Better Eyesight at Age 63!

Dear Aajonus,
My eyesight has improved a lot, to the surprise of my optometrist. I hadn't had an exam for about 10 years and I also have had [spiritual counseling], which can improve it by removing mental mass. However, I have been nearsighted for 50 years, since age 12. My vision was last 1.75 and 1.75 in both.
Now it is 1.00 in right eye and 1.25 in left. Also, she says my eyes, optic nerve, etc., are in perfect health and that the numbers for glaucoma were very much on the low side. I don't think they expected that for a 63 year old. The office girl said she had only seen an improvement (didn't say how much--mine was huge) once in an Austrian lady who attributed it to lots of raw juices.
I do the Primal Diet about 90% but often cheat on the juices, and still am doing so well. I am now upping the discipline to 99%. (OK, I save an occasional dinner date. Ha.)
Do you remember the large tumor on my thyroid? Well, it never grew since I started the diet... Yesterday my chiro said it checks out benign when he tested it with muscle testing. I didn't know he was testing it so had no attention on it. He said that does not mean it wasn't cancerous at some point, but it is not now. I feel this is true. I'm also sure my eyes would not have improved if it was.
Just keeping you up to date on the great stuff as you certainly deserve all the feedback and successes. Yea!!
Love, Diane M.
Hollywood, Ca.

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