About Aajonus: Primal Dieters Give Feedback

Did Aajonus leave us more information than in his books? What about his continuing research?

In the words of one person on the Primal Diet:

“Aajonus is often coming up with changes to protocol, formulas, preparations etc which he talks about at PotLucks etc. It would be great if these would be included in his newsletters for everyone to peruse. eg. Aa changed the tooth clay formula, with AC vinegar used only 1X a week instead of every night. He seems to recommend less red meat now, with fish and then chicken taking preference. PD's in other parts of the world do not get these snippets of information so readily

Feedback about Aajonus and the Primal Diet from about 100 people on the Primal Diet

What health challenges were you facing before the Primal Diet?

Ulcerative colitis, candida, liver hepatitis, mercury poisoning, cancer

chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, pain,

no major health issues

allergies, energy swings, digestive problems, low weight

medical called it venous insufficiency, Aajonus said lymphatic congestion

depression, underweight, undernourished

depressed liver, no immunity, low energy levels, vision loss, poor endurance, slow healing

digestion issues, underweight, hormone imbalances

joint discomfort, menstrual cramps

unable to digest most foods

chronic pain in lower back, depression, low energy, mental fogginess, metal poisoning

confusion, poor concentration, memory problems, fatigue & low energy, depression

diagnosed with depression, ADHD, leaky gut, IBS. antral gastritis

general weakening,

blocked arteries, indigestion, wrinkles

depression, anxiety,kidney stone, heart arythmia

arthritis, psoriasis

sinusitis, easily catch cold

poor digestion and elimination, excessive fungus, low energy, little stamina

shortness of breath, aspergers, brain fogging, short attention span

onset of multiple sclerosis

aging, joint wear due to old injuries


chronic obstructive lung disease, heavy metal toxicity, osteoporosis, lymphatic congestion,

circulation problems

stomach cancer, kidney malfunction

IBS (15 years), [I suffered from Irrital Bowel Syndrome for over 15 Years. I spent thousands of dollars seeking help from the medical and holistic Dr.'s with no help. Withiin 6 months of following the primal diet I was free of all symptoms and experiancing normal bowl function. ]

indigestion, declining vitality

underweight, bone and joint pain

IBS, mineral deficiencies, acne, dry skin, periodontal disease

systemic muscle cramping, endocrine burn out, nervous system exhaustion, low body weight,

muscular twitching and spasming, digestive distress

multiple sclerosis, extremely low energy

dizzy spells

hypoglycemia, lack of energy


aches and pains from aging


digestion problems and acne


brain tumor

cancer, asthma, adrenal and thyroid disease

backaches, hot flashes, gum disease, cold hands feet and nose, heart palpitations

fibroids, PMS, bad digestion, insomnia

certain death! Severe anemia, degeneration of my internal organs, poor lab counts, tired, brain fog,

loss of muscle tissue, way underweight

Crohn's disease

contact dermatitis, sluggish lymph systemic

stomach ailments, overacidity, exhaustion, high blood pressure

angina, high blood pressure, constipation/diarrhea, heart palpitations, non-functioning liver and pancreas, digestion problems, glandular misfunction, memory loss,

had bypass surgery, was nearly dead

allergies, low energy, poor blood circulation, body pain, sadness, anxiety, insomnia

catatonic, had scoliosis


fatigue, lymphoma

asthma, low energy, poor memory

severe or chronic tiredness, indigestion of meat, protein deficiency, mental difficulties

allergies, dry skin, digestive problems

rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac problems

thyroid tumor, nervous conditions, allergies

no energy, muscle weakness, pain in joints and muscles, bad digestion, depression, insomnia

multiple sclerosis

cancer, hypothyroid

wife's diabetes

aging wear and tear

hormonal system problems, stomach pain, fatigue, bad eye sight, allergies, frequent colds,

frequent laryntigis

chronic fatigue, fybromyalgia, Reynard's syndrome, chronic anemia, digestive disturbances

chest and joint pain

weight control, diabetes, high blood pressure

digestive difficulties, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiac arrythmia

persistent fatigue, weakness and aching in both legs, underweight, frequent chills

general aging, foggy mind, dental issues

extreme hyperactivity,

bladder and kidney/urethra infections, sleep problems

I just felt something wasn't right with eating so many chemicals and that eventually landed me with this diet after several years on a vegan diet then 9 months on a raw vegan diet, of which i was starving and i realized something wasn't right with it so i searched caveman diet and eventually came across we want to live book.

