Aajonus on Autism Recovery and Heart Attacks

Autistic Child Recovered Fully

I have a client in Sweden - brought to me at 3 years old - who was completely autistic. That was his life. Now he is in school and functioning completely at 6 years old. This was the fastest-ever-recovering one ever because this parent did what I asked. I asked to feed him a moldy raspberry along with the diet every day. And she did it. The child repaired faster than any other child.

All of the children on this diet recover slowly in 6 or 7 years but this child recovered completely in 3 years because that mother bothered to make the moldy raspberries and give him one a day. It makes all the difference in the world. That fungus turns into a mycelium in the body and can attach and break down the mercury and aluminum combination, the formaldehyde, the ether and all the other things that are in there. It can actually break down that tissue attached to those minerals and remove it from the system.

So the child's brain was able to heal. Can you imagine in three years, having a child that is like this? Do you think he is going to be like that forever? ...talking, eating, going to school… everything, beautifully.  Now the medical profession will never achieve that.

Aajonus’s Personal Experience With Heart Attacks

They will never achieve that because they are responsible for causing it, [see the full transcript]. And they did it with me. So when I got my third polio vaccine at 15 1/2, it gave me juvenile diabetes; it stopped my pancreas from working, because of the toxins stored in there, and stored in my heart giving me angina pectoris and muscle spasms in and around the heart. So I had 300 heart attacks between the age of 15 1/2 and 22 - sometimes three a week.

They would see me at school, grabbing my chest, dropping my arm and passing out. They rushed me to the hospital. Now the doctors don't look for any cause that could be chemical. They looked - at that time especially - for congenital heart malformation or congestive heart failure. So, they had a lot of plaque on my arteries.

I didn't have either so they told my parents my heart attacks were all in my head. Here you've got a retarded child who comes up with the idea of having heart attacks (?) ... and I can fake them that well that I can actually go unconscious (?). You have to think about these doctors' mentality. They are in denial, constantly. So here I started shooting up with insulin at 15 1/2 and having heart attacks. And that went on all the way up to 22…

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