Children Transition to Health and Calmness on Raw Food Primal Diet

“Dear Aajonus,
“I have been meaning to sit down and write this letter for a few months now, however, being blessed as I am with two wonderfully healthy, energetic little girls, I do not find myself sitting often.

“Sydera and Chelsea are both doing excellently. As you may remember, Chelsea has enjoyed eating all raw
foods since she was introduced to them when I weaned her from breast feeding. This is still true for her. She continues to choose raw foods over cooked when given the option.

“Sydera did not adapt as easily to the raw diet. We were able to substitute raw milk and cream, fruits and
vegetables, raw honey and raw nuts for foods that she was already eating but raw meat was too foreign to her. It took seven months of waiting, but she finally decided, on her own, to discover why Mommy, Daddy, and baby sister loved raw meat so much. Now she is quite pleased to tell anyone who will listen that Meat is Yummy!

“Sydera has always been our strong-willed child. She can throw a tantrum with the best of them. In fact, one of her most infamous fits occurred in a Walmart store. I carried her out of the store kicking and screaming. When I reached my car, I actually had a police officer approach me and tell me to step away from the child. He figured, judging by her demeanor, that I was hurting her in some way when in all actuality it was my 3 year old daughter who was behaving violently. I had the bruises to prove it. After this incident I was devastated. I felt that I had failed as a parent.

If I could not control the situation when my child was this small how could I possibly be a good parent as she got older? I spoke to my doctor, to my family, and to other parents – everyone assured me that she would grow out of it. It was just a phase they said, while this may be true for some children, it was not true for mine.

“Sydera did not improve with time, in fact, her tantrums grew more and more violent. I tried everything –
time outs, taking away favorite toys, rewarding good behavior, following a strict schedule, extra attention – none of it worked. It wasn’t until I tried raw foods as a part of her diet that I saw any signs of promise. We cut out the processed sugar and gave her raw fruits and unheated honey. We replaced junk drinks with non-pasteurized raw apple juice. We substituted her old brand of milk for raw milk from a local farm. With each new change emerged a calmer, more alert little girl.

“Sydera is more patient and is not so quick to throw a tantrum. She is able to remain calm when she is upset and listen to reason instead of screaming at the top of her lungs until she gets put in her room. She talks about what she is feeling instead of resorting to an all out hitting, kicking, screaming fit. On the rare occasion that she experiences a moment, as we now call them, I can always trace the cause back to something that she ate. Thanks to the raw diet we spend less time in conflict and more time enjoying one another.

“For Chelsea, the move to raw food has been a relatively easy transition. She was a breast fed baby until she turned one year old. When she was weaned, she went straight to raw milk and ground sirloin. We noticed a change in her almost immediately following the introduction of raw foods into her diet. Chelsea had always been small for her age. Each visit to the pediatrician had the same result, she always measured below the 25th percentile for both height and weight in her age category. When she was nine months old our pediatrician prescribed an iron supplement for her because her iron level was too low.

When she was retested after three months there had been no change in her iron level. We were instructed to continue with the vitamins and have her retested again in three months. At this same time we began the raw diet. The results were almost instantaneous. Chelsea nearly doubled in size, finally reaching her ideal height and weight, her teeth began to come in, she began to walk, she stopped being sick all of the time, and even though we had decided not to continue with the iron supplements, her iron level reached a safe level on its own.

“Where we live in Connecticut it is relatively easy to obtain the raw foods that my family loves. I have learned that this is not the case in all states. On a trip to Indiana last Christmas I discovered that I could not purchase raw milk anywhere. I had not brought milk with us because I figured that I would certainly be able to purchase raw milk in Indiana. They have lots of dairy farms. I was wrong. I soon learned that farmers were afraid to sell raw milk because of repercussions they could face from the Board of Health. Chelsea cried for milk for days before I gave in and purchased a gallon of milk at a local grocery store. At first, Chelsea kind of looked at me as if to say, What is this? I want milk. But she drank it and so did I. That same night we were both violently ill, Chelsea more so than me. We both experienced vomiting and diarrhea. Poor Chelsea
vomited six times in her sleep. Her vomit looked and smelled like sour milk. Thank goodness she was in our
bedroom so we were able to hear her and get her up. I felt like I had a bad hangover, minus the alcohol. At first, I thought we had caught some type of bug all though I could not figure out why no one else was sick. There were six other people in the house and no one else was even the slightest bit ill. It was Christmas so we had visited tons of family members both the day before and the actual day that we got sick. No one else experienced even the slightest bit of what we had experienced.

“I could not figure it out until we went for a second visit 2 months later. This time I brought raw milk but when it ran out I bought another gallon of pasteurized milk at a local store and, after drinking it, Chelsea once again became ill. (I did not drink the milk this time.) It was the pasteurized milk!

“It has been four months since this experience and Chelsea is still afraid to drink raw milk. Once, she would eagerly accept a cup of raw milk, drink it down, and ask for more. Now she cries when we give her raw milk and will not drink it until we reassure her that we are giving her the Good milk. Other than this instance, things are going great for us with our raw food diet. We have all been healthier than ever. Before the diet, someone in the family would be at the doctor’s office at least once every six weeks (usually Chelsea), no one has been since we started eating raw foods. Chelsea has become our teacher. She eats whatever her body craves, often going straight for the raw meat, and is probably the healthiest person in our family because of it.
And a child shall lead…”

– Mrs. Mikel J. Theobald
Bloomfield, Connecticut

One thought to “Children Transition to Health and Calmness on Raw Food Primal Diet”

  1. As the author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves and a guide to hundreds of parents world wide, I want to first say that I eat the primal diet and advocate it to thousands of parents who seek my advice by phone and in teleclasses and workshops. I have no doubt that food and behavior are directly linked.
    But, I think we must be careful not to put it all on the food only as we might lose sight of other factors that are equally crucial. After all, millions of children grow up without behavioral issues even though they don’t eat the primal diet. And, yes, there are those who eat the diet, and have difficulties.
    How we parent makes a huge difference. In other words, the emotional diet is as crucial. In my experience, children who are fed organic food, no sugar, no processed food, even if some of it cooked, when well parented, behave well.
    I would love to support the mother who is sharing this particular story, as, with some skill, her child need not have any tantrums at all regardless of eating raw or cooked. Most of what she describes can be cured by communication skills and the tantrums and other difficulties will vanish even with cooked diet, but, not with sugar and additives.
    So it is a mix of both and I would suggest making the emotional “diet” as important. The raw diet is the best for raising a child who will be biologically focused, calm and receptive. But, we still need parenting skills without which, even with raw milk, meat and produce, the child can lose her emotional inner balance.
    With care,
    Naomi Aldort

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