Avoiding heart disease with a raw food diet

[Monday, October 22, 2007]

My side of a story belongs on this blog. You will be hearing the other side of the story soon on this same blog. That there are two sides of the story does not mean this has been an argument, but there are definitely different points of view. I wish to remain anonymous by the way.

The story you will be hearing one of these days on this blog is from my wife. I will call her Molly.

The strength of her character is what makes this important to tell. Maybe some day I will write the book, but in a few seconds let me just say that she puts the word 'caring' in a whole new ballpark. I may be biased, but a complete stranger is not. A patient sharing a hospital room with her and only overhearing her conversations, later that day pleaded with the doctor to really take care of Molly well because she is somebody really special. In a nutshell, over Labor Day weekend on 2006 Molly went to the hospital because for three days she could not get out of bed or even stand. She was diagnosed at that time with advanced spinal cancer, based on the tumors in full view on an MRI.

Let me say right now that in my opinion, this could have been avoided. I say this with 20/20 hindsight in full view. If what I say enables anyone visiting this blog to avoid the same mistake we made, I will be glad.
The thing is, we had both read We Want To Live: the Primal Diet. We had both already benefited greatly from the work Aajonus has done. We should have known that he really has mapped out how to live without disease and there is no need to try other diets.

At the time we read the book (in 2001 or thereabouts) and Molly had a consultation with Aajonus, she was suffering from an illness only partially identified by an M.D. & heart specialist practicing in Beverly Hills (after a wrong diagnosis by an earlier M.D.). Aajonus spotted the (heart disease) problem easily during our consultation and he spotted what made the problem continue (inability to get a good night's sleep). He spotted these things not based on anything that we said, but through correct use of iridology. He told us the raw food diet details to enable Molly to reverse this disease. Within one year of following Aajonus' recommendations, Molly went from being a space case [where she couldn't climb stairs, would forget where she was heading when she got out of an elevator and so on] to her natural bright and intelligent state. She passed a physical exam by an M.D. with no trace of the former problem.

Right after this victory is where we made the mistake. She then went off Aajonus' recommendations a) she had solved the problem that had been so destructive before the raw food diet, b)because she didn't like the taste of some of the items on the menu (this was just before The Recipe for Living Without Disease came out, giving many many recipes for making food that is good for you also taste very good) and c) as apparently is the case with many good looking women, she was concerned about gaining weight.

Weight loss is the apparent goal of many diets offered these days. Molly selected one acclaimed weight loss diet, got the required check-up from her M.D. and started. She lost weight right away and continued to lose weight. Back problems began to creep into her life. This continued right up to the point where she ended up in the hospital diagnosed with cancer, over Labor Day weekend in 2006. Please understand there is no medical advice in anything I am saying; also, we are not naming the specific diet nor accusing them of intentional wrongdoing.

Now you will be able to follow her story, when it arrives on this blog, with an understanding of what happened before the diagnosis that brought her back to the raw food diet 100%.

One thought to “Avoiding heart disease with a raw food diet”

  1. At October 25, 2007 at 8:52:00 PM PDT, Clabe H. said…

    Hi, Jim, enjoyed your blog(s) a good way for individuals to hook up with the flow of information which identifies the raw food culture while inputing direct experience. It is ongoing and thus something that can be built upon. I envision a medium thru which we can all extend our personal outreaching, all served by the blogg technology.
    We all can touch new voices, and minds and dispel devil doubt.
    I also appreciate the hard work you have done. Many thanks and all the optimal best health to you and beautiful “Molly”.

    “Death loves us, always, never leaves us so life can always teach and grow us. We are always busy being born or busy dying.”
    (Bob Dylan)

    and both are good universal Karma as we live outside/inside prayer in humility. It was hard to be humble eating Kentucky Fried Mashed Potatos.
    Keep up the reality inspired, healing, with much esteem, Clabe

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