We Want To Live – The First 5 Chapters

Out of the Grips of Disease and Death

Chapter 1

Friday, September 26th
“Hi, Mom,” I say groggily. “Are you okay? We usually talk on
I peer through the curtains above my bed. It’s a clear early morning in
Beverly Hills, California. I wonder what in the world - or in Cincinnati
- happened to get Mom to call on day rates.
“Jeff was in an accident.”
“How bad?”
“His car went into a ravine and he suffered severe brain damage. He’s
in a coma.”
“No... I’ll be on the next flight.”
“The doctors say he won’t live through another night,” she hesitates.
“There’s no point in your coming...until it’s over.”
Why would Mom say such a thing? “If there’s anything I can do I
want to be there.”
“Mary doesn’t want you here.”
“She actually said that?”
“She told me to tell you not to come.”
“If Mary and I could have done what each other wanted we’d still be
married. I’ll call you as soon as I’ve booked a flight.”
“Okay. We’ll pick you up at the airport.”
“Thank you. I love you.”
“I love you,” she replies sincerely and hangs up.
Oh, my God, I’m going to have to face the helplessness I felt when
Jeff was an infant and I was seventeen. And the divorce with Mary at
nineteen. I feel delirious.
I flip open my personal phone directory and punch in the numbers.
The lines are busy. A recorded voice answers. I check my pulse rate.
It’s faster. Although my heart and mind seem a little frenzied, I notice
my adrenals haven’t triggered panic in my body. Is my body protecting
me from the inevitable? Can’t death just leave me alone?
I won’t spend energy on that probability. Okay. Jeff will need lots
“This is Cyndi, may I help you?”
O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 9
“Hi, Cyndi, what is your next flight leaving L.A.X. to Cincinnati?
This is a life-and-death emergency.”
I wonder how corny that sounds and how often she’s heard that line.
“My son’s been in an accident.”
“I’m sorry,” she says timidly.
I hear her computer keys clicking away. I drift into memory.
Jeff was one month old. He had my blue eyes and my fairness when I
was his age with many of Mary’s facial features. Mary sat in the rocker
holding Jeff in her arms. Her thick, dark brown, wavy hair folded on to
her shoulders. Her large brown eyes and full lips are flanked by high
full cheek bones and jowls. Mary and Jeff rocked. He screamed. He
pushed and twisted his face into the blouse covering Mary’s breast. His
scream pressed his lungs completely void of air, creating a vacuum.
Then he desperately sucked in air as if suffocating. He released another
blood-curdling scream and then gasped for air. He screamed again and
again. Grieved and frustrated, Mary and I didn’t know what to do for
“I’m still searching,” Cyndi’s voice rescues me.
But my thoughts keep churning. I remember Jeff screaming for hours,
night after night. I turn my thoughts to life right after Jeff’s conception.
Like normal teenagers in love, Mary and I adored each other. She was
a senior at Finneytown High and I was a junior (she was older than I).
Our parents were understanding and supportive, which surprised me at
the time. We married in another state and hid it from everybody
because the school didn’t allow married or pregnant students. Mary did
sit-ups, wore sweaters and blouses that hung to hide her pregnancy. She
graduated with honors in her sixth month. Within four weeks after that
her stomach bulged to the size of a basketball.
Jeff was born the first week of my senior year. Surprisingly, the school
faculty changed policy for me. They encouraged me to attend as a part-
time student, allowing me to take only the courses necessary to
graduate so I could work and tend to my family. Very little in my life
was happy until I met Mary more than two years before Jeff was born.
All of a sudden, encouragement came from everywhere.
Margaret, Mary’s mother, took care of Jeff while I was in school and
Mary was at work. Margaret was strong, fun-loving, attractive and had
reddish-blond hair. She hated to be called a redhead. Why, I still don’t
Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
know. After school I’d get Jeff from Margaret. Jeff and I went home to
our apartment in a lower middle-class suburb at a very small business
intersection. We lived above a “Family Billiards” hall and I remember
being comforted by the happy noises of people playing.
After settling Jeff, I’d usually prepare dinner for the three of us. I’d
gobble down my share and rush off to work the moment Mary walked
in the door from work. She was a prized secretary for the electric
company. I breaded and fried chicken and French fries in a short-order
I got home from work between twelve and one in the morning. Mary
was often asleep in the rocker with Jeff fussing or asleep in her arms.
I’d take over, hold him in my arms and rock. On a rare occasion I did
some homework while I rocked him. Sometimes we alternated in one-
to two-hour shifts, rocking Jeff through the night.
Everybody except Margaret insisted we were spoiling him. Fear of
spoiling a child was the mindset back then. So several times we let him
cry in his crib. One time he screamed for six-and-a-half hours until we
picked him up. We knew his pain was more than a need to be cuddled.
We discovered our baby had severe colic. We gave him baby aspirin.
They made him worse when the effects wore off. The doctors
prescribed every infant milk formula on the market. None worked.
Everything the doctors said and did did not help him. I wish we had
known then that if a mother is on a healthy diet, breast-feeding would
have resolved the problem.
The doctors steered us away from breast-feeding. The consciousness
seemed to be that breast-feeding was unsanitary, primitive and
disgusting. Consequently Jeff suffered for twelve months. We suffered
with him. It stopped for no apparent reason.1
“The first available flight is 11 a.m. tomorrow,” Cyndi’s voice snaps
me back.
“Who’s going to Cincinnati in late September?!”
“You, sir,” she quips.
I asked for that. “Please put me on your stand-by call list for all
flights and book me on the first available, please. My name’s Aajonus
I spell it and Cyndi’s keys clicking away takes me back to when Jeff

1 See Appendix A, page 127.
O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 11
was one year old. Mary was aloof. What was it about childbirth that
robbed Mary of her ceaseless optimism, humor, joy of life and
sensuality? That thought constantly perplexed me. I didn’t understand
that it was biological. Not knowing enough about anything, I thought it
was merely psychological. I pressured her to desire me the way she had
before. She couldn’t. I said hurtful things to her. It made things worse.
All the chores and responsibilities of family life didn’t make any sense
anymore. After work, I began drinking with work buddies until five or
six in the morning.
During the days, I attended a breakthrough computer trade school. I
got top grades in something other than art for the first time in my life. I
began seeing one of the teachers after school. She was a single parent,
divorced, eight years my senior. She was lonely for affection, too.
“Do you want to schedule a return flight?”
“Uh, yes. I have to be back next Wednesday late afternoon.” What am
I saying? Am I expecting a miracle in five days? I’ll have to cancel my
performance next Thursday. No. If I can’t help Jeff I’ll need the
“Okay, Mr. Vonderplanitz. We’ll call you if a seat opens. You’ll have
about forty-five minutes to get to Los Angeles International Airport
immediately after we call. So have your luggage ready. But for now
your reservation going to Cincinnati is on flight___”
As I write down the information, I remember Jeff’s first portrait-
sitting. He was six months old. He sat on a cloth-covered table,
clasping a small rubber ball between his chubby thighs. He laughed and
giggled. The flash blinded him and he made a mean face. “Just like his
father,” Mary gibed. I was teasingly blamed for all of his “bad”
Jeff was a spirited, lively child once he got over colic. He was such a
joy when he was feeling well. (But then, most everyone is.) When he
got angry he would suck in his breath, puff himself up, turn red as a
beet, clasp his fists at his sides and shake. “Just like his father,”
Margaret razzed. I enjoyed hearing the phrase, “Just like his father,”
although I never held my hands stiffly at my sides and shook.
Even Jeff’s temper tantrums were cute, and ludicrous. We shared the
same favorite word, ludicrous, and we gave it a clownish connotation.
Actually, it was one of the few words he spoke. By the time he was
Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
two, when either of us tripped we’d laugh and say, “That was sure
ludicrous, were you born yesterday?” He had a viable excuse.
Everything was cheerfully ludicrous, except the change in Mary after
childbirth. I had never seen Mary violent and now she was spanking
Jeff with a flyswatter and yelling at me. Often, I couldn’t blame her for
yelling at me.
I deserted them. We divorced.
I thank Cyndi and hang up the phone. I begin planning for the battle.
The enemy is huge, shrewd and powerful. I must put the enemy at bay
so I can use my nutritional expertise to help Jeff heal. The enemy -
Jeff’s body’s enemy - is the medical profession’s concepts and
I get up, get dressed, eat and drive to a health food store to get the
survival supplies I know I won’t find in stores outside of California.2

I reach for a six-pound jar of unheated honey and place it in the hand
basket. I know the glucose water that they are pumping into Jeff
intravenously has no nutrients for healing. I know that his body is
depleting the nutrients within himself, trying to heal. I’ve experienced
that unheated honey has the nutrients to promote healing. I reach for
another jar and a woman approaches me.
“Do you have a tribe of sweet tooths?” she flirts (or am I flattering
She is definitely attractive. Her upper lip is slightly larger than the
lower and quivers sensuously, unconsciously, when she’s quiet and
curls when she speaks. What am I thinking about?! “Just two. My son
and I.”
“Oh... Have you been married long?”
Boy, is she fishing. I reach for a third jar and smile, “I’m divorced.”
“Storing up for the fall and winter?” she asks merrily.
“I eat a jar or two a month.”
“Aren’t you afraid you’ll get diabetes and your teeth’ll rot?” she gasps.
Her persistence is charming, relaxing. “If I were to eat heated honeys
I’d have diabetes again and dentures,” I say.
“Well, whenever I ate Uncooked Raw honey it imbalanced my blood

2 See Appendix B, page 128.
O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 13
sugar level. Like a roller coaster I was full of energy for an hour or two
and then I was deep in depression or falling asleep,” she says
Is she a lawyer? I want to turn this back into a conversation. “My
name is Aajonus. Pronounced like homogeneous without the hum.”
Caught off balance, she titters, “Aajonus? That’s unusual. I’m Linda.”
“That’s not.”
She finds it funnier than I do and laughs. She has a singer’s airy rich
laugh that makes us relax a bit more.
“I buy only honeys that are labeled ‘Unheated’, or that say something
like ‘We do not heat this honey in processing’. Honeys labeled ‘Raw’
or ‘Uncooked’ aren’t the same,” I clarify.
She furrows her brow and looks at me as if I were a simpleton.
“What’s the difference?” she asks.
I think of the many internal and external wounds I’ve seen heal
rapidly with application and large consumption of unheated honeys.
And how miraculously unheated honeys stimulate digestion. “Okay,
honeys labeled ‘Unheated’ can’t be heated over beehive temperature on
a hot day - that’s 92.8° Fahrenheit. On hot days, bees fan the honey
with their wings to keep the honey temperature below 92.8° F. In the
body, 80-90% of unheated honey turns into enzymes for digestion,
assimilation and utilization. Whereas, honeys that are labeled ‘Raw’ or
‘Uncooked’ can be heated to 160° which they do to thin the honey for
quicker filtering and bottling for more profits. ‘Raw’ or ‘Uncooked’
honeys mainly turn into radical blood sugar. ‘Unheated’ is the key word
with honey. You can eat as much unheated honey as you want, as long
as you have a taste for it.”
“As one gets fatter and fatter,” she scoffs.
“That depends on what you eat and what the honey helps you digest
and utilize. There is nothing wrong with being fat as long as you are
healthy. But do I look fat?”
“Your metabolism is different,” she retorts.
“I used to get fat very easily and I would have to exercise four hours
five days a week to stay as fit as I am now. I haven’t exercised in seven
years, so I can’t take credit for my fitness. Except that I eat right for my
She looks at my naturally developed body disbelievingly.
Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
“Linda, I have to go. I’ll give you my card. I’ll be tied up for a couple
of weeks.”
“Sounds like fun. Can I play, too?”
I must seem naïve because I’m turning red. I hand her my business
card. She reads it and says, “Now I understand, you are a nutritionist.”
“Yes. I’ve enjoyed talking with you but I must go, Linda. Bye.”
I walk over to the dairy section and remember that I’m supposed to
speak at a group meeting tonight about my experience with cancer. I
consider canceling as I place eight one-pound packages of unsalted
certified raw butter in the basket. I decide to go to the meeting, so time
will pass faster. The distraction could relieve some of my anxiety about
not being able to get to Jeff sooner.
I glance over my shoulder and spot Linda watching me. As I walk
past her she joins me.
“How much raw butter do you eat?”
I chuckle, “You don’t want to know.”
“Four tablespoons a day?”
“You asked for it. Eight to sixteen tablespoons a day.”
She gives me an are-you-a-pathological-liar look and starts to say
something but I intercede. “Like unheated honey, although the labeling
requirements are different, ‘Raw’ butter hasn’t been heated above a
cow’s normal body temperature. Raw fat, like raw butter, cleanses,
lubricates, protects and fuels the body easily. Whereas heated and
pasteurized fat often store as cellulite or other hard-to-use or non-
utilizable waxy fat.” I place the items on the checkout and pay. “Call
me in a couple of weeks if you want to try my nutritional logic and see
if it works for your body.”
“I think you are out of your mind,” she says utterly deadpan.
“Is that a compliment, Linda?”
Outside of the store, I punch in my voice-box number on the pay
phone. It plays back a message, “Hi, sweetheart, I got your message
about Jeff,” Beatriz’ voice says and pauses for the right words. “I’m
sorry. Call me from Cincinnati and let me know how he is. I’ll miss
you. I love you. Bye.”

