Aajonus Covers Vital Topics in May 27, 2012 Q&A

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Aajonus’ Question & Answer Session to Attendees of a Primal Potluck Date: May 27, 2012   Transcriber: Colin M…   – We thank you, Colin. Location: Carlsbad, California A = Aajonus G = Group A: Ok, I’m just going to go around [...]

Aajonus – Vital Q&A of February 1, 2004

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A: Okay, so let’s go ahead and get started. Alright, we’ll start with Jim over here. Okay, question. Q: This is regarding building bacteria in the intestines. Like what is friendly for that and what is harmful or cuts it [...]

Aajonus Gives Remedies For Many Things in the Q&A of September26, 2010

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Aajonus Answers Questions at the 26 Sept 2010 Q&A Q:  Herbs A: I have been experimenting with herbal compresses.   My first building in Thailand was built facing the wrong direction – away from the lake so had to have it [...]

Aajonus Answers Questions – Audio Recording of Q&A sessions 2012 – 2013

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    Aajonus Answers Questions – Audio recordings of Q&A Sessions 2012 – 2013 Important Note:  These Q&As are being opened to you as a subscriber because you are someone I trust and that Aajonus would and/or did trust so [...]

Juicer Info from Aajonus – Norwalk and Greenstar

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The following is from Aajonus, in response to questions: In about 1996, I took one bag from a Norwalk user and looked at it under an electronic microscope and compared it with a new unused bag. The old one (about [...]

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