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  1. Hi There,
    I would like to read the other articles in the Primal Diet Newsletter of July 31, 2012 it comes up only with the truck sabotage article. how do I download and read the others?

  2. Hello, Jo! To see an index of Primal Diet newsletters, from the earliest to the latest, log in then use the Member Content drop down menu to select Primal Diet newsletters. When you click
    on each link, you will see each complete newsletter in PDF which you can print, save to your computer or just view in the archive any time you want.

  3. hello,

    Did the sign up stuff but can’t login. Also purchased the book, we want to live but can’t get the download. Assist please and thank you Lulu

  4. Hello,
    Okay I finally got registered and logged in. I have not received the download for which I paid with paypal for the ebook i want 2 live. Can you help please?

    Thanks lulu

  5. Store bought butter is not raw, however raw is greatly difficult, so is regular butter O K to use in the recipes?

    1. Hello, Philip! If you live in the USA, please note that there are now 9 states in which retail sale of raw milk is approved. I don’t know where you live but very likely there is a way to get raw butter to you. includes Aajonus’ Raw Food list. I will email that to you as a PDF once I see your order. Otherwise, just to answer your question, raw butter has value that is completely lost when pasteurized milk is used.

  6. I have been raised vegetarian by parents for 20 years until I got ill with brain fog and low energy.
    I had only eaten cooked grain, cooked vegetables, and heavily cooked fish, chicken, and eggs (omelet). The meat was rubbery and chewy and I could not digest. I was forced to drink milk but it made me nauseous every time so I put lots of nesquik chocolate powder.

    I have tried many other diets. This is my last hope.

    I am new to animal food and the recordings will help me hear people’s questions to him and his individualized answers so I can try to apply it to myself.

  7. It is good to have you with us, Rohan. One priority would be developing sources for all the good food you are eating. Another priority would be to select the daily regimen you will want to start; the main options start on page 40 or thereabouts in The Recipe for Living Without Disease.

  8. Hello,

    Do you have any history of this diet being adopted long term by competitive bodybuilders to add significant amounts of lean muscle? I can see the diet being used periodically to drop weight as most modified keto diets are in bodybuilding…. I was wondering what experience you had in this area?

    1. Hello, Dale! Your questions require a longer reply than you may have expected. Re: the last question – the site was a joint venture with Aajonus and the person who built the site (me – Jim). He left us two trusts in which to carry on his work; the Optimal Ways of Living trust now has an interest in the site, with a portion of any funds received going to that trust. This leads to the earlier questions: Aajonus wanted the password-protected part of the site to have a search ability. There are over 1200 pages (any one page could be up to about 60 pages if you were to print it out – but it is called a ‘page’. There is a lot in there including all of the Primal Diet newsletters which Aajonus used as a way of communicating his ongoing research and information. In there you will be able to see the various attempts on his life. He was severely affected in the year 2009 and that is covered in a couple of newsletters, even with some photos. The actual fall from the balcony in his home in Thailand was an accident.

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