Chapter 2

I feel as if my muscles, like my thoughts, are stirred up. I can’t sleep. I
thank whoever invented flannel sheets. The softness feels comforting.
The digital clock reads 1:02 a.m.
I rise and go to the kitchen. I pass by my packed luggage at the door.
A tinge of fear rushes up my chest. The lonely luggage makes the
unknown so foreboding.
I spread a slice of French bread with a 4 tablespoons of unsalted raw
butter to calm me down while thoughts of Jeff keep coming.
It’s been nine years since I’ve thought about Jeff this much. How
little I know him. I left Mary for the second and last time a few months
after Jeff’s first birthday. For the next year, Jeff and I were together on
Sundays, or for weekends.
I graduated from computer-programming trade school, and in
September, two months after the divorce, I moved to Los Angeles to
pursue a degree in architecture. I’ll never forget the day before I left.
Jeff’s second birthday was six days away. I had bought him a swing and
slide set. Mary and Jeff were living with her parents in a two-bed-room
house in a lower-middle-class neighborhood. Willy, Mary’s father, and I
were building the set in the backyard. Willy, or “Pawpaw” as Jeff called
him, was about five-feet-four-inches tall with black hair receding on
either side of his widow’s peak. He was very shy, a gentle man. When he
smiled with his large mouth, his head tilted shyly, playfully.
Jeff loved to swing and slide. He bounced, danced, laughed, shrieked
and giggled around us because he couldn’t wait for Willy and me to finish
building the swing. Finally, when it was built, Willy, Margaret and I
stood watching Mary swing Jeff. She pushed him too hard once and
Jeff swung too high. His eyes opened wide, his arms stiffened, his
hands gripped the chains tighter and his mouth made a donut shape. He
lost his breath. When he swung back down he giggled, relieved he’d
made it okay. He dragged his feet enough to slow himself down and took
a deep breath.
“I guess that was too high for you, huh boogie?” Mary said.
Jeff nodded dramatically. He swung forward again and his mouth
took on the donut shape fearing that he might sail too high. He didn’t

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
and he laughed. Mary did too. We all laughed. Mary and Jeff had
similar mouths and they had the largest smiles, after Willy’s. Once again I
wanted to ask Mary to come with me to California but I knew she’d
refuse. No one could guess which way I wanted things from one week
to the next, especially me.
It came time to say good-byes and I stooped down to Jeff. “You’re the
man of the house now. You take care of Mommy, okay?”
“You be back, Daddy. Soon.” He smiled real big.
“No, sweetheart, Daddy’s going to the other side of the world, sort of.
I’ll only be able to see you about every six months or so. I’m going
away to school in California.”
He cried. I cried. Even Margaret cried. We all hugged and I left.
I didn’t return for two years.
I rise from the dining table and return to the kitchen. I have a taste for
something sweet. I get some unheated honey, fresh strawberries and
cream to help my digestion and raise my blood sugar level to a happy
balance. I take a drink of the raw cream, dip a strawberry in the honey
and take a bite. I remember that Jeff and I had been together on only
four separate occasions since the swing set and we rarely spoke on the
I recall that the first of the four occasions was in August. Jeff was
four. I had a form of leukemia called multiple myeloma (cancer of bone
and blood).
I had already undergone surgery for an ulcer. Three months later I
received radiation therapy because the scar was keloidal.3 Four months
after radiation I was diagnosed with leukemia. I was told that I would
die by Christmas.
I was supposed to have begun chemotherapy that August. I postponed
it until September because my family was having a reunion. I didn’t
want them to know about my illness because: back then most people
were afraid that somehow cancer was catching like the Black Plague;
Mom had a weak heart and had suffered a heart attack when I was ten
or eleven (telling her I was dying could have killed her); and men in
my family were expected to be strong and tough. Because I had always
been sickly, I put on a tough front.

3 A keloid is an overgrowth of a scar, that is a fibrous tumor forming hard,
irregular excrescence upon the skin.

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 17
The clan gathered in Cincinnati from all over the continental United
States. I thought I was seeing everyone for the last time. I hid the
radiation therapy burns under my clothes.
As I was driving to get Jeff to bring him to the reunion, I noticed a
tall dark-haired father holding the hand of his golden-haired son. They
walked along the sidewalk. Drops of joy filled my eyes because I
would soon be holding Jeff’s hand.
The father was a giant compared to his son but gentle. He carefully
moved at the pace of the boy’s little steps. I held back more tears. I
thought red eyes would look unattractive and immature to Mary.
I arrived at the large apartment complex, parked and walked to
Mary’s apartment. She greeted me courteously. We both felt awkward.
I was especially uncomfortable because I hadn’t had enough time to
adjust to the fact that Mary had remarried over a year ago. Mom
wanted to protect me and had told me only a week ago. I blushed,
facing Mary and thinking that several months ago I had asked her to
move to Los Angeles so we could be together. Mary didn’t tell me then
she had remarried. I hid the pain, but, oh, God, I was wounded.
“Jeff’ll be here any minute. He and Ben went for a walk,” Mary said.
The door opened behind me and in walked the gentle giant and the
golden-haired boy, Jeff.
“This is Ben,” Mary smiled proudly introducing her husband, and
Jeff’s new father.
My heart sunk.
Ben must have been six-foot-four inches, dark, rugged-looking and
very handsome. I felt like drab wallpaper.
Ben immediately let his head drop shyly, painfully. He left the room
without a word. I could see the fear and hurt he felt with me coming to
take Jeff for the day. Jeff called him Dad now. My presence was
changing all of that. I felt like a schmuck.
“Do you remember him?” Mary asked Jeff as I crouched down to
greet him.
Jeff’s face winced as he tried to remember but didn’t. I was crushed.
“Here is a change of shirt in case he makes a mess,” Mary jested to
break the awkward moment.
“No bag with diapers and bottles and all,” I said playfully. I tried to
appear unaffected.

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
“Yes, it’s been a long time,” she said somewhat scolding me.
But I could see she was relieved that Jeff didn’t remember me. In my
mind I could hear her telling Ben as soon as we walked out the door,
“See? Jeff didn’t even remember him.” And knowing that Jeff’s not-
remembering me was going to mean some solace to Ben, gave me some
At the reunion, I set Jeff free to play with several cousins, aunts and
uncles. Then, when I thought I was emotionally detached enough, I
played with him. We tossed a ball and frisbee. I tickled him. We
giggled. I swung him around and laughed, until we were exhausted. It
was time to drive him home but he wanted to stay. That made it a great
We parked in the lot outside Mary and Ben’s apartment. Jeff wanted
to get out with me on the driver’s side. Just as he was about to put his
arms around my neck for me to lift him, he said, “You helped Pawpaw
put up my swing!” A wave of joy passed through me. He hugged me
very tightly.
“It appears Jeff’s head went partially through the driver’s side of the
windshield when his car flew down the ravine and hit a tree. The car
spun and jolted him back inside. The car hit another tree and Jeff’s
head went through the passenger’s side of the windshield. The car spun
and hit the ground at the rear end, jolting him back into the front seat.
Finally the car smashed into another tree on the passenger’s side. His
head went completely through the passenger’s door window. His body
was found draped over the car door,” Mom’s words echo in my head.
I lie down on the still warm flannel sheets. Will I be as unable to help
Jeff as I was when he was an infant? Will I become hostile wanting to
help but not knowing how? Will I be able to confront the medical
professionals who’ll think I’m a fanatic? Jeff is an accident victim! I
haven’t dealt with any serious accident victims. Yet, healing is healing,
I remind myself. I know what the body needs to heal itself.


Chapter 3

I’m in a tornado like Dorothy in “The Wizard Of Oz.” Four doctors,
who are circling around me, direct me to go with them. I sense I’ll meet
death. Their voices sound like the ringing of only one giant gong. The
deep-echoing sound emanates from all four of their mouths,
quadraphonically. It makes my heart pound until I think it’ll burst from
my chest. It’s odd that the ringing doesn’t disturb my ears and head,
only my heart.
I refuse to go with the doctors. Suddenly they all wilt and die. I am
happy I didn’t go with them. But the ringing continues and my heart
pounds. I become aware that the phone is ringing and I reach for it. I
anticipate that the airline has an earlier flight. Then I realize it is
already morning.
I lift the receiver. I remember my dream and the fear of death. I dread
what the voice will say.
“This is your mother.”
“Hi,” my voice cracks.
“It’s pouring here and I thought you should bring your boots and a
raincoat. I have lots of umbrellas if you need one.”
“Please! Mom, don’t greet me with, ‘This is your mother’ ”, I want to
say. She seemed apprehensive, as if she were going to tell me Jeff is
dead. It scared me! I take a deep breath and calm down.
I recall her umbrellas being flowered, bright and feminine. “Thanks,
Mom, I’ll bring a coat and my own umbrella.” I take another deep breath,
“Have you seen Jeff at all?”
“I’m waiting until you get here and we’ll all go together. I called the
hospital and talked with the head nurse. She said the doctors all agree
his signs are worsening. Too much water has collected in his brain and
there’s no hope he’ll pull through with this kind of brain damage.” She
takes a breath, “I just want you to be prepared. We’ll see you this
We say good-bye.

