Aajonus Answers Questions – Audio Recording of Q&A sessions 2012 – 2013

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    Aajonus Answers Questions – Audio recordings of Q&A Sessions 2012 – 2013 Important Note:  These Q&As are being opened to you as a subscriber because you are someone I trust and that Aajonus would and/or did trust so [...]

Juicer Info from Aajonus – Norwalk and Greenstar

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The following is from Aajonus, in response to questions: In about 1996, I took one bag from a Norwalk user and looked at it under an electronic microscope and compared it with a new unused bag. The old one (about [...]

Aajonus Gives Vital Info in Q&A of May 29th, 2011

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Aajonus talks to us about achieving health through raw food and a healthy lifestyle. Transcript for Audio Recording of Aajonus’ Question & Answer Session to Attendees of a Primal Potluck Date: 29 May, 2011 Transcriber: Colin  [Thank you, Colin, from [...]

Aajonus Q&A July 10th, 2011 – Vital Information and Updates

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I made and designed a magnetic pillow because I have a Prius. Every time I drive 2½ hours down to San Diego I would get aches in the back of my legs and behind my knees, especially the right one [...]

Aajonus Makes a New Recommendation, Tells Us Who His Dentist Was and More in Q&A of May 26, 2013

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Q: One thing before we start. How did you like the flyer I made? A: It’s good. Q: Okay.; trying to get people to come out. A: To the point. Concise. Q: But one thing Mike Murphy said, I have [...]

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