ALZHEIMER'S disease is presenile dementia usually occurring in middle age and associated with sclerosis and nerve deterioration. The hardening is in the nerves of the brain that delineate motor impulses, preventing proper association with motor commands. In advanced cases, hardening has extended to ganglia, disrupting sensory as well as motor response patterns. Alzheimer's is mainly the result of low blood protein levels over long periods, such as in vegetarianism or fruitarianism, or in someone who lacks enzyme-mutations for digesting and assimilating cooked or processed protein, or lacks enzyme-mutations for digesting and assimilating cooked or processed sugar, forming calcification along nerves, which erodes nerve tissue. Another factor that causes Alzheimer’s is accumulated aluminum from vaccines, canned food and beverages, aluminum cook-wear and chemtrails.
Aluminum destroys Zeta Potential causing high sediment in blood and neuro-serums and excessive clotting. That often causes hardening and scarring in the brain.

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