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
I have avoided Jeff since he was two-years-old. I have been afraid of
getting attached and losing him again. Have I lost all chance to get to
know him?
The alarm goes off and jolts me back to the physical world. I rise and
go to the couch. I stretch and lean my head against the arm. I cross my
feet tightly. I hug a pillow.
Okay, okay. Mom’s a nurse. Like most nurses what she knows is what
the doctors know. Whether from illness or injury, medical science
believes that virus and germs, like bacteria cause disease. That is their
“germ theory”. They believe that germs are enemies of healing.
The standard approach is to attack virus and germs (bacteria and other
microbes) with medical drugs and poisons to stop them. These drugs
simultaneously attack, destroy and deteriorate the body. Drugs are like
bombs, they most often kill, cripple, harm or destroy everything within
their influence. They cause subtle or obvious mutations. The least harm
that they do is create imbalances.
Medical science ignores that bacteria inspires healing and that drugs
kill bacteria, and therefore, that drugs prevent healing.4
My approach is that bacteria, yeast, mold and virus are all part of a
natural process for detoxification. Bacteria, yeast, mold and virus
decompose body obstructions, such as dead or weak cells and tissue.
When the body has too many obstructions, it has disease. The body
encourages the detoxification process so it can cleanse itself of
accumulated wastes that cause weaknesses, or damaged tissue in cases
of injury. They also dissolve and eliminate foreign substances, like rust
from taking iron supplements. That is, if the body is fed the proper
nutrients during and after the detoxification processes.
For example, colds and flu are like changing the oil and flushing a
car's radiator. If the body is allowed to take its course with colds and
flu several times a year, or whenever necessary, an increase in health is
the natural result. That is, if at the same time one feeds his or her body
good nutrients. For instance, oranges and/or bananas blended with raw
eggs, raw dairy fats and unheated honey; a smoothie. However, if these
cleansing and renewing processes are interfered with or stopped by
using medication, the body advances faster toward deterioration, aging
and disease. I remind myself that instead of attacking the body, I

4 See Appendix C, page 129.

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 21
nurture it.
I feel comforted that Jeff’s doctors’ prognosis isn’t based on what I
know. And that Jeff is still alive. I will work with Jeff’s body to cleanse
the dead and damaged tissues, and to regenerate new cells to replace

I am sitting at a window seat not far from first-class on this early
morning flight to Cincinnati. I am facing the partition wall that
separates the classes. It reminds me for a moment of the wailing wall in
Israel. I feel a little claustrophobic. Will I celebrate life? Or will I be
wailing for the dead? I have to stop thinking like that.
I feel excited by the gravitational pull as we climb. I notice outside
the portal window that the smog isn’t too bad on this golden sunlit Los
Angeles morning. With amusement, I take it as a good omen. We loop
over the Pacific Ocean. The plane levels off in the direction of our
destination. The flight attendants push their carts down the aisles.
It’s Saturday, four days from October, a time that marks a measurable
decline of tourists in Los Angeles. The thought comes that I am a
tourist visiting Earth. Whenever I talk to someone who doesn’t know
me about my view on health and my life-style, I’m considered bonkers.
I look around me and I see so much bodily suffering. I feel
compassion for the people I see who aren’t happy because they lack
health. An unhappy-looking woman wheezes, then swallows three pills.
At least seven people are already drinking or being served alcohol.
I recall when years ago I drank to relax and feel good. I couldn’t go to
sleep at night without drinking a bottle of bourbon or gin.
I was nineteen years old and had been living in Los Angeles six
months. I was making good money. I yearned for Mary and Jeff, even
though I knew I was too emotionally distorted to make family life work
to anyone’s benefit. So I partied a lot and enjoyed freedom from all
responsibilities except work and child support. I wouldn’t admit
alcohol was affecting my work and studies and I ignored the symptoms
that it was hurting my body. It relaxed my memories and guilt.
I think about Jeff being in the hospital and I recall my advent into
cancer. It was a Sunday night in March, one month from my twentieth
birthday. I had just returned from a weekend in Tijuana, Mexico, with

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
friends. I was dizzy from drink. I stood over my toilet to urinate. I
became dizzier and nauseous. As I collapsed to my knees I whacked
my penis on the cold porcelain (I remember I had been accident prone
as a child). A surge from my stomach curled my body and put my face
in the toilet. Blood trailed with the vomit.
The doctor pointed to a very dark spot on my X-ray, “It’s probably
only an ulcer. You’re too young and strong to have cancer.”
“Don’t let looks fool you. How do we find out?”
“It’s an ulcer,” he decided, “and we’ll treat it.”
After six months of drinking bottle after bottle of Maalox, I decided I
should have stock in pharmaceuticals. Instead of being addicted to
alcohol I was addicted to chalky Maalox. Maalox didn’t have the good
taste and didn’t give me the feeling that alcohol did. I was sure that if I
died a chalk factory would make a fortune with my remains.
In November, I was looking upward from an operating table. The
ceiling was blurred and I was becoming unconscious from anesthetic,
going into surgery to remedy my stomach ulcer. After “recovering
enough” from surgery (the doctors had said), I received radiation therapy
for five or six...or was it ten weeks. (My memory went into a slump
during my year of cancer therapies and has never fully recovered.)
After returning from the August family reunion, I underwent
chemotherapy for leukemia for my blood and bone cancers. With each
chemo session I got sicker. Finally, after three months of the treatments
I wouldn’t tolerate it. That was eighteen years ago. I was only twenty-
one but I remember as if it were yesterday.
“The cancer’s not responding to the chemotherapy either. We’ll try
again in three weeks,” Dr. Goldman said matter-of-factly.
“Doctor, I seem to be missing the point here. Let’s retrace what’s
happened to me. I had a stomach ulcer. I had surgery to correct it. As a
result of the surgery, I haven’t been able to digest anything very well.
Food seems to just sit in my digestive tract. I have lost my sexual drive.
If I happen to have an orgasm it can be extremely painful. How in the
world was my penis effected by stomach surgery?”
“I don’t know,” he said.
I thought for a moment and then continued, “I have terrible acne (the
one common problem I have never had before). My waist line has gone
from twenty-eight to thirty-four inches. And I have redeveloped very

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 23
painful muscle spasms around my heart.
“Then I had radiation therapy to stop the keloidal tissue from
growing. As a result of the radiation, I have burns that are mainly scar
tissue. My spine is cauterized and I can barely turn to either side and I
am always painful. I now have psoriasis and bursitis. I have inflamed,
sore and bleeding gums. I have come down with chronic weakness,
exhaustion and joint pains. I couldn’t, and still can’t even lift a large
dictionary with my right arm because my shoulder and elbow ache so
badly. My knees ache, too. They are always cold and numb--”
“We’ll continue the treatments because there’s always a chance we
can stop the cancer from doing any more damage,” he said.
“Please, listen, I’m leading to something. Then I was diagnosed with
cancer of the blood and bones. I am receiving chemotherapy. As a
result, I’m as pale as a ghost. I vomit no matter what I try to eat. I can’t
be away from a toilet for five minutes without a diaper. I’m bloated
from head to toe. My acne is so bad that a film-director friend
described my face as looking like raw hamburger. I have only a few
sparse patches of hair and it’s graying like I’m an old man. My teeth
are rotting. My diabetes is worse. Homicidal and suicidal thoughts
plague me--”
“Your anxiety and anger are side effects of the chemotherapy. It’s
normal,” he interjects.
“Normal? Yesterday, I heard one of the biology professors say that
radiation, especially radiation therapy, transforms certain body substances
into toxins that are cancer-causing. Why would you treat keloidal tissue
with a treatment that causes cancer?”
“It’s like fighting fire with fire,” he said smiling.
“Isn’t that like burning down the forest to save the forest?”
“There is no other way to stop the formation of keloidal tissue or
cancer. Disease is not nice, you can’t treat it nicely,” he argued.
“I also heard the professor say that for every one cancer cell that
chemotherapy kills, at least one billion healthy cells are killed. I
thought about that statistic and derived this analogy: If four humans
were declared cancerous to the human race, the medical profession
would be willing to kill four billion people - the entire population on
Earth - in order to destroy only three or four individuals. That’s an
extreme and barbaric perspective, don’t you think?”

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
“I’m trying to give you more time to live,” he said, annoyed.
“Doctor, as a result, I have cancer. I didn’t have cancer before
receiving the cancer-causing therapies. I merely had an ulcer. I feel like
the walking dead. Food doesn’t taste good. Nothing pleases me
anymore. Why didn’t you tell me my quality of life and disposition
would be miserable; that I’d be a semi-invalid as a side effect of the
treatments? Why didn’t you stress that the side effects would be a
hundred times worse than cancer when you frightened me into taking
your therapies? And now I’m going to die anyway.”
“I’m sorry. It isn’t possible to predict how anyone will react,” he said
“That doesn’t make sense. Yesterday I studied the side effects in the
Physician’s Desk Reference and books on radiation research. All of
mine and a hundred more side effects are listed. You never showed me
any list. And the Physicians Desk Reference is right there on your
shelf. Do you admit that the radiation treatment for keloidal tissue gave
me blood and bone cancer?”
“Look, there’s still a small chance that your cancer will respond to the
“Did you hear what I just said?”
“I know how you must feel,” he said.
Finally I realized that medical methods are barbaric. Surgery is
butchering. Radiation is burning. Chemotherapy is poisoning. Why didn’t
it dawn on me before?
“Doctor, have you ever been cut and burned and poisoned to help you
get well from cancer?”
I threatened to sue because the doctors didn’t tell me that the
therapies would kill much more of me than would any cancer. I would
have taken my chances with cancer. Several attorneys said the doctors
would all testify that I was dying anyway and that I had signed a
release. How can they get away with that?! I wondered.
One month later, I discovered several successful alternative methods
for healing cancer. All of them were pleasant by comparison. But because
the doctors had said all the alternatives were hoaxes, I hadn’t bothered
to investigate them.
Education, religion, the media and government taught me to revere

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 25
doctors. The doctors could deceive and frighten me, slowly and
painfully kill me, get paid handsomely for it and go to heaven for
“good” intent. It didn’t make any sense.
Because I was left disabled, I couldn’t afford child support. Ben
adopted Jeff.
“Please fasten your seat belts. We are beginning our descent to
Cincinnati Airport. Thank you for joining us and we hope__”
I ignore the pilot as I look over the rain-glistening, rich green
landscape of Kentucky. I wonder why it is called the Greater Cincinnati
Airport when it’s across the river at Stringtown, Kentucky. I suppose
that if it were named the Stringtown Airport no one would ever fly
The sun emerges through the passing rain clouds.
I’m so close to Jeff, a tingling rushes over my heart and into my spine.

Chapter 4

Saturday afternoon, September 27th
I see Mom and Dad smiling, standing just beyond the crowd as I
follow the procession through the terminal gate. Ever since Mom and
Dad stopped worrying and began trusting me to make the right
decisions for myself, I have been relaxed and happy to see them.
I’m surprised at how much they have aged since I saw them two years
ago. Or does it seem more so because most of the people I see regularly
are more or less on my type of diet? Raw diets slow down the normal
aging process or reverse it altogether. (Gad, I wonder, would that have
sounded pompous to anyone who hadn’t experienced it?)
Or do Mom and Dad look older because I have been reliving my past
and remembering them much younger?
Dad looks - and always has looked - inherently physically stronger

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
than Mom. I imagine him as a child on the dairy farm where he grew
healthfully with fresh food, raw dairy products and hard work. He is
definitely healthier than his father, who was raised in Brooklyn in the
mid 1800’s when it was difficult to get fresh foods in large cities.
Grandfather suffered crippling arthritis and strokes, and died in his
Amazingly, Mom’s wearing slacks. This is the first time she’s greeted
me informally at an airport. I’m delighted she feels that relaxed.
Looking into her eyes, I realize she has always had a stronger balanced
will and more self-esteem than Dad. I deduce that’s because, as a girl,
she successfully raised six of her twelve brothers and sisters while
Viola, her mother, tended their drugstore where Mom’s father was the
Mom and I embrace and her hand automatically pats my back. I recall
being an infant receiving that caring touch. Her perfume hides the nice
smell of her body that I remember loving as an infant. Her salt-and-
pepper Orphan Annie hair tickles the side of my face and I giggle. The
hug ends and I become an adult again, instantly.
I turn to Dad and see that his wavy gray hair still has a trace of black
remaining. Apart from his large stomach he looks fitter than most of his
peers. We hug and his squeeze feels encouraging, different from when I
was a child. But, then, I can’t remember him hugging me after I was
three. I was probably somewhat of an embarrassment to him. I think
the first time he was unforgettably impressed with me was six years
ago. He watched me give an eight-hour seminar on nutrition.
As we drive by downtown Cincinnati nothing looks familiar to me. I
try to keep my mind from anxious thoughts about Jeff. I notice autumn
settling in. The leaves are turning.
Ten miles farther, we pass the exit that would have taken us to
Finneytown. I lived there from ages seven through eighteen.
I remember how grueling the cold weather was on me here. Like a
hibernating bear, I would have slept through it if I could have. When I
got a cold or flu, it lasted one to three months. Daily, I would fill two to
five handkerchiefs until they were sopping wet. They made my pockets
wet and me colder.
I realize how much I enjoy cold weather now that I am healthy. And
when I get a cold or flu, it lasts only thirty minutes to three days.

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 27
“Is there a health food store on the way to the hospital?” I ask. “I’d
like to buy some eggs, papayas and bananas.”
“I don’t know if they carry eggs,” Mom says apologetically.
“Could we stop and see, please?”
“Sure,” Dad encourages.
We do. They have eggs and the fruit I need.

