Aajonus – Answers Questions on Various Subjects

Aajonus - Collected Audio Recordings - a sampling of subjects

in seven of the 73 recorded Q&As

January 9, 2011, the first half, includes these subjects:

Dead cells in your skin – moles, warts, tumors, even freckles or liver spots – how to dissolve them naturally.

Should I rinse after a lymphatic bath?

More about minimizing EMFs while driving a hybrid or electric vehicle

What food and how long before strenuous exercise.

Highest concentration of minerals in a food

What assists digestion?

What are cramps, how to handle…

What to drink rather than water

Macular degeneration

Is it OK to freeze meat?

Beginning to have cataracts

Safe mixture to get rid of plastics locked inside your body.

Why Aajonus likes Gerolsteiner mineral water

How to determine how much vegetable juice is good for you.

Handling enlarged prostate gland

What to do about the price of food continuing to go up.

Details of the need to put Aajonus recommended ingredients in bath water.

Whole house water purification details and sequence

Removal of amalgam mercury fillings

The Q&A of March 11, 2011 includes

how to digest all kinds of meat better

the value of singing

formula for solvent removal

handling EMFs in electric vehicles

how to use moist clay and why

how to improve digestion of raw milk and raw milk products.

In the Q&A of May 20, 2012 answers questions, gives remedies and amazing info such as:

a common cleaning product that is one of the most toxic of household substances

what to do about damaged tissue in the spine

what to eat to get digestion moving

what to do about eyesight getting worse… (besides butter/egg white)

fast simple handling for low energy

what helps mend bone?

Correct handling of thyroid

role and limitation of hormones

What is asthma, long term and permanent handling

Where in the head is a headache?

What fruits are OK with some cheese, and why others are not

What will regenerate hair follicles?

What would Aajonus do when the word he is trying to think of eludes him?

How would he raise his blood sugar?

Where would one look for farmland in California?

Details of making high meat faster…

A spectacular instance of high meat making someone “happy, funny, charming, everything. … changed his life just like that.”

The first thing to eat in the morning

How to feed your brain and nervous system

How to incite longevity and health

Sources of African scares

In what circumstance are fluorescent lights OK? ... and much more.


In the Q&A of October 14, 2012, here are some of the subjects covered:
a fantastic meat sauce recipe in detail.
Ingredient that may diminish effects of a stroke
Lots of data about teeth
Re-iteration of uses of cheese
More detail about the purpose and need for lymphatic baths.  Some examples of the detox of crystals.
"Eyes use more red meat, the ears use red meat, but the brain itself uses more white meat."  Who would have guessed?
Handling an inflamed and swollen toe.

In Q&A of May 27th, 2012, here are some of the subjects covered:

Three types of bacteria and a sketch of what each does.

What stem cell therapy is in a nutshell along with an example.

How long should healthy humans live?

A simple analogy of the need for lymphatic baths

More data about ingredients for a lymphatic bath

Glandular food and exercise for women to grow larger breasts

Also how to reduce the size of breasts if that is what you want

Many details about digestion – what various organs do

What to do about a toxic brain

The only way coconut oil can be cold pressed below 96 degrees

Maximum amount of olive oil in a day

What is a good parasite?

Natural shaving cream

Details of coffee and adrenaline

What feeds the brain and nervous system well?

Timing of meat meal, cheese then re-mineralizing cheese with honey

What makes some people so susceptible to poison oak/poison ivy?  General first aid    for it

Why animal fat has more food value than vegetable fat

Pros and cons of lemonade

Example of harm from too many supplements And much much more!

In the Q&A session of February 1, 2004,  find answers to questions such as these:

In what cases should children drink green juice?

In what cases should children not drink green juice?

What is carpal tunnel, really?

Why is juice good for us rather than raw vegetables?

Is mucus helpful?  If so, how do you build it up?

If you have fruit with white meat, what other food is essential to have with it?

With what would you eat eggs if you wanted the eggs to act as a solvent?

What food is your best solvent?  How can I graphically see that is the case?

What part of the body has the most (and most lethal) toxins?

When is virus the problem?

Who needs exercise and who doesn't?

How to maintain muscle tone even if you don't work out

A remedy for constipation that you only need to do once. What is a good alternative if you don't want to do that? ...

Did you ever wonder why put salt and milk in bathwater?

Did you wonder about the timing of cheese then a meat meal - how that fits in with the regular cycles of your body?

He gives eye remedies, data about travel & staying on the Primal Diet,

what will create hydrochloric acid for digestion.

In the Q&A of May 29th, answers include:
How The Right to Choose Healthy Food works
Clicking in your ears
Why is handling the lymphatic system so important to my health?
Why not cooked food?  A simple easily understood reason
More details about Aajonus’ abduction and injection in 2009
What is the main problem with disease?
What are allergies and asthma?  How do I deal with it?
The best way to use a cell phone with minimal damage to you
How to gently get rid of a mole on your face
Sea food details
What are mushrooms?  What do they do?
When and how to eat cheese for optimum health
Dealing with adrenaline especially at bed time
In another Q&A, some of the answers include:
diminishing EMFs in hybrid & electric cars
other data about EMFs
carpal tunnel  -  the real cause
coaching someone on  the weight loss diet
quenching thirst
about water, including Gerolsteiner
keeping cool in a hot bath
info about teeth & dental treatments
Aajonus' plan for a clinic
so much more...


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  1. Hello! I wanted to order some of your products ($150.00 recordings), had question about them, called your phone #866 736 8503, but some different (computer company) customer service answered… How do I contact you? Thank you! Tamara.

    1. Hello, Tamara! By now we have spoken on the phone. I am ready to email you Aajonus’ report of producers and distributors; I need your email address so I will call you Saturday afternoon.

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    I’m confused on how much of these are included in the subscription service. Just transcripts of the recordings, or the actual recordings, or just some of each, or…?
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    1. Hello! We have about 27 of the Q&As transcribed and a few Primal Diet workshops, including the very last one (June 22, 2013) which is a good update on a lot of subjects. Transcribing is a very time consuming activity. These transcripts can be searched quickly and easily for any topic that interests you. Aajonus – Collected Audio Recordings has about 120 different recordings altogether.

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