Symptoms of aging

reactions to foods, not happy with my diet

chronic fatigue, bad digestion, pain

not feeling content or at peace within

bad digestion, yeast infection, tiredness

multiple sclerosis

Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome - Seborrheic Dermatitis - Panic/Anxiety attacks Note: Not fully on diet yet (cooked conventional meats + broth), but have been following all basic principles outlined in books including all other foods raw.

Underweight, overemotional

chronic bladder infection, asthma, vaccine poisoning

chronic constipation, CFS

Mental and physical fatigue, increasing fatigue, mental fog and heaviness (feeling poorly) after each meal, severe foot pain, overall weakness, anxiety, constantly searching for the truth about how to nourish my body for optimal health.

Wanted to learn more about nutrition

blood pressure, frequent colds and flu, cold sores

Dry skin, low energy, feeling badly after I ate almost anything. Distracted by thoughts that I was unhealthy because my body is overweight.

Osteoporosis, psoriasis, urination problems, hop pain, dental decay, constipation

muscle cramps and diarrhea, general disintegration from aging

depression, lethargy, hopelessness, frequent urination - getting up 2-3 times a night, sometimes waiting 5 min just to have a drop or two come out.

Gas and not the best digestion

digestive problems

Exposure to chemical toxins and severe emotional and physical stress. I had already been completely off cooked meat, pasteurized dairy, sugar, salt and pharmaceuticals for years. The introduction of raw meat and re-introduction of raw dairy (as it became available again) has helped me deal with these challenges

nothing severe – just eating more than necessary to try to get all the nutrition my body needs

Do Aajonus' integrity and strength of character provide you with inspiration to deal with your own challenges? If so, in what ways?

Yes, I only really trust advice from people that have already accomplished what I wish to accomplish.

Aajonus' information and presentations have given me a means to finally start to heal myself physically after decades of attempts with Natural Health approaches that do help - but were not enough. I believe Aajonus does have integrity and strength of character - and I admire his courage, commitment and tenaciy. His initiatives provide me with leadership and vision and help me to have the courage to listen to my body and find what works for me. His story; his research, knowledge and success (and that of our local Primal Diet group) has inspired me and given me a better path to follow. Clear, informed, experienced, independent voices are so necessary to break the Vice Grip of Corporate Mis-Information and Monopoly that is now pervasive. I love the fact that he goes to the source and identifies/ corrects inaccuracies and manipulations of the truth - eg - Pasteur's final conclusions, actual figures from the Public Health Records on outbreaks from Raw versus Pasteurized Milk back in the early 1900's. ON THE OTHER SIDE: His information is incredibly helpful but I would find it even more helpful if he could provide a little more information in the way of Annotated References for some of the information he presents. What school of Nutrition does his Doctorate come from? What lab does he use for testing samples? The source of the Electron Microscopic pictures of Vit B and Vit C. A Bibliography of his sources would give his readers better assurances on where he gets his information from - and a way of looking into things further for themselves. I appreciate it when he notes his sources in speaking/ text presentations. I find it disturbing when he grotesquely sensationalizes Primal Diet and feeds people's horror. It turns people against him and his ideas. I would like to have had him organize his presentations on the DVD Set so that basic information is presented on the first two Discs and the most sensational information on High Meat and Parasites and some of the Germ theory were presented on the third disc as Advanced Forms of Primal Diet and be sure to quote the incredible information he has to support these approaches - and of course give reliable sources and references. One Staffer in a local Health Food Store/ Vitamin Shop where I have praised my progress on Primal Diet fairly often - was incredibly angry with you for the sensationalizing of these parts of the Primal Diet on TV. She and others were convinced you were totally unreliable, despite other convincing information you present. It pushes new people over the brink and totally turns them off. They stop listening. I explained what I knew of your supporting information and time with indigenous people's who use High Meat very successfully etc - and she was somewhat reassurred. Tricky - I know.