Mom points to Mercy Hospital. It’s a small modern four-story
building alone near the top of a green rolling hill. We pull into the
parking lot. In a matter of moments we will be facing Jeff. I seem to be
ready for the battle ahead. Surprisingly, I feel calm and strong. Maybe
it is my years. Also, because I no longer see doctors as my enemy.
Doctors have not had power over my mind and body for one and a half
decades. But they see Jeff’s body as a battle ground. They are attacking
it. I will defend him.
It dawns on me that Jeff is Mom and Dad’s first grandchild. I look at
them and they look rigid, like foot soldiers wearing armor. They are
protecting their feelings. I wonder if my wisdom and strength are
enough to protect mine.
I leave my blender and food in the car and we walk toward the
hospital. The smell of wet grass and drying pavement remind me of the
damp day I entered a hospital for my first traumatic stay. A chill passes
through me.
It was early spring, the week before my twelfth birthday. I had had a
near fatal reaction to my final polio vaccine.5 The vaccine caused an
acute intestinal infection, “deadly” peritonitis. The doctors
misdiagnosed my condition as appendicitis. I underwent emergency
surgery. The doctors found my appendix normal. They removed it
anyway. “In case it would cause you problems in the future,” the doctor
Now was the third night after my appendectomy. The doctors hadn’t
properly diagnosed my problem. They never did. I still had fevers of
104-106°. They packed me in ice - an agonizing process - to bring down
the fever and prevent brain damage. I was in tremendous pain from the
shots I received every three hours for infection or pain. Already I had
had eight shots in each arm, seven high in the left gluteus maximus and

5 See Appendix D, page 132.

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
eight high in the right.
I was sore on all sides. My front had surgery soreness and peritoneal
pain. My left, right and back sides had the injection soreness. I wasn’t
able to lie on any side without severe pain. I couldn’t sleep more than
fifteen minutes before the pained area exceeded the painkiller’s influence.
I had to turn onto another side. My sleep was irregular and sparse. There was
no escaping pain or the hospital.
It was 10 p.m. when the nurse entered with her tray and needle. She
rolled me on to my right side. It hurt and I screamed. I pleaded for her
not to inject me again.
“It’s for your own good,” she preached and scolded.
I watched the needle coming toward my bottom. I used every
measure of energy I had to turn and knock the syringe out of her hand.
The syringe hurled through space twisting and turning as if in slow
motion. In my imagination I heard a wonderful crescendo of music.
The nurse lifted the syringe, wiped the floor and left. I fell asleep only
slightly more relaxed.
In deep sleep my hip began to burn and cramp. I remember thinking, I
am not sleeping on my back, nor on that hip, why is there that much
pain? The pain increased.
I woke and felt the last fluid of an injection entering my hip. I cried,
“The medicines aren’t working! You’re killing me! You’re making the
pain worse and worse.” The nurse gave me a disbelieving smile. She
proudly put the needle back on the tray. I remember how amazed I was
that this Florence Nightingale could be so proud of her insensitivity
and ignorance.
“Have a nice night,” the nurse said and walked out.
If I had had the strength at that moment to kill her, I probably would
have. I wanted to. But instead I lay there crippled by pain. I cried for
two and a half hours. I fell unconscious from pain.
In the morning I gave the doctors and nurses such a conniption that
they didn’t give me any more medication. Consequently, I got the sleep
I needed. I faked being well enough for 24 hours. They let me go home
the next morning.
Mom, Dad and I reach the elevator. It opens as if waiting for us. We
enter and Mom pushes the third-floor button. We don’t look at each
other or say anything as it ascends. With the motion of the elevator I

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 29
drift back into my experience in the hospital when I was twelve.
An intern stood towering over me. His manner was impatient and
gruff. We had gotten off to a bad start two days earlier. He had asked if
I had been farting. Since my puritan upbringing had taught me that the
word fart was taboo, I was shocked to hear it come from a doctor. I
stuttered and without judgment I asked if he meant did I pass gas. He
thought I was a snob and turned malicious. I was afraid to try and
rectify the misunderstanding because of autism and my experience that
doing so merely compounded resentment.
“Sit up,” he ordered like a sergeant.
I moaned in pain as I sat up very slowly.
“Don’t pull that sympathy trick on me. I’ve seen too many
appendectomies. I know the pain doesn’t last more than a day and a
half after surgery. You’ve been pulling this for four days now.”
He pushed hard on my lower abdomen. I screamed in pain.
He smiled and said, “Look. Your buddy over here came in two days
after you. He was up and running around the day after his
appendectomy. He doesn’t scream when I push on his stomach. And
he’s going home today too.”
“I can’t help it, it hurts. Even when I move.”
It only made him angrier. He took my right arm which had the I.V.
needle inserted in it. He gently pulled one end of each of the four strips
of tape that held the needle in my arm. He took firm grip on those ends,
looked me in the eyes, smiled, and ripped the tape from my arm. The
roundness of the needle pulled my flesh until the force tore my skin. I
“You act like a girl,” he said.
I intuitively knew he wouldn’t hurt me more, so I continued crying to
release the pain and frustration while he put gauze and tape over the
bleeding gouge to stop it. Two hours later I was out of the hospital and
on my way home.
The elevator stopping sends a wave through my stomach. We step
from the elevator and Mom leads the way toward Jeff. I feel nauseous.
My heart misses a beat and then speeds up, pounding.
The halls are empty, except for a couple of staff personnel. We pass
many doors. Only a few patients have visitors. The patients are all
connected to machines. Of course this wing is eerie, I realize, this is

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
intensive care, numb skull.
“Numb skull”? I haven’t used that term in ages. Numb skull was
something my parents called me. And probably what their parents
called them. It never did help my self-esteem. Strange how old patterns
surface when I’m back here.
Mom stops at room 317. Jeff is steps away. For the first time I visualize
his cuts and bruises. I see him thrust and banged around inside the car.
My adrenaline rushes. My heart pounds like a great symphonic drum
sounding the battle charge. I take a slow deep breath and enter the
room after Mom. I wonder if it would have been polite to enter before
We pass through a small dressing room-like foyer. It has a large
picture window fixed with lavender Venetian mini-blinds. This is the
room where loved ones wait and watch while emergency personnel
work. This will be my supply room. On the wall is a locked medicine
compartment. There is a counter and sink where I can put my blender to
make food formulas for Jeff when he recovers from the coma. Am I
deluding myself?
I see the end of the bed, the shape of Jeff’s feet and legs under the
covers. My blood rushes faster as the drumming of my heart pounds
harder, louder and faster.
I see Jeff’s arms and hands taped to boards so he can’t bend them.
Tubes run everywhere. A catheter empties his urine into a plastic
container. An I.V. drips sugar water and chemicals into his right forearm.
I feel queasy. I want to stop for a moment to settle down. I keep
trooping behind Mom. I remember Jeff’s face from the last time I saw
him when he was eighteen. His smile was big and his complexion
The image disappears when I see two machines monitoring his body.
Mary stands on one side of the bed, at the head, facing me. A nurse stands
opposite her, obstructing my view of Jeff’s face. They lean over him.
Now I see his chin. His mouth gapes open. His lips are gray-purple.
Oh, my God, he looks dead. Oxygen tubes are strapped to his head and
up the nostrils. His eyes are closed and recessed in unconsciousness.
His skin looks waxy, ashen except where tubes enter his body, irritating
him. Cuts spot his face. A long cut streaks his forehead. Another parts
an eyebrow. The abrasions from the plunges through glass are swollen

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 31
and inflamed.
I take it all in for a minute. I use positive thoughts to settle myself. I
think: Jeff’s not missing part of his head, brain or limbs. I’m thankful
for that. My heart continues to drum frantically. I wish other
instruments would join in so no one would hear it. It could expose my
sensitivity. I want to look totally in control. The enemy will know that
I’m not as strong as I want to be.
“Jeff! Wake up, Jeff! You’ve been asleep for six days now, wake up.
Your mother wants to talk to you,” the nurse shouts as if Jeff were deaf.
I guess she wants to shock him from his coma. Okay, I guess, if it
works. But it doesn’t. Jeff’s head seems to roll slightly as if he were
trying to tell her that her shouting hurts. Or is that my wishful
“Six days?” I whisper to Mom.
“Mary didn’t call me until the night before I called you. You weren’t
home and I didn’t want to leave that message on your answering
machine,” she says firmly.
“Why did she wait to call you?” I ask with a trace of anger.
Fortunately, Mom does not take it personally.
“She figured there was nothing we could do. When they told her Jeff
was definitely going to die, she called.”
I wonder why Mary still hates me after twenty years.
“Jeff! Wake up!” screams the nurse.
He gives no response. I sense his coma is partially from medication. I
know the shouting must hurt Jeff’s ears. It hurts my ears and I’m eight
feet away. I want to grab the nurse and scream in her ear to stop it. I
feel helpless.
“Jeff! It’s Mom. Wake up,” Mary mimics the nurse but not nearly as
I look at Mary. She would not be considered cover-girl material but
she still looks beautiful to me. She wears jeans and a plaid blouse. I
realize I’m still attracted to her. I see she is strong-willed like Mom and
“Hi, Mary,” I say gently.

She gazes a moment, gropes and finally wields to our presence. She
turns and looks over at Mom and says, “Hi, Doris,” and then to Dad,

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
Finally, she manages to look straight into my blue eyes.
“Hi, Dick.”
Oh, that nickname. All the reasons I changed to a Greece-Roman-
sounding first name that I liked, flood my head. No matter how “Dick”
was said to me, the innuendo was prevalent. It was like wearing a
bright name tag with “scum” printed on it. My brothers, classmates,
and some teachers often used it to patronize me.
“As you can see, Jeff isn’t with us,” Mary says bluntly.
I see the strain in her face and body. I want to hug and comfort her
but that is out of the question. Instead, empathic tears fill my eyes.
Seventeen years passed before I stopped dreaming about her.
Mary turns to Jeff. “Dick is here to see you. Wake up, boy,” she says,
trying to humor and ease her new tension because of my presence.
Oh, geezus , I’m going to break down.
“Jeff. Jeff, it’s Aajonus,” I say softly. My voice cracks.
He doesn’t move.
“May I see his charts, please,” I politely ask the nurse.
She is stunned and then derisive, “Are you a visiting doctor?”
Mary chortles and jokes, “No. He’s from Los Angeleees, California.”
She gives it the sneering tone that she gave the nickname Dick.
The nurse chuckles, then settles, confused.
“This is Jeff’s other father,” Mary explains.
The nurse and I introduce ourselves.
“When is the soonest I can see Jeff’s X-rays?” I ask kindly.
“You’ll have to speak to one of his neurologists.”
“How many does he have?”
“Lead me to one of them.”
“Dr. Braisley just left the floor and none of the others are expected
until morning.”
“Can we talk in the hall a minute, please?”
She scrutinizes my patient but determined stare. She realizes I could
be trouble. She turns and we walk into the hall.

“Debra, I’m not here to make your job difficult. I’m here because my
son is dying. I want to do everything I can to help him live.”

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 33
“Are you a physician?”
My inclination is to mimic her patronizing attitude but that wouldn’t
be constructive, “I’m a nutritional counselor. And I’m Jeff’s biological
father. I have the right to see all of his records upon request. Would you
be kind enough to make that as easy and as soon as possible? Please?”
“I can’t do that. One of his doctors has to, and I don’t know if Dr.
Braisley is still on rounds,” she says in a friendlier tone. “You’ll have
to wait until morning. Okay?”
“Would you give me his number, please? I’ll have his answering
service page him and have him call me here.”
“I’ll call his service,” she relinquishes.
“One more thing? When he calls and you tell him my request, if he
refuses please tell him I would like to speak with him. Will you do that
for me and my son? Please?”
She relaxes, shrugs and snickers, “Okay, sir.”
“Thank you. And would you pass the word to all the doctors and
nurses that Jeff’s biological father is here, that I will be taking an active
part in his recovery?”
She is slightly impressed and amused but her reaction says she thinks
my ego is larger than my brain. There are times when I would agree,
but ego has nothing to do with this.
“The doctors all agree that Jeff isn’t going to--” Compassion, I think,
restrains her from finishing.

