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I was Near Death at 78 Pounds; The Only Thing That Saved My Life Was This Book…

…”For three years I struggled with chronic fatigue and an unexplained, uncontrolled weight loss down to 78 pounds. I took every conceivable test and tried every remedy. I also followed diets from several different nutritional philosophies. Nothing really worked until I met Aajonus. In six months on his diet I gained 70 pounds of athletic weight and my body felt recharged. Two years later, I feel healthier than I did prior to becoming ill.” Jeff S., age 35 St.Louis,MO

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Hear what the author Aajonus Vonderplanitz has to say about his own journey and how he makes it possible for you, because he fought these health battles himself.

To listen to a very revealing  interview of Aajonus, click here:  Aajonus is interviewed on the Livin La Vida Low Carb Show

“Three doctors declared that I would die at age twenty-one after I had received medical treatments for cancer. I began searching, experimenting and exploring other means to gain my health… I discovered that good health most often comes when one eats a diet consisting of foods that supply the most bioactive nutrients; they are mentioned throughout the following pages.” Aajonus Vonderplanitz, nutritionist and author

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Lead the life you want… avoid disease and discomfort through the Primal Diet.  Look and feel younger as this couple has in this video!

NEW NEWS!  Here is a newsletter from one of Aajonus’ early and long term friends!  Aajonus’ words are in italics.

PD19 Free Radical Coconut Drink

 Hello to All: 12-25-2013

 My name is PD19. It stands for Primal Diet 19 years. You will get to know a little bit about me through the series of articles I am sending to you. These articles are being written to help you with whatever level you have used the Primal Diet. This is my first.

 Aajonus once told me that there were three of us long term users. I’m not sure if I’m the longest term user. I do think that of the long time users, I was closer to Aajonus than anyone, both as his student, adviser and close friend. We used my body to test a number of his concepts. I became a student of Aajonus and learned a lot. You will receive articles from me that can help your Primal Diet use. I have an email address if you want to share information with me. I would like to receive the results of your consults to add to my body of knowledge. Please feel free to email them along. My first email is about free radicals and what you can do to improve your diet. Regardless of what you are doing, whether you are partially or full time on the Primal Diet, eliminating and reducing free radicals is a must for anyone. Everyone should do it.


PD19. What are free radicals?

 Aajonus: Raw fats bind with free radicals to eliminate them from the body. In biochemistry, free radicals are atoms or molecules that bear an unpaired electron. They are extremely reactive, capable of causing rapid chain-reactions that destabilize other molecules, generating many more free radicals inside our bodies. Free radicals cause cellular damage, degeneration and deaths which result in multiple accelerated toxic conditions called diseases, such as cancer and Crohn’s disease. However, the disease is the cure not the cause. Disease is the process of bodies trying eliminate toxins and degenerative tissue. The causes of diseases are almost always industrial chemical contamination. Free radicals are always the result of industrial chemicals from agriculture through processing and cooking, including additives.


Antioxidants, uric acid, and certain enzymes can neutralize free-radical chain-reactions.

 Foods that are concentrated in enzymes that help neutralize free radicals are: organic raw berries, raw apple cider vinegar, raw coconut, vinegar, cilantro (coriander), raw liquid whey, pineapple, and lime juice. A form of raw fat must be consumed with those foods to insure that free-radical toxins are contained. Long hot baths will insure that they are eliminated by perspiration through skin.

 PD19. It is important for anyone, regardless of your preference for diet, to eat berries that are strong anti-oxidants. I blend my anti-oxidant drink each day. The most powerful anti-oxidants in order are: goji berries, pomegranates, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and a few others. If you stick to these, fresh, that should suffice. Try to stay away from dried goji berries or any frozen berries. Make sure your berries are organic, raw and fresh. A good idea is sometimes mixing and combining the three. Whatever your diet preference, this drink makes perfect sense for anyone. It is delicious.

 You can order organic coconuts from any store. I usually buy 25 a month. I hire someone to juice them. It takes two days and creates about 8 to 10 bottles that last for a month. Crack open the coconut with a small sledge hammer. Then take a 3 inch nail, hammer it into the three holes of the coconut and pour the milk into large bottles. Mix each half gallon of milk with 3 lemons. It should last about 10 days. The lemons are important for preserving the milk.

 Then scrape out the coconut meat into little chunks. It will have brown skin which needs to be scraped/peeled off. Cut the pieces into about 2 inch squares. Normally you will find about 3 or 4 bad coconuts. Put the small pieces into the funnel of the Green Star 3000 Gx Delux Juicer. By hand you have to force the little pieces into the funnel. It is hard work. Put two bowls under the nozzle where the juice comes out. One bowl will be the juice; the other the husk. You will need to do 6 to 10 passes of husk to squeeze all of the coconut juice out. You must keep putting the husks through the juicer as they contain quite a bit of juice that the first pass did not get. The Green Ster 3000 GX Delux Juicer is the only one I have found powerful enough to squeeze the juice out of the little pieces. If anyone knows a better one, please let me know. The Champion Juicer does not work, nor do any of the others I have tried. Aajonus was trying to get one from Thailand at the time of his death.

