Antibiotics – Recovery From

Antibiotics - How to Pull Poisons From Your System

Question: I wanted to know any suggestions you might have since I had recent hospitalization with major surgery, and all this stuff, antibiotics, whatever else they put (a helicopter drowned out the rest of the question).

Aajonus: She asked, she just got out of surgery, a lot of chemicals, a lot of antibiotics, all of that. What can she do to get herself on the right track. Milk shakes and cheese, milk shakes and cheese, milk shakes and cheese, lots of eggs. So let’s say 2 milk shakes a day, and let’s say 8 to 10 eggs a day and one meat meal. Cheese every twenty minutes, just 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of cheese every 20 minutes. Keep absorbing the poisons. Have a train of the cheese going through. And a little bit of food at a time. Antibiotics destroy the digestive track first.

And remember we are 150 bacterial genes to every one human gene. We are not even 1 percent human. So antibiotic is one to the worst things you can give anybody when they are sick because they will not get well. They will stay in the diseased state and go more into a diseased state from antibiotics. So that’s the way to pull those poisons out of the system The mucus from the milk shakes will carry it out the mucus membranes.

Take hot, hot baths. You’ve got to wait 90 minute baths, 105 degrees.

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