Chapter 5

Finally, Mary and I are alone with Jeff. We ease into light conversation
for a while. I mention that I am a nutritional counselor. I say a little

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
about my nutritional point of view. I ask her if she would like to care
for Jeff at home. She gives me a look of astonishment and absurdity.
She tells me she wouldn’t even consider removing Jeff from the
hospital. She vacuums the mucus oozing into Jeff’s throat so he can
breathe without choking.
“The mucus is good. Through it, his body dumps dead cells and
debris from the brain quickly. More will go to his bowels and dump
there,” I say.
“How do you know all of that stuff?”
“Remember when I said I was disabled from a car accident and
couldn’t pay child support? I had cancer. I didn’t want anyone to know.
I was disabled from the therapies. A kind, wonderful and intelligent
man named Bruno tutored me for three and a half years in nutrition.
I’ve spent most of the last seventeen years researching and
experimenting with diets and health.”
She frowns and looks at me curiously.
“I’ll tell you about it later. Did all of the doctors tell you that Jeff’s
going to die?”
Mary nods, “They said if he hadn’t responded by Wednesday, he’d
die any time soon.”
“I know you think I’m a California nut cake, but I’m asking you to
put that judgment aside for Jeff’s sake. Let me try nutrition.”
“I know you mean well, Aajonus.” She stops to take a deep breath,
drained, then teases, “But he’s not exactly able to eat.”
“We can feed him under his tongue,” I say handing her a canning jar.
In it are equal portions of unsalted raw butter and unheated honey
mixed together.
I explain its properties and I conclude by saying, “His salivary
enzymes will dissolve it. Some will be absorbed directly into his blood
through his mouth. The rest will drain down, soothe his throat and
eventually, his stomach. In the blood, the nutrients from the
butter/honey mix will go to his brain to protect living tissue and carry
away the bruised and dead for elimination. I would like to put a
teaspoon under his tongue at least every forty minutes.”
A little hope sprouts and gives her strength. “Okay. If you think it’ll
I am astounded. And relieved. Happy tears fill my eyes. I hold back

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 35
though. Mary might think I’m weak. I must appear in complete control
to defend Jeff.
I put some honey/butter mix under Jeff’s tongue. I ask Mary if I may
tell her about some of my nutritional work so she will know my
perspective on nutrition versus medical methods.
“It beats just sitting here,” Mary says.
“One day I arrived home at 9:30 p.m. from one of those exciting
evenings in traffic school.”
Mary chuckles, “Still speeding?”
“U-turn. I couldn’t seem to comprehend that a residential-apartment-
complex neighborhood was not a residential area. Anyway, it was a
Tuesday in January, 1973. I was twenty-six at the time.

I walked through the courtyard toward my Hollywood
apartment. There were no lights on in the apartment. I wondered
where Monica was. I took my keys from my flared-bottom jeans. I
inserted one in the lock. My neighbor, Lien, heard me and came
bursting from her apartment. She was panting, not from hurry but
“Aajonus! I took Monica to County General Hospital about two
hours ago. She was having terrible stomach cramps. She came
crawling over to my door, screaming. I, we, just panicked. I took
her to Emergency.”
“She didn’t say anything about her stomach four hours ago.
What is it?”
“They said it would take a while to do all the tests. But they
thought it was appendicitis.”
I felt panicked. But I concealed it.
Monica was still in Emergency when I arrived. I was relieved
that she was not on an operating table. She laid on a gurney
looking drugged and in pain. The doctor stood analyzing the lab
“Monica,” I teased, imitating Bell Lagosi portraying Count
Dracula, “let me take care of you at home, my dear. Your body
probably won’t like the chemicals they’ll pump into--”
“They haven’t found out what it is for sure,” she said, cutting me

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
The doctor stepped toward us and said, “If you’re not a relative,
please leave. Monica, you have peritonitis, which means that your
intestines are infected, and possibly perforated and bleeding. It’s
“Excuse me?” I said. I feel badly about it now but I had little
patience with doctors’ scare tactics after my experiences. I mirrored
his arrogant, patronizing attitude, and asked him, “Have you every
had peritonitis?”
“No,” he said as if my question were absurd.
“I have. Would that make me more knowledgeable?”
“I’ve treated forty cases of peritonitis and if she leaves she’ll
die,” he asserted.
“How many of those forty patients died?” I asked.
The doctor stammered but quickly recovered, “Twenty-four.”
I motioned for Monica to listen.
“So at worst Monica has a 60% chance of dying in here, is that
The doctor nodded.
“That’s something they won’t normally tell you,” I said to Monica.
“Without treatment she has no chance,” he countered.
“How many cases do you know in which someone had peritonitis
and treated it with wholistic methods?”
“None,” he said firmly.
“Then how would you know that she would die without medical
treatment?” I asked, putting him in checkmate.
“Common sense,” he retorted.
“Do only doctors have this common sense?”
“These are ridiculous questions. If you knew the seriousness of
this infection, you would be embarrassed.”
“Excuse me? Which of the two of us had peritonitis?” I asked.
“I’m not answering any more of your questions.” He turned to
Monica, “Are you going to listen to this character and put your
life in danger? Or do you have some sense?”
“Monica, he’s trying to play you like an untuned piano inside a

Mary laughs, “Did you really say that?!”

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 37
“Yes. Monica laughed but the doctor didn’t. Then I said to Monica:

“According to R.B. Pearson’s research and statistics listed in his
book Man’s Correct Diet, you have a 93% chance of living if you
let me care for you nutritionally. Come on, honey, let’s go home.”
I turned back to the doctor and said, “I’m sorry. I know you mean
well but your logic is off.”
Urgently, he raised his voice, “Don’t you get it? If the infection
isn’t stopped she’ll die.”
Monica’s drug-intoxicated state had the side effect of lowering
her blood pressure and heightening paranoia. She was terrified.
She looked back and forth between the doctor and me.
“Sweetheart, listen to his reasoning. He’s going to treat you with
antibiotics to kill the infection. That will also kill your intestinal
flora. That will destroy your ability to digest food and synthesize
your own proteins and B vitamins. If you can’t properly digest the
nutrients you need, you won’t detoxify and heal properly.”
“I’m warning you, if you don’t stay here and stop the infection
you’ll die for certain,” the doctor countered.
I wanted to suture his mouth. And I’m sure he wanted to suture
mine. The fear on Monica’s face advertised that the doctor’s
unsubstantiated scare tactics had won the debate. I was saddened. I
was angry. But I decided that I should argue no further. I had been
introduced to an ideal concept called unconditional love a few
years ago. It meant respecting Monica’s decision even if her life
were at risk. It was her life and her will be done.
Twenty-four hours later, I stood looking down at her. On her
arms and thighs were badly bruised dome-shaped swellings the
size of quartered tennis balls.
“Monica, please take a look at the blackness around your sunken
eyes, and your sallow complexion. They treat you not knowing
how you’ll react to chemicals,” I cried out.
Drugged, she looked in a hand mirror and laughed, “Don’t be
silly. It’s okay. I’m okay, really. I love you too.”
I couldn’t bear looking at her in that state and keep my mouth
shut. I drove home.
The next morning she had two more bruised swellings on her

Volume One W E W A N T T O L I V E ! - THE PRIMAL DIET
arms. Dr. Pine, the young intern assigned to her, looked over her chart.
“Doctor,” I said gently, “Monica needs live nutrients including
various strains of lactobacillus to aid her digestion. I’m going to
take her home where I can feed her properly.”
He shook his head and gave me a look that said, Oh, you’re one
of those misguided health fanatics. Then he said aloud, “Eating
will exacerbate the infection. I’ll give her a prescription for all the
vitamins and minerals to be added to her I.V. Don’t worry, we’re
taking good care of Monica.”
“Why does she have these lumps and bruises all over her body?”
I pleaded, and then added, “They aren’t healing. They’re getting
worse by the hour.”
“She was allergic to penicillin and three other antibiotics,” he
“It took you seven shots to discover one she was not allergic to?”
“You just said not to worry, you are taking good care of her?”
“Now everything is under control.”
“She has a hundred times more ailments to heal than when she came
in here. Why are you saying you have everything under control?”
“Everything is okay now. I’ll put the vitamins in her I.V. and
she’ll be fine,” he said testily.
“She’s betting her life on your expertise. Will you bet your
expertise on her life?”
“We’ll do the best we can for her. We can’t promise anything,”
he said.
“Doctor, please, you just said you had everything under control
now. Why won’t you put your expertise on her life? I’ll put my
wholistic logic on her life. I’ll even put my life on her life. Why
won’t you?”
“We’re not miracle workers. Will you excuse me, I have many
patients in this hospital who need my help,” he said unnerved and
briskly walked out.
I tried to convince Monica to leave but she was too intoxicated
and drowsy.
In the evening of Monica’s fifth day in the hospital, I stood over

O U T O F T H E G R I P S O F D I S E A S E A N D D E A T H 39
her. Her entire body was sallow with areas of black and blue. She
had a milky stare that I had seen in animals just before they died. I
realized I had to act.
“Monica,” I pleaded, “you have to get hold of yourself. You have
to become sober so you can examine yourself.”
She was so drugged she didn’t care.
“You have to refuse your sedatives and painkillers so you can
make a clear decision about whether you are being helped or
damaged. The nurse is due to give you your 8 o’clock shot. Refuse
it, please. Just until the doctors get here in the morning. Please,
baby, please.”
She smiled. I placed in her hand a jar full of liquefied raw foods.
“This will aid and soothe your intestines,” I said.
“What is it?” she whispered.
“I blended one raw fertile egg, one tomato, 2 tablespoons
unsalted raw butter and two heaping tablespoons of unheated
honey. It also regulates fever.”6
“It doesn’t sound very tasty,” she whispered.
“Will you give it a chance?”
She sipped it. Then, I guess because it was the first food she had
in days, she gulped it. My immediate thought was to stop her. But
her gulping was instinctual.
I put the empty jar back in a bag. When I looked again, she was
asleep. I stared at her frightful appearance. I remembered how
beautiful her blushing color and pretty skin had been.
An hour passed and the raw tomato/butter formula had sobered
her enough. She argued with the nurses against taking any more
medication that night. And she won.
The next morning, I said to Monica, “Sweetheart, look at
yourself.” I pulled the covers down to her ankles and lifted her
She looked at herself in horror, “Oh, my God, I’m going to die.”
“Not if you let me take care of you.” I wondered how I knew
“I’m scared,

Reviews of We Want To Live

“Revolutionary! This is an exciting book. An important
book.” Dr. Robert Atkins, M.D. Author of numerous best
selling diet books

“...a revelation. It is one of the most impressive books I have
ever read.” Ron Strauss, Health writer/editor

“...an impressive addition to any health and medicine
reference book collection.” Wisconsin Bookwatch

“...fascinating...absolute dedication to finding answers...
many, many peoples lives it will empower.” Leslie Kenton,
Author of New Raw Energy; Ageless Aging

“This isn’t just about having disease and trying to heal,
[but]…getting healthier. Marvelous! Scott Cluthe,
KENR, Houston

Endorsements: Malibu Health & Rehabilitation Clinic, Monika
Klein, B.H.Ec, C.N., Clinical Nutritionist, Member I.A.A.C.N.,
Dr. John Finnegan, N.D., Institute for Internal Healing, Kaumari
Research Foundation, Dr. Gene Hummel, Leslie Kenton (Health
researcher, writer, London), Dr. Stephen L. Sokolow

Expanded and Revised in 2005

Through this remarkable but true story of Aajonus’ battle to
save his son from life-threatening injuries following an
automobile accident, we learn how Aajonus healed himself of
terminal cancers, diabetes, bursitis and psoriasis. We learn how
thousands of his clients have healed themselves of hundreds of
“incurable” diseases. All of those miracles were accomplished
simply by eating foods prepared in specific ways and in specific
combinations. Aajonus shares with us the overall, fundamental
premises and practical guidelines that created those phenomenal
At last, all of the disappointments and despair that people have
endured because of failed medical treatments, “miracle-cure”
diets and expensive “magic-bullet” supplements and drug-
therapies can be understood and set aside. The revolutionary
information contained in this book, culled from over 40 years of
medical and naturopathic experience and experimentation, brings
new hope and inspiration to anyone who has ever suffered from
disease or physical decline, or who wishes to increase their peace
of mind, physical and mental vitality, endurance, athletic skills,
and happiness.
This book includes a remedy section listing hundreds of
diseases and ailments, with specific foods and combinations of
foods that people have used to cure themselves. Listed is
everything from beauty tips, the common cold and infant
problems, to aging, muscular dystrophy, HIV and cancer. Most
people who applied the principles of the Primal Diet to their lives
reduced their medical bills by at least 90%. Many people
eliminated their medical bills entirely. Imagine living a life you
control, as well as being healthy and feeling great!


