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Our purpose... to give you the facts about nutrition, diet and living without disease along with recipes so you can live a healthy life.

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Return Policy

You may return any book(s) purchased via this website within 15 days for a full refund, provided it is received back by us in perfect condition, showing no damage. The refund will be to the person who paid for the book.

Shipping policy

We ship all over the world. Within the USA the items should arrive within 12 business days by the US Postal Service. The rate is $4.50 for one book, $6.50 for two books; to ship to California requires 8.25% sales tax, to ship to Ohio requires 7.25% (of book plus shipping) tax.
You may order as many items as you wish at one time.
Outside the USA, US Postal Service rates and delivery times apply.
If an item is received by you in damaged condition, inform us of the details by e-mail to so we can retrieve it and send a new item.

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