 Put your 1 quart glass bottles of coconut cream (it will harden) into your refrigerator. Without lemon they should last a month. With 2 lemons per bottle they should last 6 weeks. Make sure to blend your drink with one plastic box of berries, two raw fertile eggs (a teaspoon of raw honey if you want), 3 tablespoons of coconut cream. For your fruit meal you can add three tablespoons of pineapple, but not with your drink.

 We will do another paper on coconut and how it clears the brain from its accumulated heavy metals and toxins. This drinks helps both eliminating free radicals and clearing your brain.

 I hope this helps you all. Regardless of what your diet is, this drink is about as good as it gets. You can take it just about any time during the day. I take mine before my daily afternoon nap.

 Healthfully Yours,

 PD19    (see below)

 Disclaimer: PD 19

This material has been written solely for educational purposes. The author has used material and books written by Aajonus Vonderplanitz and other authors, including researched science, as a foundation for this Information. The author urges each reader to do his her or his own research. The reader understands that the author is not engaged in rendering medical advice or services. The author and publisher provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that each reader will act on it, or not act on it, with the full knowledge that action or inaction is his/her or his complete responsibility and is at his/her or his own risk. The author shall have neither liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any action taken, loss, damage or injury caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the Information contained in this communication. If you do not wish to be bound by the terms of this disclaimer, return this email and publication, unread and in perfect condition to the author.

PD 19 is the author and publisher of this commercial advertisement. PD 19 distributes research and other Information purchased and compiled from outside sources and analysts. This report/release/advertisement is hereinafter defined as a commercial advertisement and is for general Information purposes only. Do not base any personal health decision, or any decision or rely on Information in this commercial advertisement including health information. All Information should be validated by your own research. This publication is not provided to any particular individual with a view toward their personal health circumstances. PD 19 does not give investment or health advice and is not a registered Investment Advisor or a member of any association for other research providers. By accessing, viewing or using this information, you agree that you alone bear complete responsibility for your own health decisions, research, due diligence and all of your personal decisions. Do your own research. Consult with the doctor or medical professional.

Release of Liability

PD 19 assumes no liability for any health decision, short term or long term health or investment decision by Information or any third party’s use of research materials. The reader of the Information hereby indemnifies PD 19 from any liability for any claimed direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages pertaining to the disseminated Information. The reader acknowledges that PD 19 will not be liable to any person or entity for the quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability or timeliness of Information in this commercial advertisement, or for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages that may arise out of the use of Information, products or services from any person or entity including but not limited to lost profits, loss of opportunities, trading losses, health decisions, loss of health, and damages that may result from any incompleteness or inaccuracy in any of the disseminated Information. PD 19 does not undertake any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any forward looking statements or any legal obligation whatsoever for updating the Information.

Quality and Limitations of Information

PD 19 relies on Information considered to be reliable. This Information may come from health sources such as Aajonus Vonderplanitz’s works, and other sources available to the analyst. PD 19 is limited in validating, quantifying and researching such distributed information. The Information used and statements of fact or conjecture made are not guarantees, warranties or representations as to their completeness or accuracy. Commercial advertisement opinions are the personal views of the author. (a) This Information may or may not be accurate or truthful. PD 19 and its analysts have no access to this Information beyond available public information. (b) PD 19 does not independently verify or assert the truthfulness, completeness, accuracy or reliability of the Information and is not responsible for errors and omissions. (c) Because the Information is presented on an “as is” basis, your use of the Information is at your own risk. (d) PD 19 disclaims, expressly and impliedly, all warranties of any kind, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or whether the Information is accurate or reliable or free of errors. (e) Statements contained in the Information that are not historical facts are forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties as indicated by words such as ‘believes’, ‘expects’, ‘estimates’, ‘may’, ‘will’, ‘should’ or ‘anticipates’ or similar expressions. These forward looking statements may materially differ from the health sources of Information to PD 19 or his analysts, and actual health or its actual achievements, claimed or otherwise. (f) Reading our commercial advertisements alone (including other reasons cited herein) should never be used as the sole basis for making a personal health decision. I urge you to use the Information (if you find such Information to be useful) only as a starting point for your further investigation and research. Consult with your health professional or other counselor as to the advisability of taking any actions including making your health decisions.

Anti aging on the Primal Diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz

How will you look and feel at age 83?  Click on the anti-aging link just above to see how Roger is doing.

Roger has been on the Primal Diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz for fifteen years now.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz - his Mission Statement: “To help reverse disease and facilitate healthier lives and a more peaceful world for those interested.”


When I approached Aajonus in 2004 to set up the WeWant2Live.com site, I asked him his Mission.  He gave me the one sentence you see above.

Now in 2013 I look at that one sentence statement.  He DID live by this statement.  He also gave anyone who is not interested the immediate right to exit from the page or discussion, with no blame or shame.

On these pages I will occasionally put up some feedback from “those interested”.  If someone not interested comes along, they are invited to exit from this page right away.  There is no harm and no controversy in this statement as far as I can see and as far as any of the thousands of people whose lives he did improve.

Jim Ellingson

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