Aajonus Vonderplanitz was a sickly and accident-prone child
who also suffered autism that caused learning, attention and
social disorders. At twelve he survived his first life-and-death
situation from peritonitis that was misdiagnosed and treated as
appendicitis. His health continued to decline throughout his
adolescence. At twenty, he was diagnosed with blood and bone
cancers and given less than six months to live. Medical therapies
made him semi-invalid with three new “incurable” diseases,
along with the medical death sentence of “three months at best”.
His struggle with diseases drove him to pursue the boundaries
of health. He studied and explored every alternative: physical
exercise, psychotherapy, positive-thinking, metaphysics, religion,
dietary regimes, and vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplement
therapies. He obtained substantial results from certain diets.
After his health improved significantly, he traveled for three
years on a bicycle laden with his sleeping bag and four saddle
bags containing books on health, physiology and anatomy. He
adventured the North American continent, living outdoors while
studying the diets and healing methods of various cultural groups
and animals. He discovered a dietary approach that changed his
life and all of his diseases completely reversed. He outlives his
medical death sentence now by three decades, and enjoys
excellent health.
Mr. Vonderplanitz is based in Malibu, California, USA, and
advises people on nutrition all over the world. Disney’s Epcot TV
featured him in an episode entitled “You Are What
You Eat” (1983), FOX-6 News featured him in “The Primal
Diet” (2005), and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not featured him in the
television episode “No Fear of Bacteria” (2002). He fostered
nutritional education on several TV and radio talk shows and
children’s programs (1979-2005). People all over the world seek
his individualized counseling. In 2002, he developed a
companion volume of raw-food recipes with extensive scientific
support for the Primal Diet entitled, The Recipe For Living
Without Disease

Expanded and Revised in 2005


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Volume One
Out of the Grips of Disease and Death
(the story)


Volume Two
(the facts)

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Aajonus Vonderplanitz

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by Aajonus Vonderplanitz.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents: v. 1. Out of the grips of disease and death --
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Expanded and Revised Edition, 2005
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Dedication, and Acknowledgment

Out Of The Grips Of Disease And Death
(the story)
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Healthfully (the facts)
Expanded and Revised in 2005
Understanding the Primal Diet

Introduction – The Raw Truth

Understanding Health Through Food
Questions and Answers
Why Does Live Food Assist Healing?
How Do Cooked And Processed Foods Create Disease?
Why Are Some People Healthy
Even Though They Eat Cooked And Processed Foods?
Why Are Some People More Ill-affected By Cooked And Processed Foods?
If I Lack Enzyme-mutations, What Foods Should I Avoid?
Could I Benefit From Eating Live Food?
What Should I Expect If I Change To Eating A Live-food Diet?

Specifics About Particular Foods

Conversations About the Primal Diet

Obtaining The Foods We Want And Need

Brief Preparation Guide

Vital Food Remedies

Health Methodologies; Opinions And Tips



(In order of appearance in my life)
TO MOM, Dad, my brothers Donald, Douglas, David,
my hundreds of relatives, especially Lanny Sims, to
Ann Ergen, Claudia Fieglein, Ann Gablein, Jack Tepker,
John Maloney, Mary Linder-Marshall, Margaret and
William Linder, my son John Jeffrey, Steve and Elsie
Sanico, Pauline Gerber, Steve Flanagan, Dore
Freeman, Marvin Paige, Lurene Tuttle, Kathy Hill,
Bruno Corigliano, Monica Lauren-Corueil, Terry
Costa, Rení Rodriguez, Dr. Jim Rota, Louis Cangemi,
Yomi Perry, Susan Stewart-Clark, Tony Plana, Myron
Scheinhaus, Paul and Teresita Echaniz, my esteemed
colleague Owanza di Mdina, Charles Berendt,
Benjamin Stewart, Kathy Pattiz, Beatriz Cervantes,
Laura Long, Mary Ivory, Véronique Bertier, Beth
Duffy, all my clients throughout the many years, Kate
Seitz and Debra Powell for their wonderful help
editing this book so many times, Ruth Ross for editing
this revision, and my dear friend Paul Kruhm President
of Carnelian Bay Castle Press.


OWANZA'S knowledgeable and experimental contri-
butions to diet over the years, and to the remedy
section of this book, have enabled me to reach, affect
and facilitate healing of many more people than I
would have otherwise. Owanza thought of the simple
food formula that alters coma. Not only is she
wonderfully insightful, she has been one of the three
most generous, kind and loving people I have known.
My nutritional mentor Bruno Corigliano, and uncle
Lanny Sims are the other two. Bruno and Lanny’s
examples showed me how to evolve to the extent that I
primarily live free of anger, resentment and self-pity,
except when drama is an element of teaching.


Three doctors declared that I would die at age twenty-one after
I had received medical treatments for cancer. I began searching,
experimenting and exploring other means to gain my health. I
discovered that good health most often comes when one eats a
diet consisting of foods that supply the most bioactive nutrients;
they are mentioned throughout the following pages.
Since I was intent on sharing all that I learned, I became a
nutritional counselor and learned more by helping others. The
high point of gratification in my work in the health field is the
saga that We Want To Live; Volume One, Out of the Grips of
Disease and Death
tells. It is the battle I waged when the doctors
said that my son was on his deathbed.


This material has been written and published solely for
educational purposes. The reader understands that the author and
publisher are not engaged in rendering medical advice or
services. The author and publisher provide this information, and
the reader accepts it, with the understanding that each reader will
act on it with full knowledge that, like everything in life, action is
at her or his own risk.
The author and publisher shall have neither liability or
responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss,
damage or injury caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or
indirectly by the information contained in this book.
If you do not wish to be bound by the above, you may
return this book, unread and in perfect condition, for a full




Out Of The Grips
Of Disease And Death

The story
Several names have been changed.

The efficacy of all of the dietary wisdom in this book is from
experience, experimentation, trial and error and does
not rely upon whether we chemically understand
the phenomenon or not.

Although the author would like to, he does NOT imply or
suggest that anyone interfere with medical procedure.

The Appendix contains biochemical, dietary
and nutritional explanations that were too dis-
tracting to the story but they are important to
those with inquiring minds. People have
benefited the most by reading the story through
to the end, and then reading the Appendix.


6 See Appendix E, page 137.
~ I N D E X ~

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HIV and, 272
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allergies. See also asthma
formula for, 155–156
fruits, cooked or processed
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Owanza allergic reactions,
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recipes for allergies to insect
acupressure, 325
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addictions. See also alcoholism
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healing, 79
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overview, 191–192
disease. See also specific diseases
dandruff, 253
defined, 54
dates, non-steamed, 138
distilled water, 143–144
Death Cap mushroom experience,
diverticulitis, 259
58–61, 85, 126
dizziness, 259
dehydration, 201–202, 253
altering of with vaccines,
blood sugar and, 50
causes of and remedies for,
of fetus, 336
mutations, 129
formula for, 155
volatile toxins and, 201
hypoglycemia and, 70
overview of, 254
aspirin family, 156
dermatitis, 254–255
causing cellular malnutrition,
detoxification process
of drugs, 256–257
damage caused by, 20
in elderly, 214–215
detoxification of, 131–132,
fruits and, 188
microbes contributing to, 20
foods for negative effects of,
nut formula and, 194
overview of, 255
HIV and, 272
of radiation, 257
interference with healing
stopping, 255–256
from, 102, 129–131
side effects of, 151–153
defined, 142
storing in tissue experiment,
depression and, 254
overview of, 258
testing and promotion of,
pasteurized and homogenized
milk products and, 193
testing in "controlled"
seeds and, 194
environments, 129
unheated honey and, 189
weaning off, 103
diaper rash, 277
dryness, skin and generalized. See
aging; fat deficiency
balancing effects of, 144
dyspepsia. See indigestion
in infants, 277

overview of, 258–259

~ E ~
intestinal infections and, 280
E. coli, mutation of, 197
unheated honey and, 13, 189
ear infection, 260
eating before sleep, 331


ecology, 331
PMS and, 304
eczema. See dermatitis
polio and, 303
EDD or EDSD (electro dermal
prostatitis and, 304
screening devices), 332–333
psoriasis and, 304
edema, 260–261
rheumatic fever and, 307
eggs, raw
rheumatism and, 307–308
binding with dead cells and
rhinitis and, 308
waste, 148
scurvy and, 310
for Chrone's disease, 247
for stiffness, 312
for colic, 127–128
swollen glands and, 314
egg whites, 185
syphilis and, 314
to offset effects of drugs, 76
tonsillitis and, 315
overview, 184–185
tuberculosis and, 317
refrigeration and storage and,
ulcers and, 318
VD and, 320
spoiled, 185
elderly, and detoxification
defined, 170
process, 214–215
destruction of by heat, 182
electric heating pads, 260
epilepsy, 261
electro dermal screening devices,
epoxy, story of detoxification of,
213–214, 332
electrolytes and mineral water,
Eskimos, and high meat, 142
exercise, 333
emotionality, and raw fruit, 188
expression of self, 333
emphysema, 261
enzyme mutations
eyestrain, 262
acne and, 216–217
inflammation and irritation.
AIDS and, 220
See conjunctivitis
allergies and, 222
night blindness, 295–296
Alzheimer's disease and, 222
pain in, 299
angina pectoris and, 224
vision and focus disorders,
chronic fatigue syndrome
and, 247

cooked and processed foods

and, 172–174
~ F ~
cooked proteins and, 272
family planning, 333–334
cooked red or orange fruits
fasting, 70, 334
and vegetables and, 172–
fat resins, and vegetable oils, 173
fatigue. See also chronic fatigue
cystic fibrosis and, 252
syndrome; stress
hyperactivity and, 272
overview of, 262
overweight and, 296
parasites and, 299
alcoholism and, 220
pellagra and, 300
benefits of excess, 162


dissolving hardened, 178
flu shots, 135
pasteurized, 14
fluoride in water, 326–327
fats, raw
aging and, 218
as form of detox, 20
asphyxiation and, 227
formula for, 155–156
for blood-sugar problems,
overview of, 278–279
food addiction, 264
brain fluids and, 63
food allergy symptoms, 222
cancer and, 148–149, 240
food combining, 188
cholesterol and, 246
food cravings and desires, 114–
deficiencies of, 148–149, 262
with fruit, 138
Food poisoning, bacterial, 68, 96,
inability to digest, 149
overview, 185–187
foods, cooked
during pregnancy, 337
bacteria and, 68, 96
seizures and, 55
Black Elk on, 158
solubility of, 146
defined, 182–183
storing in body, 162
depletion of nutrients and,
feet. See athlete's foot; foot
enzyme mutations and, 172–
formula for regulating, 39
food poisoning in, 96
in infants, 277
green, 174
overview of, 262–263
hospital food, 95
fever blisters, 263–264
inability to maintain health
with, 154–155
cooked, 183
red or orange, 173–174
Primal Diet and, 187
to stop detoxification, 215
fingernails. See nails
toxins released in, 145
fingertips, pain in, 298
foods, raw
fish, raw
bacterial food poisoning and,
alcoholism and, 220
farmed, 187
Chrone's disease and, 247
oils, 187
in cleansing the body of
to rebuild and regenerate
drugs, 131–132
nerves, 67, 138
cravings and desires for,
for sleep problems, 155
flash pasteurized products, 142
healing process and, 212–215
flax seed oil
moldy food experiments,
benefits of, 195
cancer and, 241
obtaining raw, organic, 208
refrigeration and storage and,
value of, 170
foot problems. See also athlete's


