Aajonus in person or on the radio

Aajonus is available for personal consultations in Los Angeles/Malibu on May 27th and 28th

May 29th - Primal Diet Potluck in San Diego/Carlsbad, California
1 PM for the potluck, 2:30 for the question and answer period.
For info, contact Liza Szabo at 760-603-9642.


From Highway 5 San Diego or Los Angeles
Highway 5 to Poinsettia Exit

Go East approx. 2 miles to top of hill
Turn right on Black Rail Road (by the water tanks)
Go I block to First Left onto Corte Orchidia
Go almost to the end of Cul De Sac on your right

>From the East
Take Aviara Parkway West to Black Rail Road
Turn Right or North on Black Rail Road
Go to Corte Orchidia and Turn Right

Alga Road from Rancho Sante Fe Road turns into Aviara if you are coming inland
Eventually Poinsettia will be opened up all the way from El Camino Real and you can take Poinsettia
to Black Rail when construction is complete

June 4th, Primal Diet Workshop in Chicago, Illinois
Noon - 1 PM Free Lecture
1-7 PM, approx. lecture and workshop

June 5 - 8, private consultations in Chicago, Illinois
Contact Sheri at (630)257-9092
Location: St. John the Baptist Parish Activity Center
13847 South Bell Road, Homer Glen, Illinois 60491

June 11th, Primal Diet
Workshop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

June 12th and 13th, private consultations in Toronto, Ontario
Contact Rasha at healerdeal@hotmail.com or 647-781-1408.

Location: Harbourfront Community Centre, 627 Queens Quay Wesst, Toronto, Ontario

June 18th, Primal Diet Workshop in West Palm Beach, Florida
June 19th, 20th and 21st, private consultations in West Palm Beach, Florida

Contact Jeremie at 561-504-9447 or jeremie096@gmail.com

Location: BM Organics Natural Family Living (address to be shown here soon)

June 26th Primal Diet Potluck in Los Angeles, California (coastal area)
Details to be announced here.

Here is what to expect at potlucks, free lectures, paid workshops and individual consultations.

A potluck is a potluck party in someone's home, a chance to meet others on the diet, share recipes or just plain party. This is followed by a 2 hour question and answer period for those who wish to stay and pay $35 to participate. Potlucks only occur in southern California due to demands on the author's time. There may be up to six per year.

Free lecture - no hype or products; just the truth about pure, whole foods and what they can do for you, regardless of your current condition. These usually run about one hour.

Paid workshop - coverage of topics of importance to those attending. Aajonus'current agenda includes a 5-6 hour coverage (can be longer) of Aajonus speaking about the proper functions of the circulatory, digestive, lymphatic and neurological systems.
Other topics include: detoxification, vaccines, and "germs" like parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses. He will also speak about what happens to food when it is cooked; and give suggestions of how much and when to eat fat, protein and carbohydrates. Cost $95.

An Individual Consult
includes iridology, glandular analyses and very detailed, personalized food recommendations. Aajonus has perfected the technique of iridology over the last 35 years to aid him in evaluating conditions in the deepest areas of the body. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue in the body by way of
the nervous system. Iridology allows Aajonus to access information about the body non-invasively that would normally be very difficult to obtain. Reading Aajonus' book, We Want to Live , is a pre-requisite for an Individual Consult. The book can be purchased by clicking here. An Individual Consult lasts approximately 70 minutes and costs $385. Cash or checks accepted only.

Mini-consults in which Aajonus analyzes each person's glands and recommends particular foods s/he could eat to speed better health: additional $40; done immediately after the Workshop for all present to see and learn from.


If you are interested in presenting a Primal Diet workshop in your area, please arrange the following:* Provide a space and approximately 30 people at $85 each for 5 to 7-hours workshop.
Attendees may receive a mini appraisal to determine food-needs appropriate for each individual for an additional $40.
This is done in the presence of everyone so that all present may gain from the info. Provide a minimum of 10 people for Initial Personal Consults ($385 each).
*Or provide 65 people for the workshop but no Individual Consults.

Individuals obtaining Individual Consults and attending the Workshop do not receive a mini-consult at the workshop.
They receive it during their personal consults as part of their full consult.

The person arranging the workshop will receive in exchange a) admittance to the live workshop and b) an Individual Consult without charge. If several people are responsible for producing the events, $485 credit toward consults is divided by the number of responsible people producing the events. If a greater number of people attend and receive consults than the minimum,the ratio of credit divided between producers is increased proportionately.
Free Lecture starts at 11 am or noon and lasts for 60 minutes.
Workshop ($95 each) starts at 12:15 or 1:15 pm and lasts 4-6 hours depending on number of people receiving mini-consults. Maximum of 12 people for mini-consults at $40 each.
People wanting to attend Workshop but not receive mini-consult pay $95; no maximum of people for workshop except room capacity. I conduct consults on the day(s) following the workshop. I can do 10 consults per day over a 13-hours period.
If anyone calls for an appoint who has had a full-consult with me, the cost of a follow-up is $315.
Follow-ups cannot be included in the 10-minimum full-consult requirement stated above.
Attached Nutritional Consult sheet and Request For Advice form are to be given to each individual receiving an Inperson-consult.
Attending the workshop removes the requirement of reading my book We Want To Live. Please begin scheduling consults at 8:15 AM. Full first-time consults require 70 minutes but schedule 75 minutes for first-time consults.
Follow-up consults require 55 minutes but schedule 60 minutes for follow-up consults.

After scheduling every 4 consults, schedule an hour break for me. Schedule all consults on day following workshop if less than 10 consults.

Thank you!


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