 yrs eating clean square meal diet of cooked meat, fruits & vegetables. I was not satisfied with that, because I had chronic fatigue & hypoglycemia really bad. The hypoglycemia affected me because my blood sugar was constantly dropping, making me irritable and overemotional.

I constantly had to make sure that I ate at a certain time all day every day 24/7 or I would crash. It was very restrictive and I was very sensitive. I was introduced to one kind of raw foods diet by some sites, and decided to become a vegetarian, then I felt fruitarian would be easy and better. I had met a person who had been a fruitarian for over 35 years so I started to emulate him.

I was a fruitarian for seven months before I finally was so malnourished and deficient that I thought I was going to die. My heart was beating out of my chest, I was hyperventilating and my body was in "alarm" mode - anything I tried to do differently, my whole body would react. This sent me to the hospital....I knew being a fruitarian was too extreme.

I was about to go back to the cooked food, when I talked to someone who mentioned Aajonus to me. I went to his website. I read his testimony about raw meat and raw dairy, within 20 minutes, I knew that I knew. That was my problem right there. I had never heard of that, my family had never heard of that, everyone thinks you've lost it.

I was craving it. I was malnourished and in starvation mode. After the first seven days I knew for sure this was what I was supposed to do. Then I met with Aajonus to make sure I knew what I was doing this time. In the past I had just gone off without anybody who knew what I was doing.I went to my naturopath as well because he had been my naturopath for years. I knew he wouldn't steer me wrong. He said "Norma, do not be ashamed of raw meat." He Oked this diet.

Now it has been a year and two months. My weight has balanced, which I severely needed. All my conditions have improved. I am much stronger, with more clarity; my memory has improved.I have had various detoxification periods all of which were definitely worth it. By sticking to it and not quitting, but doing what Aajonus had said, I would come out of it at a new level. Now each bad condition is either much better or has gone altogether.

After this last detox period, I was able to jump up and down and dance a lot. I could dance so much better without any stiffness in my knees. Now I know that nothing is acceptable other than the raw food diet because in this generation and the world we live in... our food is so toxic that we have to be extreme. Most significantly Aajonus' diet has calmed me and made me much less emotional and more focused, more determined and more tolerant of people in my life, including co-workers and family... My children are better off. That is one of my motivating factors: I want to be the best I can for the people around me because I know my behavior affects people around me.

-- Norma K., Redlands, California

One thought to “Chronic Fatigue & Hypoglycemia Improves With Raw Diet”

  1. on January 3, 2008 at 7:06:00 AM PST, baga said…

    dear aajonus,
    i read your interview and found it very interesting.
    i’m a 33 y.o. guy from italy who’s actually seeking for a new diet to start feeling better.
    i cannot complain about my health but i realized that “modern processed food” is not proper food for human beings.
    i’ve been eating raw fruits, vegs and seeds/nuts since august 2007 and i wouldn’t mind to add raw meat to my diet.
    my first question is: will you book be translated into italian?
    my second and last question is: may i ask you your blood type?
    i had a dream that there might be some relationhsip between diet and blood type.
    thanks for taking your time,
    your reply would be very appreciated.

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