overview of, 265–266
overview of, 264–265
urethra infection or pain and,
pain in, 298–299
formaldehyde, and meningitis,
garlic, 188–189
gastritis, 266
fowl (raw), for nerves, 67
gelatin products, 189
fractures. See brittle bones;
genetic illness, 173
broken bones
germ theory, 20, 132
fresh air, 334–335
German measles, 287–288
frostbite remedies. See burns
ginger root, and memory loss
frozen food, 188
remedy, 288
fructose, 200
gingivitis. See pyorrhea
cooked or processed red,
overactive (Louis' case), 67
swollen, 314
to digest fats, 149
glands, animal
frequency of consumption,
raw, 144–145
toxins stored in, 150
overview of, 188
glaucoma, 266
raw, 142
gluten, and celiac disease, 245
with raw fats, 138
goat's milk, raw, 127
refrigeration and, 197–198
goiter, 266
unripe, 188
gonorrhea, 266–267
fruit juice
gout, 267
pasteurized, 66
grain. See also starch, cooked
raw and juiced, 142
Chrone's disease and, 247
ridding body of cellulite and,
cooked, 183–184
digestibility of, 147
fruitarian diets
moldy, 223
case of Owanza, 145–146
grapefruit juice, for colitis, 249
defined, 335
green cooked foods, and enzyme
hypoglycemia and, 70
mutations, 174
protein and, 124
growing pains, 298
gums. See also pain; pyorrhea
common colds and, 249
gum sensitivity, 298
creation of by body for
overview of teeth and gum
detoxification, 237–238
disorders, 316–317
fungus infections, 156. See
teething in infants, 277
also athlete's foot; candida

overview of, 265

~ H ~
~ G ~
hair. See also balding
hair spray substitute, 335


halitosis, 267–268
uncooked, 12
hands, pain in, 298–299
indigestion and, 275
hay fever, 268
infants and, 276, 277
head lettuce, 114–115
for liver, 248
headaches, 140, 155, 268–269
overview of, 189
healing process, 212–215
health methodologies, 325–339
excess, and volatile toxins,
heart. See also angina pectoris
and; arteriosclerosis;
in processed milk, 193
atherosclerosis; heart disease
production of in women, 289
flax seed oil and, 195
horseradish, and miscarriage, 292
heart attack, 269
hospital food, 95
heart disease, 269–270
hot bath routine, 255–256
hemophilia, 270
for lymphatic congestion,
hemorrhage, 270, 333-334
hemorrhoids, 270–271
sciatica and, 309
hot water bottles, 241–242
overview of, 271
hydrogenated oils, 194–195
from yellow fever vaccine,
itchy skin and, 281
herbivores, 147
overview of, 272–273
reasons and formula for, 155
fresh and raw, 324
hypertension, 273
herbal therapy and, 335
hyperthyroid, 273
herpes, 271–272
hypoglycemia. See also blood
heterocyclic amines, and anger,
causes of and remedies for,
in infants, 277
depression and, 70, 254
overview of, 272
fruitarian/vegetarian diet and,
high blood pressure, 233
high meat, 142–143
overview of, 274
HIV, 272
hypothyroid. See thyroid
hives. See also itchy skin

case of Owanza, 145–146

homeopathy, 336

honey, unheated. See also butter,
~ I ~
butter/honey combination
ice cream, raw, 189–190
benefits of, 100
impetigo, 274
to digest fats, 149
impotency, 274–275
dissolving, 210
indigestion, 275–276
enzymes and, 215
infant problems, 276–277
vs. heated, "raw" and


bladder infections, 233. See
Susan's IUD experience and,
also urethra infection
butter, raw and, 100
irradiated foods
cause of, 331
defined, 183
defined, 54
overview, 190
ear infections, 260
irritability, 155
fungus infections. See also
itchy skin
athlete's foot; candida
hives, 145–146
from antibiotics, 156
impetigo, 274
of intestines, 280–281
overview of, 281–282
kidney infections, 282
rectal itching, 307
toxicity and, 68
IUD case (Susan), 53–55
yeast infections, 156

infertility, 278

influenza. See flus
~ J ~
Inoculations: The True Weapons
jars, for blending, 209–210
of Mass Destruction, 319
jaundice, 282
insect bites, 279
accident description, 18
recipes for allergies to insect
body temperature, formula to
fluids, 285
increase, 88
Dilantin and, 52, 56, 102,
insomnia formula, 155
122–123, 126
overview of, 280
doctors' failed prognosis, 96
instinct and intuition
foods for brain swelling,
in choosing foods, 114–115
coma and drugs, 44
development of, 47
in intensive care, 30–31
raw foods and, 154–155
iridology analysis, 53
insulin. See also hypoglycemia
low blood pressure, formula
excessive, 215
for, 86
over-production of, 142–143
natural carbonation to reduce
overweight and, 296
brain fluids, 72
problems with use of, 258
raw custard formula, 56
unheated honey and, 189
raw fats and brain fluids, 63
solid food formula, 75
infections of, 280–281. See
water in brain, 19
also peritonitis
x-rays of brain damage, 44
intestinal cramps, 280
Jill's case, 113
intestinal worms, 68
joints. See arthritis
ulcers, 318
Jones, Dr. Harbin B., 238–239
analysis of Jeff, 53
fruit juice
Jeff and, 53
moldy raspberry juice,
rust spots and, 141


pasteurized, 66
~ L ~
raw, 142
for night blindness, 296
as alkalizing food, 178
pasteurized, 66
lemon juice, 155
vegetable juice
for liver, 248
cabbage juice, for
for temple pain, 298
hemophilia, 270
lettuce, head, 114–115
cabbage juice, for
hemorrhage, 270
Aajonus and, 16, 22–24
and enzyme replacement,
case of Jill, 113, 126
lice, 284
overview, 201
lime juice, 155
with raw cheese, for
insect bites and, 279
brain swelling, 44
parasites and, 299
ridding body of cellulite
lipid peroxides, and anger, 224
and, 186
liver. See also cirrhosis; hepatitis;
watercress juice, for
night blindness, 296
alcoholism and, 220

overview of liver problems,

~ K ~
sciatica and, 309
liver (animal), for rebuilding, 142
for colitis, 249
Louis' case, 67
raw, plain, 137, 190–191
low blood circulation headaches,
superiority over yogurt, 203
in wine/vinegar salad
low blood pressure formulas, 49,
dressing, 202
86, 233
keloidal tissue
low blood protein. See proteins in
Aajonus and, 23, 24
defined, 16
low blood sugar. See
kidney infections, 282
lubrication formula
kidney stones, 282, 319
for bursitis, 236–237
peppers and problems with,
for fat deficiency, 262
prior to giving birth, 328
recipe for, 210
knee injuries (Oscar's case),
for stiffness, 312
Lyme disease, 284–285
pain behind, 298–299
Koch, Dr. William F., 134
detoxification of. See
kwashiorkor, 283

lymphatic congestion,

overview, 286–287


lysine, in raw foods, 220
meningitis, 289


menstrual cramps, 290
~ M ~
regulation of, 290
mental illness, 290–291
cooked and processed foods
mental malfunctions, 288
and, 171–172
mercury, and meningitis, 289
drugs causing cellular
metabolic typing, 336
malnutrition, 134
kwashiorkor, 283
from canned foods, 179–180
overview of, 287
chelation therapy and, 330
pellagra, 300
methodologies, health, 325–337
rickets and, 308
migraines, 269
scurvy and, 310
from use of vaccines, 134
pasteurized and
vitamin deficiencies, 321–
homogenized, 192–193
manic depression (Barbara's
for colic, 127–128
case), 103
digestibility formula, 127
Man's Correct Diet, 37
obtaining, 208
Marshall, Jeff. See Jeff
overview of, 186, 191–
massages, lymphatic, 287
measles, 287–288
refrigeration and storage
meats, raw
and, 198
aging and, 161, 219
mineral water
blood types and, 150
benefits of, 215
for blood-sugar problems,
for binding and neutralizing
toxins, 72
healing power of fats in, 187
calming adrenals and, 225
high meat, 142–143
vs. distilled water, 143–144
non-organically grown, 145,
electrolyte balance and, 215
naturally sparkling mineral
overcoming squeamishness,
for alkalinization, 155
overview, 191
benefits of, 215
refrigeration and, 197
calming adrenals and,
to replace dead cells, 100
toxin storages in, 144–145
defined, 180
medication. See drugs
oxygen and, 72
melanin, and AIDS, 219
menopause, 289–290
mineral deficiency formula,
memory loss, 288
Mendelsohn, Dr. Robert, 79
mineral imbalance. See
Menière's syndrome, 288


overview of deficiency of,
mutations. See also enzyme
radical, 66
caused by vaccinating
animals, 135
induced, 333–334
DNA/RNA mutations, 129
overview of, 292
myelin, and tightness in the body,
Moisturizing/Lubrication formula
for bursitis, 236–237

candida and, 244

for fat deficiency, 262
~ N ~
prior to giving birth, 328
Naessens, Gaston, 134
recipe for, 210
for stiffness, 312
nail biting, 295
molasses, 193
nail polish detoxification, 257
molds, as healing agent, 20
nail problems, 295
moldy foods
symptoms of mineral
miscarriage and, 292
deficiency and, 291
moldy berry experiments,
naps, 83
Native American diet, 147, 158–
moldy grains, 223
moldy raspberry juice, 255
naturally sparkling mineral water
Monica's case, 39–43
for alkalinization, 155
mononucleosis, 292–293
benefits of, 215
motion sickness, 293
calming adrenals and, 225
mucus, healing action of, 34
defined, 180
multiple sclerosis
oxygen and, 72
fat resins and, 173
nausea, 155
overview of, 293–294
with liver problems, 248, 285
muscle meat, non-organic, 145,
motion sickness, 293
overview of, 295
during pregnancy, 337
muscle cramps, 294
muscle pain, 298
flax seed oil and, 195
muscle soreness, overview of,
foods for rebuilding and
regenerating, 67
muscular dystrophy, 294
health of, 290–291
raw chicken and fish for, 138
Death Cap mushroom
nervous system
experience (Aajonus), 58–
Louis' case, 67
61, 85, 126
salt and, 115
poisoning, effects of, 59, 126
neural problems. See nerves; pain
protein utilization and, 290
night blindness, 295–296
mutant antibodies, 134–136
night sweats, 263


nut formula
benefits of, 195
for adrenal exhaustion, 218
cataracts and, 245
as anti-aging formula, 218–
to dissolve dead cells, 148
refrigeration and storage and,
anxiousness and, 225
for Bell’s palsy, 232
orange cooked fruits and
celiac disease and, 245
vegetables, 174, 175
excess adrenaline and, 224
oranges, with avocados, as
for food allergies, 222
aphrodisiac, 124–125
hyperactivity and, 273
organically grown foods, 195–
itchy skin and, 281
for paranoia, 299
organs (animal), raw, 144–145
for Parkinson’s disease, 300
Oscar's case, knee injury, 89
recipe for, 194
osteoporosis, 193
scoliosis and, 309–310
overeating, 264
for stress, 313
overweight, 296–297. See also
for thyroid problems, 315
for trauma, 317
for vertigo, 320
cancer remedies of, 241
for vitamin deficiency, 321–
case of, 145–150
constipation remedy of, 251
for yeast infections, 322
observation about AIDS, 219
nuts and seeds, raw and unsalted,
state of illness and recovery,

theory of food addiction, 264

~ O ~
importance of, 329
obesity. See also overweight
naturally carbonated mineral
cause of, 183
water and, 72
oils. See also olive oil; vegetable
oysters, raw
in aphrodisiac formula, 125
encapsulated, 187
mineral deficiencies and, 144
fish oils, 187

hardening of, 162

overview of, 194–195
~ P ~
on salads, and vitamin
deficiency, 322
anemia, and pain behind
oils, raw. See also olive oil;
knees, 298
vegetable oils
bananas, with honey/butter,
overview, 194–195
for pain and muscles, 79
refrigeration and storage and,
eye pain, 299
fingertip pain, 298
olive oil
foot pain, 298–299
acne scaring and, 217
gallstones and urethra pain,


