CANDIDA is a yeast-like condition (detoxification) that eats little stagnant pools of blood that result from internal lesions caused by dryness and cracking of the tissues within the body. Candida fungus cleans the system by eating degenerated tissue damaged by accumulated cooked carbohydrate-based, adrenaline- or insulin-related chemicals. Candida is helpful and should have its cycle. The worst thing anyone can do if he or she wants to improve his or her health is to destroy Candida. Smoking puts a person at higher risk of developing Candida. If a person has a high adrenaline level and drinks alcohol, he or she is putting herself at great risk of developing Candida.

Symptoms: a somewhat pallid complexion, sensitive and swollen extremities, dry skin, extreme lethargy, critical attitude, a general dislike for people, and a tendency toward isolation.

Soft drinks with caffeine, salt, alcohol, smoke, coffee, teas, and aspirin are all poisonous because they overstimulate the adrenals and pancreas, causing excess adrenaline and insulin that spends fat, creating the dryness that causes lesions, the storage of volatile toxins in tissues, and disturbing blood sugar levels.

When experiencing extreme symptoms, eating half of a Nut Formula once daily in the afternoon for 3 days helps remove toxic adrenalin and insulin.

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