Yes, as he appears to be in it to help others, not solely for financial gain.

His common sense approach & full explanations of why.

No, for I already have integrity and strength of character.

He's out there making ground breaking reseach for people to observe and understand. Love his directness and passion

amazing role model, very supportive and calmiing during difficult detox states

I applaud his fervor to educate the masses.

Mostly in standing for good food choices.

I believe Aajonus is a true angel

Yes, positively, Jim!

Absolutely. To me, he's a warrior of the most sacred kind; on the front line...selfless. His teachings of the symbiotic relationship we share with bacteria, virus, fungus, and other so-called 'parasites' have quite literally liberated me from fear, worry, and even GUILT. There are no words for how profoundly this has impacted my life.

Yes. It is kinda funny in the following sense. If you have ever seen the movie "conspiracy theory"then you see a character who is apparently so paranoid to an extreme - you think he is crazy and try to easily discount or discard his vision of the world. Yet, as the movie goes on, you see the pure truth (NOT paranoia) of it all and realize how many factors are involved in keeping the public disillusioned. Aajonus is like that as well. Do I like the fact that the diet is "socially unacceptable", difficult to obtain pure ingredients, and time consuming to prepare because it is not readily available? No. But I cannot argue the truth of it - My body is responding like I have never experienced before. THe strength of character and integrity of his research do inspire me to continue. Why would I want to compromise my vitality? How can I coordinate my investment protfolio so that Monsanto, pharmacueticals and oil compaines are not recieving ANY support from me? Where do friends of mine turn when they wish to begin farming the way it is supposed to operate? Where is the market for them (how do they find it)? There are so many ways change is needed. how do we make sense of it all and create an organized, methodical solution to the "health care" crisis and the overload of toxins in our environment?

Knowing Aajonus had/or has digestive problems and who had diabetes and cancer. This is what really challenges me to be more conscious now what I’m eating for a more healthy solution vs. just taking vitamins that do not really work or help. Now having so many issues after a CT scan in June 2009 and painful gastritis in November 2009. With Aajonus information I realized now I’m lacking fat in my body and my digestion doesn’t help me from eating cook food. The fear there is out there about fats is confusing? Now I’ m beginning to differentiate and realize the need to have more raw fat for healing. I do not trust doctors I been screw with tranquillizers had nerves breakdown at 21. And a total of 9 electro shots and a major car accident with fracture in my spine and ankles and broken nose. I really have a big challenge for my health and brain love.

Most definitely. It helps me to be stronger in doing the things that I think are best for me, even if others think differently.

I think what he says makes alot of sense, but I find it hard to follow it completely since I have a husband and two teenagers. This would be a very radical change for them.

Yes, Examples always help.

Yes. He does not want to sell me anything.

Perhaps, but it's much more powerful when it works on me!

I do not know him well enough to judge such things, but I like the image presented. The story is inspiring, but I need real healing, not just motivation.

Yes, Aajonus's consistency and courage inspire me to do the same for myself and to educate and encourage others.

Yes, however I have a friend who has met with and implemented AV's information and personal advice. He has commented on hearing AV's stories several times, often with different versions of the same story? Suggestion might be to invest less time on the stories for folks who are coming to AV's speaking sessions several times and focus on remedies more. How about a blog or users group?

His story is an interesting one. I would like to read of others that are doing the diet and how they are progressing. Anecdotal evidence is fine, as it leads to more rigorous testing later. What Aajonus talks about makes a lot of sense. What I like about Aajonus is that he comes across as a regular guy on his DVDs, not as some holier than thou sort of individual, and this adds to his credibility as far as I am concerned.