storage of in body, 156
growing pains, 298
peppers, 196
lemons, for temple pain, 298
peritonitis. See also intestines,
from meningitis, 289
infections of
muscle pain, 298
case of Monica, 36–42, 137–
overview of, 297–299
recipes for, 297–298
Susan's IUD experience and,
from shingles, 299
in throat, 299
pernicious anemia, 301
tooth pain, 298
turkey for pain of broken
basics of, 196
bones, 297
hyperactive children and,
urethra pain, 319
pancreas. See also hypoglycemia
pesticides, 196
rebuilding, 142, 258
pet diets, 336
phlebitis, 301
benefits of, 196
eating with meats, 188
arteriosclerosis and, 226
paranoia, 299
for broken bones, 234
eating with meats, 188
beneficial action of, 68
"pink eye", 250–251
creation of by body for
PMS (premenstrual syndrome),
detoxification, 237–238
overview of, 299–300
pneumonia, 302
raw meat and, 197
poison ivy, oak and sumac, 302–
salt and, 206
worms, intestinal, 68
poisonous mushrooms
Parkinson’s disease, 300
Death Cap mushroom
experience (Aajonus), 58–
as alkalizing food, 178
61, 85, 126
as juice for bitot's spots, 232
effects of, 59, 85, 126
Pasteur, Louis, 132–133
pasteurized products
increased incidence through
flash pasteurized products,
vaccines and drugs, 135–
pasteurized juice, 66
overview of, 303
pasteurized fat, 14
polio vaccines
paté, 211
incidents of polio and, 135
peanut oil, and refrigeration and
polio experiment and, 130–
storage, 198–199
pellagra, 300
pollen-related allergies, 222
pollution from vehicles. See
detox of, 117–118
asphyxiation; nausea


potatoes, need for in some people,
pyorrhea, 305–306
Pottinger, Dr. Francis, 331. See
defined, 142
also Price-Pottinger Foundation
PMS and, 304

for conjunctivitis, 251

making, 211
~ R ~
rabbit/coyote experience, 118–
antibiotics and, 156
miscarriage, 292, 333–334
overview of, 336–337
case of Owanza and radiation
premenstrual syndrome (PMS),
therapy, 148
detoxification of, 257
preservatives and pesticides, 196
radiation burn, 306
Price-Pottinger Foundation, 96,
radical vitamins and minerals, 66
331, 336
rage. See also anger;
Primal Diet
blood types in, 150–151
remedy for, 115
cancer theory, 148–149
rain water, 144
effects of changing to, 175–
diaper rash, 277
liver healing and, 271–272
overview of, 306
Primal Facial Body Care Cream
Ray's wife's case, 73–74, 143–
for acne, 217
for poison ivy, oak and
sumac, 302–303
baths, additions to, 326–327
for skin beautification, 328
cream, raw
products, obtaining list of, 208
ice cream, 189–190
prostatitis, 304
whipped cream, 203
custard formula, 56
cooked, and Alzheimer's
hair spray, 335
disease, 223
honey/butter alternatives, 179
during pregnancy, 337
lubrication formula, 210
proteins in blood
nut formula, 194
Alzheimer's disease and,
for pain
general pain formula,
anxiousness and, 225
lack of and menstrual
tooth pain, 298
cramps, 290
remedies for ailments
low levels of, 155
allergies to insect fluids,
the shakes and, 310
sleep and, 331
appendicitis, 225
vaccine damage to, 134
arthritis, 226
psoriasis, 305
bedwetting, 231


bladder infections, 233
royal jelly
liniment for sprains, 312
overview, 199
liver problems, 285
to strengthen cells, 263
lymphatic congestion,


menstrual cramps, 290
~ S ~
muscular dystrophy, 294
salad dressing, 199, 202
night blindness, 296
salads, vegetable
radiation burn, 306
diverticulitis and, 259
salve for rashes, 306
how to eat, 201
smoking addiction, 311–
oils on, and vitamin
deficiency, 322
sore throat, 312
salmonella, 68
sunburn, 313
syphilis, 314
craving of, 308–309
salad dressing, 199, 202
detoxification of, 257
sauces, 199–200
formula when craving, 144
skin beautification, 327–328
headaches and, 140
high blood pressure headache
chocolate substitute, 181
and, 268
coffee substitute and
negative effects of, 115, 144,
detox, 182
rectal itching, 307
overview, 199
red or orange cooked fruits and
sauces, 199–200
vegetables, 174
saunas, 326–327
refrigeration and storage, 197–
schizophrenia (Barbara's case),
rest, 338
sciatica, 309
rheumatic fever, 307
scoliosis, 309–310
rheumatism, 307–308
scurvy, 310
rheumatoid arthritis. See arthritis;
sea salt
headaches and, 140
rhinitis, 308
negative effects of, 144
rice cakes, need for in some
sedatives, detoxification of, 257
people, 184
seed oils, 162
rickets, 308
Dilantin and, 52, 74, 102,
altering with vaccines, 134–
raw fat and, 55, 102
of fetus, 336
self-expression, 333
mutations, 129
the shakes, 310
volatile toxins and, 201
shell fish, raw, 144
root canals, 316


overview of, 310–311
pain from, 299
stomach acid, 313
stomach flu, 279
saunas and steam baths and,
ulcers, 318
storage and refrigeration, 197–
shower filters, 327
sunbathing and, 334
sinusitis, 311
nutrition and, 106
size, gain on Primal Diet, 146
overview of, 313
skin. See also dermatitis;
stretch marks, 337
stroke, 313
dryness of. See aging; fat
Struever, Dr. Stuart, 147
itchy, 281–282
brown sugar, raw, 196
skin cancer and sunshine, 334
overview, 200
skin ulcers, 318
sugar substitutes, 200
skin lotions, 334–335
sunburn, 235, 313
eating before, 331
muscular dystrophy and, 294
naps, 83
overview of, 334–335
on raw diet, 176
sinusitis and, 311
sleep and rest overview, 338
suntan lotions, 334–335
sleep problems formula, 155
sleeplessness, 280
avoiding (Louis' case), 67
smoking addiction, 311–312
lack of balanced nutrients in,
for colds and flu, 20
surgery, preparation for, 314
described, 200
Susan's case, 53–55
sore throat, 312
swollen glands, 314
soy, 196
symptoms, value of, 171–172
spinal meningitis, 289
sprains, 312
case of Byron, 151–153
starch, cooked. See also grain
overview of, 314
breads, 184

for depression, 142–143

detoxification process and,
~ T ~
tapeworms, 299
overview of, 183–184
teas, 149
potatoes, need for in some
teeth. See also pyorrhea
people, 183–184
abscessed, 216
steam baths, 326–327
overview of teeth and gum
stiffness, 312–313
disorders, 316–317
Stimson, Henry L., 135
teething in infants, 277
stomach. See also gastritis;
tooth pain, 298


temperatures. See also body
turkey, raw
temperature, formula to
overview, 200–201
for pain of broken bones, 297
optimal limits in foods, 215–


temples, pain in, 298
~ U ~
theobromine, in chocolate, 65
ulcers, 318
throat, pain in, 299
thyroid. See also goiter
causes of, 318
overactive. See hyperactivity;
eating to compensate for, 176
unripe fruits, 188
overview of thyroid
urethra infection or pain, 318–319
problems, 315
rhinitis and, 308
as acne therapy, 217
rickets and, 308
for poison ivy, oak and
thyroid supplements, 308,
sumac, 302
for yeast infections, 323
underweight and, 318


and overweight, 296
~ V ~
salt and, 309
tightness in the body, 299
amino acids and, 136–137
tomatoes, raw
as cause of hepatitis, 135
as appendicitis remedy, 225
flu shots, 135
arthritis remedy, 226
meningitis and, 289
in brain tumor formula, 73–
overview of, 132–135
Pasteur and, 132–133
cancer and, 241
polio vaccines
for colitis, 249
incidents of polio and,
for nausea, 248
tomato/butter formula
polio experiment and,
(Monica), 39
tonsillitis, 315–316
vaccine-induced diseases
toxic blood stream headaches,
(VID), 319
vaginitis, 322–323
toxins. See also volatile toxins
vanilla extract
aging and, 218
for low thyroid, 315
in animals, 144–145
overview, 200
cancer and, 237
varicose veins, 320
transient depression, 254
VD (venereal disease), 320. See
trauma, 317
also gonorrhea; syphilis
tuberculosis, 317
vegetable juice
tumors, 238
and enzyme replacement, 215


overview, 201
VID (vaccine-induced diseases),
with raw cheese, for brain
swelling, 44
vinegar. See apple cider vinegar
ridding body of cellulite and,
violent behavior, 139
watercress juice, for night
creation of by body, 239
blindness, 296
described, 278–279
vegetable oils
as detoxifying agents, 132–
cooked, 146
fat resins and, 173
flus and, 278–279
flax seed oil
as healing agent, 20, 130–131
benefits of, 195
syphilis, 151
refrigeration and storage
vision and focus disorders, 321
and, 198
vital foods, 191
hardening of, 162
hydrogenated, 194–195
radical, 66
olive oil
Vitamin C
benefits of, 195
detoxification of
to dissolve dead cells,
supplements, 257
problems with
refrigeration and storage
supplements of, 141–
and, 198
refrigeration and storage and,
vitamin deficiencies, 321–
in salad dressing, 199
volatile toxins. See also cirrhosis,
seed oils, 162
of the liver
wheat germ oil, 198
causes of, 215
vegetables. See also salads,
edema and, 260
fever blisters and, 263
cooked or processed green,
hemorrhoids and, 270
herpes and, 271
cooked or processed red, and
overview, 201–202
fat resins, 173
psoriasis and, 304
cooked red or orange fruits
swollen glands and, 314
and vegetables, 172–175
tuberculosis and, 317
vegetarian diets
vomit, and cancer, 240
Aajonus' experience on, 118–
Vonderplanitz, Aajonus
acne, 23
case of Owanza, 145–146
appendectomy, 27–29
fruitarian diets, 124
blood sugar and adrenaline
hypoglycemia and, 70
fluctuations, 50
venereal disease, 320. See also
blood sugar elevation
gonorrhea; syphilis
formula, 53
vertigo, 320
bursitis, 23


case of Owanza and, 145–
warts, 265
chemotherapy, 16, 22–24
distilled, 143–144
colds and flu, 26–27
mineral water. See also
contacting, 324
naturally sparkling mineral
coyote/raw meat experience,
benefits of, 215
Death Cap mushroom
calming adrenals and,
experience, 58–61, 85, 126
detoxification of epoxy and,
vs. distilled water, 143–
213–214, 332
diabetes, 23
electrolyte balance and,
early life and upbringing,
overview, 202
instinct and intuition,
raw fats and, 146
development of, 47
water retention, 146, 260
keloid, 16, 23–24
watercress juice, for night
leukemia (multiple
blindness, 296
myeloma), 16, 22–24
watermelon, in aphrodisiac
low blood pressure formula,
formula, 125
weight gain on Primal Diet, 146
meeting with Black Elk, 156–
wheat germ oil, storage of, 198
wheat grass juice, and acidity,
naps and, 83
near-death experience, 45–49
whipped cream, 203
penicillin detox, 117–118
wine, raw and organic, 178
peritonitis, 27
wine/vinegar salad dressing, 202
polio vaccine and, 27
worms. See also parasites
presentation to cancer
intestinal, 68
support group, 104–113

psoriasis, 23

radiation therapy, 16, 22–24
~ X ~
raw food revelation, 48
X-rays, 257, 306
syphilis (case of Byron) and,


ulcer surgery, 16, 21–22
~ Y ~
on vegetarian raw diet, 118–
enzyme mutations and, 184
yoga ashrams experience,
juice of for women's
hormones, 289

yeast, primary, in brain tumor

formula, 74
~ W ~
yeast infections


causes of, 156
overview of, 322–323
yeasts, as healing agents, 20
yellow fever vaccine, 135
yellow foods, 174–175
yogurt, 137, 203

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