12 Years on the Primal Diet and Going Strong…

“I’ve been on the wonderful Primal Diet 12 years. When I first found Aajonus, I had some numbing in my arms. He saw in my irises that I had the onset of MS! I strictly followed his diet recommendations. At a checkup 1 1/2 years later, no signs remained!

Also soon after beginning the Primal Diet, my peri-menopause reversed, and only came back 2 years ago, at age 54. A number of other nice youthing things happened! And I have better color and more energy than many 20 year-olds I know. Whenever I’ve had a health issue, Aajonus‘s advice has always been right on and worked. Our doggie is also Primal Diet and the picture of health.

Recently I visited a 54 year old lady with MS in a nursing home. I was filled with compassion and gratitude that this could have been me. Thank you, Aajonus, for your work.”

Bess M. in Texas

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