Aajonus: Body Fat Protects You From Toxicity

Fats are the main nutrient needed in a toxic world

...and we are living in a very very toxic world.

The reason for that is the body looks for fat to bind with poisons. Wherever fat is found in the body, the body will store its toxins. So if you are skinny, the body is going to find those fats inside cells instead of outside cells so it is going to damage the cells. Also if you are thin, its going to look for it in two places where everybody has a lot of fat: in the brain/nervous system and in the bone marrow.

The brain is pretty important

... and the bone marrow is where the red and white blood cells divide and mature; once they mature, they enter the blood stream. So your possible energy will be depleted by toxicity stored in the main bone marrow. You do need excess fat. A thin person is not a strong person and is not a protected person.

Just to give you an idea, about ten years ago someone came to me who was only about 18 to 20 pounds overweight and I did his irises*. His skin looked like it had years of drugs - very thick, very calloused, very pock-marked - and the body throws 90 % of its toxins out the skin normally. If you have waxy plastic fats from oils that you consume, it will block that and your skin will not discharge it and then it will stay in the body.

... even bad fat will protect you

And through his eyes* - the inside of his body - looked like he was about 28 or 30 years old yet he was in his mid-50s. So I said 'Are you from this planet?'. I said 'I can see you've done drugs and alcohol for at least 25 years' and he said '30'. And I said his skin had this kind of make-up inside - nobody can get over this much damage without being tremendously fat. He said 'Oh, 3 months ago, before I went on your diet, I was 300 pounds'. So he took off 120 pounds. So, even bad fat will protect you. With no fat, the poisons are going to go into the cells looking for the fat in the brain and bone marrow.

[*When Aajonus talks about “I did his iris” and "And his eyes", he is talking about iridology. Aajonus trained himself to see what is going on in your body by viewing closely the iris of your eyes. Aajonus was a master at this and was unique and totally gifted].

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