I now question everything

To reassure that I will find the answer eventually.Keep on keeping on with the diet even in very difficult times.

yes, I have seen him in Nevada City twice i was impressed by his clarity, and confidence. his answers to many of questions had me reconsider many of my ideas around diet



Yes and no. Yes because Aajonus has great conviction of his offerings through his integrity to find the truth about nutrition. No, because he fails to consider the other human life issues as part of one's nutritional deficiencies. Many people are quite weak in character and those who are stong in character can psychologically bully others. If Aajonus could practice more sensitivety without lossing any of his integrity it may help more people and scientists to embrace his convictions.

Yes, he is a role model for complete commitment to the diet, and to healing. Also, he has been correct almost all of the time with my health issues, and so now I trust him implicitly with what he advises, and with his interpretations.

His past history, and his continuing story give me hope that I to can have heath till death!

it is Aajonus that is the inspiration

Knowing that Aajonus has come so far and endured so much in his journey towards health inspires me to stick with it when the going gets tough.

Yes, Aajonus is a rock star!!!

Yes indeed. I know what Aajonus went thought, not an easy task to face. Aajonus journey is an inspiration, his faith and desire to live and win on all fronts when faced with adversity is what helped me face our inadequate medical system. He gave me courage to face my family and all doctors, I affirmed that my reality was indeed greater than anyone else. Thanks to Aajonus.

yes, it seems he is the real thing.

I appreciate his direct, no nonsense and healthgiving approach to staying healthy, backed by his research.

Recently I have had surgeries on my teeth (extractions, ceramic implants) without post-op pain killers or antibiotics -- Aajonus told me about the myth of antibiotics, which gave me the strength to refuse them.

I can relate on a personal level and relate for my clients/campers inspires me to continue even during very uncomfortable detox symptoms and to inspire my campers to continue

Yes! He was given how many days to live because of how many different reasons? Aajonus' life experiences show us all that it's never too late.

Yes, he searched for truth which inspires me to search for the truth. He's one in a million+ people; like Michael Crichton. Too bad Michael Crichton did not live longer...

The courage to know the body can heal itself

Yes. He's a good model.

Do you like it better when Aajonus answers theoretical questions or practical down-to-earth questions?

90% answered Yes    [Also click here to see this page.]

On a scale of 1-5, (1 being no value, 5 being extreme value) how would you rate the value of the Primal Diet in your own personal life?

70 % answered 5

Aajonus is often coming up with changes to protocol, formulas, preparations etc which he talks about at PotLucks etc. It would be great if these would be included in his newsletters for everyone to peruse. eg. Aa changed the tooth clay formula, with AC vinegar used only 1X a week instead of every night. He seems to recommend less red meat now, with fish and then chicken taking preference. PD's in other parts of the world do not get these snippets of information so readily

The primal diet has saved my life.

I would like to know more about what he is up to lately, such as recent and ongoing studies or experiments, travel stories or maybe some inspiring stories about patients he has counseled lately.

I was born premature, had scarlet fever at the age of three, and many other serious health problems all my life, until I was nearly dead at the age of 65. After following Aajonus' diet for six months more than half of the symptoms described above had abated and now at 78 I am in better health than I have ever been.


On a physiological level, Aajonus is a genius with his research and I'd say his nutritional approach saved my life and also extended the years of my life no doubt.

I value mostly: -to be able to eliminate germofobia -to get proof and evidence why raw food works -to be able to look back to my vegeterian years knowing how much I've done and learned - to get good no-b.s. info on vaccines

I am most grateful to Aajonus for continuing to make this profound yet difficult-to-find information available to people. His work has been pivotal for me as I regain my health, including restoring the strength of my teeth and bones. I have recommended the Primal Diet to several people with serious illnesses who have benefited by making various levels of commitment to it. I feel most fortunate to have discovered Aajonus' work when I did.

Half the people surveyed are on the diet between 70% and 99%

another survey

 Do you have one or more questions about your personal health or health of your family or friends that you would have asked Aajonus if you had the chance?

70% said Yes

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